Another Year, Another Yadda, Yadda About Gaming Infusion For Bridgeport–Except Ned Can’t Make It Happen

At some point, it’s like can a governor negotiate on behalf of the people who elected him? Every year, another gaming proposal involves Bridgeport and once again state powers flaccid to negotiate a deal to infuse new revenues into Connecticut’s largest city that helped elect the chief executive.

For eight years Dan Malloy, who had been mayor of Stamford prior, pretty much wired every substantial economic development incentive to Stamford because it was the easiest thing to do. God forbid we do anything for Bridgeport that elevated our election.

Now we have Ned Lamont. More than a year into his term he’s shown no finesse to lift up the urban voters who placed him into a position of power. Lamont was elected because of the cities. Has he done anything substantial through force of will–such as former Governor Lowell Weicker–to boost Bridgeport?

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t know how to strike a deal. There’s always hope, right?

Hey Ned, how’s that vote in Wilton for ya?

From Ken Dixon, CT Post:

The latest attempt to solve the stalemate in the state’s gambling landscape was unveiled Wednesday and includes a new Bridgeport casino and more state revenue from the tribal nations that operate the existing casinos.

The result: an extra $88 million for towns and cities to share.

Announced in a rare bipartisan news conference by state Sen. Cathy Osten, who will submit the legislation when the General Assembly convenes next week for its short session, the proposal hinges on Gov. Ned Lamont’s ability to renegotiate the current compact with the Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribal nations.



  1. Does anyone believe there will ever be a casino in Bpt?? Politicians just use the narrative around every election cycle to drum up votes.Sort of like Joe did on his ridiculous run for governor,who can forget that dog 7 pony show Joe pulled off?”Exact Capital will invest $450 million dollars to revitalize the Majestic theater and surrounding buildings!”..How is that working out for Bpt?

  2. Joe Ganim challenge to Ned Lamont for govern in the Democrat primary really pissed off a lot the State House and State Senate Democrats because it force them spend time and money that they didn’t need to for that primary, it was bad enough that Ganim lost but he got his ass kicked in every town and city except Bridgeport and he barely won in Bridgeport. A lot of those members feel no need to help Bridgeport.

  3. There are a myriad of people that would love to see a casino come to Bridgeport for the jobs and the taxes, but it ain’t gonna happen. Listen to me people, IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! I’m at a loss as to why they keep blowing smoke up people’s butt with this garbage when they know IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

  4. Bridgeport doesn’t want to do the hard work of planning and answering the hard questions of education, taxes, budget police protection, housing instead they always look for the goose who lays the Golden Egg, one stop shopping. Elected officials at every level want a hook up from casino owner.

  5. Amazon is opening a distribution center in Stratford that will result in several hundred jobs and it was just announced that Amazon just purchased a building in Trumbull for another distribution center. In addition to 150 warehouse jobs, Bakalar said there also will be entrepreneurial opportunities for delivery drivers.

    What is Bridgeport doing to bring in jobs or a company that will enhance the tax base? Will a amphitheater or that pie in the sky movie theater remodel be the savior for Bridgeport residents or is Mayor Ganim and the Economic Development office asleep at the wheel? Bridgeport needs to quit putting its hopes and dreams in a casino and do what Stratford and Trumbull has done, find a company that will invest in the future of Bridgeport like Amazon has done.

  6. This Government can care less about Jobs, manufacturing, retail, or to lower the expectations of Taxes.
    This administration just keeps siphoning money from the State and BBoE. building contracts, food services, etc.
    I can’t think of one company who would be so foolish to put their business and employees in a city so lawless and corrupted as Bridgeport, the Police Chief lives somewhere else. What does that tell you?!
    Even Governor Ganim wants out!!!


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