Absentee Ballots Propel Ganim To Unofficial Primary Win

In the surreal world of city politics, ya just never know. Down by more than 400 votes via the walk-in vote, Mayor Joe Ganim Tuesday night was aided by a massive absentee ballot operation that overtook primary opponent John Gomes.

The unofficial total: Ganim 4,189, Gomes 3,953, a spread of 236 votes.

The absentee total that put Ganim over the top: 1,545 to 851.

The results were announced by local election officials close to midnight.

Ganim’s political operation had anticipated that roughly 1,500 absentee votes would be insurance against a potential machine-count disadvantage.

The Ganim-Gomes battle is not done: Gomes has a ballot spot in the general election on the Bridgeport Independent Party line.

There’s a lot to unpack here, including the Gomes’ camp potentially taking issue with the outcome.

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  1. Gones is backed by independent party, technically yesterday was like a spring training game, November should be different story adding the independent vite & Daniels syphoning some votes away

  2. It appears the machine was able to manufacture the ABs of Jasper, Stephan Panik and Phineas Taylor again.

    On a more serious note… Does any other municipality in the U.S. determine their election via absentee ballots?

  3. It’s funny everyone gets upset about Absentee ballots.People have a right to vote by Absentee ballots. Lennie I heard Maria Pereira Lost on the machines yesterday at both of her schools. I understand it’s going to be a re-count because the 8 or 9 votes that separates the candidates on line A. By the way I came up JFK to help line out. Lenny check it out for if my information is Right

    1. I believe people are not upset about the ability to vote via absentee ballot… The question surrounding the outcome has to do with how the machines determine a certain outcome and the absentee ballots favor another by 3:1 vs Moore and 2:1 vs Gomes.

      The main concern is how both Moore and Gomes had higher rates of votes at the machines but those that choose to vote via absentee ballot vote in a different trend than the rest of the city. The math ain’t mathing!!!

      1. Hey Red Rooster, you got 851 AB votes. What the fuck you’re bitching about. You and Moore both fell short on the AB operation. The ones you failed to get out and vote by AB, voted at the polls. You really think had I gone to the polls to vote instead of voting by AB, I would have voted for you?

        1. The AB game comes down to who plays the game better. Got to give it to the Democratic Machine in the port, they certainly know how to win at this game. Building those relationships with the SEniors in these Senior housing facilities all year round. Many of the residents do not get many visitors yet they do see these ballot seekers all year round. Many lunches, picnics, pizza, dinners, visits. Who would not love the attention? Voter turnout at the machines is always low, this in my opinion is why the AB’s carry so much weight. Question is, are the citizens of Bridgeport willing to allow the residents of senior housing complex’s determine who the next Mayor is? Is your next mayor going to be the one who serves the best lunch buffet? To borrow a term from JML, Time will tell.

        2. Why do you seem to think that I am who you think I am? I am not John Gomes.

          I am a former resident of Bridgport that remains connected to the city via my employment role, family and friends. I choose to chime in every so often and prefer to remain anonymous.

          How about engage on the content of what I write with something intellectual or keep it moving.


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