Aerial Adventure Park At Discovery Museum

Tetreau, Finch, Lyons, Ayala, Donovan, Timpanelli
Mayor Bill Finch and Fairfield First Selectman Mike Tetreau cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of the Adventure Park at Discovery Museum at the grand opening last week. They're joined by City Council member Michelle Lyons, State Rep. Andres Ayala, Discovery Museum Chairman Dan Donovan and Bridgeport Regional Business Council President/CEO Paul Timpanelli.

From Mayor Finch:

On Monday, Mayor Bill Finch joined State and local officials to celebrate the opening of “The Adventure Park at The Discovery Museum,” the state’s first aerial adventure park.

Situated on five acres of forestland in Veterans Memorial Park, behind the Discovery Museum & Planetarium at 4450 Park Avenue, the Adventure Park consists of about 110 platforms installed in the trees and connected by various configurations of cable, wood and rope to form bridges and challenges of different kinds including the ever-popular zip lines.

“The Adventure Park is a family-friendly destination that will bring thousands of guests from throughout the region to Bridgeport,” said Mayor Finch. “The park will challenge you physically while bringing you closer to nature. I encourage everyone to check it out and bring the family.”

The Adventure Park at The Discovery Museum will be similar to the other successful adventure parks that Outdoor Ventures Group (OVG), its builder and operator, have previously constructed, such as its Adventure Park in Sandy Spring, Maryland. OVG partner and Connecticut resident, Bahman Azarm, known informally as “Mr. Adventure Park” is the idea man who brought the concept to the United States after first seeing it in Europe.

Trails are suitable for ages seven to adult, making a visit to The Adventure Park a great family outing.



  1. This is awesome. Add this to another opportunity to promote for the next Vibes concert. See below letter to the editor:
    To the editor,
    It seems like an apparent opportunity every year that the “Gathering of the Vibes” sets up in Bridgeport and we play host for a few days to visitors and residents alike. The city has everything to gain over the next 10 years as Steelpoint finally begins construction. The visibility from the highway sends a message to thousands of visitors that Bridgeport is coming back to life.

    The University of Bridgeport as well as Housatonic and other local institutions could use this draw as a positive in their marketing brochures. The University should host short tours including the magnificent view from the top floor of the library of one of Bridgeport’s greatest assets, Seaside Park.

    I would urge the Mayor and local businesses to figure out a way to promote the city during the Vibes concert. You never know who is there and in the audience. One thing is true. Bridgeport has a captive audience of diverse individuals and the City does little to promote itself.

    Overall, The Vibes concerts over the past few years have enjoyed positive press and a nice turnout. What are local businesses doing to attempt to extend the stay of these participants? What is the University of Bridgeport doing to promote their unbelievable location on the water? My musical appreciation has become so diversified over the years and must admit these days Symphonies and Opera. Seems like yesterday that Rock, soul and disco were my forte. But I remember the excitement of concerts and coupled with camping make Bridgeport a jewel.

    I would imagine that the City of Bridgeport will be wise and look to the future and realize that four days of positive public relations can go a long way in changing the perceptions of our city. I wonder how many families at the Park are aware that they could end their experience with a day at Beardsley park, the zoo or maybe even Shakespeare. Oh what a great memory these visitors could have if we just all put our heads together and create something that would be truly memorable. How about incorporating a Taste of Bridgeport–local restaurants during these 4 days?

    When it comes to Bridgeport, I remain eternally optimistic.

    Sincerely, Steven L. Auerbach

  2. *** Great idea and usage of that small woods area by the Discovery Museum. This should help bring positive fun activities attention towards Bpt in general! Great promotional setting for spring, summer, fall, tourist people and places things to do in CT. *** SWINGING IN THE TREES! ***


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