Americo The Beautiful Supports Finch

Bridgeport politics is loaded with quick-change artists. I’m with you! (Maybe I’m with you.) No, I’m with you! (I think, maybe, possibly, depends on the payday.)

“Hmm. Just in case let me grab one of the campaign caps to go along with the shirt from the other camp.” The key is to coordinate campaign clothing to avoid suspicion.

Former State Rep. Americo Santiago, a veteran of numerous city elections including a key 2010 campaign hand for Dannel Malloy in Bridgeport, had been supporting Mary-Jane Foster for mayor, or so Foster operatives thought. Heck, he even attended a couple of campaign meetings. Well, turns out Americo is supporting Mayor Bill Finch. Did Americo have a change of heart?

“Well, I thought about supporting Foster but then realized I have many friends on the Finch side,” Americo told OIB. Hey, it’s campaign capitalism, right? Let me leverage this for something better over there. The Finch campaign is well financed and can well afford to pick off operatives as the election cycle swings into full gear. The mayor will have many boots on the ground. And in primaries boots count for a lot.



  1. Politics is filthier than working in the Sanitation Dept. Loyalties can be bought with a paycheck. But please don’t worry, there is a lot of room in hell for hypocrites.

  2. So what else is new? This like a scene out of Casablanca, the 1942 American romantic drama where (Claude Rains) Captain Renault said: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

  3. I for one am glad Santiago left the MJF campaign. He is a political whore whose word could never be trusted. I saw him as a detriment to the campaign rather than an asset.
    I would bet they told him his son’s city job was hanging in the balance as was the DTC endorsement for state rep, both positions he does not deserve. I think Santiago going over to the Finch side is a plus for MJF.

  4. I hate to say “I told you so.” But I told you so. The guy has no class. “‘Well, I thought about supporting Foster but then realized I have many friends on the Finch side,’ Americo told OIB.”

    Americo has very few friends by the true definition of a friend. Americo is protecting (or trying to) the no-show jobs of his son Ezequiel and other relatives hired under Finch. He has always hated Finch and always called him a racist whenever he was included in a conversation. Americo does not live in Bridgeport. He did vote here the last time when working for Himes and staying in Waterbury during that short visit. He resides in Puerto Rico.
    If these people supporting Finch were really his friends, he would do what a real friend would do and try convincing them to do the right thing. Mary-Jane doesn’t need him or any of his Finch-supporting friends.

  5. Joel, for a guy with “no class” he’s had many students. The one who jumps to mind first would be … Y O U. Maybe you could enlighten us to some truths instead of the usual supposing done here by you.

    1. Hector–Can you give us your assumption on what happens to Bridgeport’s property taxes as this union deal is blowing up?

      Full Disclosure–Hector’s birthday is August 15th.

    2. Hector, I see you have a more positive opinion of Americo. For someone whom he despised so much that he demonized you every opportunity he got, I’m shocked to read you’d categorize him as a teacher. He is more of a false preacher. Hector, I know you are still bothered by the fact I went along with Americo Santiago and other DTC members in endorsing Felipe Reinoso over you back in the day. I was new at this back then and I did not know you or your parents the way I got to know them and you the following years to the present. Just because I live and learn, it doesn’t mean those I learn from are teachers nor I a student. I like that! I’m putting it on my Facebook.

      1. That’s what I mean about “supposing.” I’m not bothered at all. I lost the endorsement by 1 vote but I was able to beat Reinoso and three other candidates in the election that year. Proof that the endorsement doesn’t always guarantee a win!!!

  6. Santiago, Chilly Con Carne!

    Americo runs hot and cold.

    After all, his most famous quote was “Americo Primo! Americo Segundo!!” This could end up being a case of addition by subtraction for Foster.

  7. Americo represented his district well, has been and currently is a fighter for the Latino community. He does as much or more good than anyone who has posted and it took a lot of hard work to do so. He never made a commitment to the Foster campaign and had every right to choose to support Mayor Finch’s re-election effort. Say what you want, but there are a lot of people whose opinions I respect a whole lot more than you do-nothings who respect the man for good reason.

    1. *** Thanks for clearing that up. Most bloggers on this web site are not really familiar with past deeds of Bpt elected officials, no? *** Every artist paints a different picture, even if they’re blind! ***

    One year after the tornado, most of the buildings affected by the tornado are still empty and repairs underway.

    Robert Crawford, property manager of the buildings at 417 and 420 East Main St., said work on the structures was delayed first by a lack of funds and then by the permitting and inspection process. They are now scheduled to be done by the end of July.

    The East Side buildings were two of the hardest hit by the tornado, especially the structure on the west side of the street. “All of the walls were soaked,” Crawford said. “The top floor had a sun roof.”

    Other cities can completely rebuilt from major disasters faster than Bridgeport does its mini-tornado. Another disgrace of the Finch Administration.

    Scott Appleby, the city’s emergency management director, said the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s decision to deny aid to the city twice left property owners and city officials on their own in the recovery effort.

    It is never Finch’s fault. It is always someone else.

  9. Americo was either threatened with his son’s no-show job or offered a reward for his support of Finch. That’s how it works. Look at the number of people hired as employees or vendors during the past few years. All political payoffs. All political whores. But they’ll all be on the unemployment line in a few months.

  10. This was a commentary made by a graduating student at Warren Harding H.S. in regards to the fool known as Finch …

    To Mayor Bill Finch:
    I am a Harding alumnus who graduated on Monday, June 21, 2011, at Harbor Yard. During my graduation you made an attempt to address the graduating class that I felt was completely inappropriate. Your efforts to try and show the city of Bridgeport in a different light were noted, but inept. It was neither the time nor the place to advertise and promote your accomplishments. In my opinion you turned an event that was suppose to be celebrating the accomplishments of the students into a re-election campaign.

    Many students sitting with me on the floor have endured personal struggles and hardships to graduate high school. I believe it was discourteous and inconsiderate to make an event that is supposed to be about the success of the students into a propaganda event. You took the podium under the guise of giving a motivational speech to the students. But, instead, it was directed at the voting public.

    In my opinion, the next time you want to solicit votes you should hold a press conference and not take advantage of a life-changing moment for many graduating students. I earnestly believe that you owe Warren Harding’s Class of 2011 a sincere apology.

    Thank you for your time.

    Jahelis Castillo



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