Absentee Ballots Now Available For General Election

As if you haven’t heard enough about absentee ballots, they became available on Friday for the Nov. 7 general election.

How will general election voters react to all the AB hullabaloo? Will they be Kryptonite to voters, or usual election biz?

Meanwhile, John Gomes’s challenge to the September 12 Democratic primary is scheduled to start on Thursday and play out for several weeks. The general election will go on as planned.

Mayor Joe Ganim will appear on the Democratic and New Movement Party lines, John Gomes the Bridgeport Independent Party, David Herz the Republican slot and Lamond Daniels as a petitioning candidate.

If Gomes wins the general election he’s mayor and the lawsuit goes away. If Ganim wins and then Judge William Clark orders a new primary when will that take place? Whoever loses the court case will likely appeal.

Daniels has four weeks to make his case as the alternative to Ganim and Gomes. Herz seems like he’s just taking one for the GOP team, doing little visibly. Ganim, Gomes and Daniels are all dialing for dollars.

And, good grief, what if the general election comes down to absentee ballots?




  1. I disapprove of the photo.
    It seems to imply Lamond Daniels approves of absentee voting.
    He’s the only mayoral candidate who’s never received an absentee vote.

    1. I dare say Paul, Lamond Daniels approves of absentee voting in its earnest sense and not the mess we have now. I placed his image there because, as my analysis suggests, he has a chance to contrast himself against all the AB madness.

      1. You didn’t contrast his connection to the mess, you made him look like an associate mess-maker.
        I hope you offer Lamond Daniels an “OIB candidate’s interview” so he can use his own voice to make his case.

    2. Lennie your analysis suggests. 🙂 What does it say about the photo of Maria P by Tony and Newton staged at Wanda’s defense/support really? The analysis suggests it was the Gomes/Ricci team that leaked the footage of her and footage of Gomes operatives were also leaked/released. Common wisdom says a Picture of Gomes operative wearing Gomes shirt would have been more supportive, No?

      Regardless of the picture, the caption says Port’s AB game continues. Would you say 20000 AB drive Gen Now?

      The question remains is whether there going to be any rules/regulations tightening Port’s AB cottage industry game.

      Based on the analysis of this post and Gen Now, who threw Moore under the bus for Gomes/Ricci, provided massive shade at Gomes in what is already known to be an abusive AB Game with their 20000 AB drive, threw Wanda under the bus in another court attempt to overturn of a primary election.

      Making Gen Now, taste the movement the worst culprit out of the bunch. With their Holier-than-thou and racist, race-bating, bullshit moral standing JS


      Just my analysis Port.

      I depart with the Prophet, the Prophet is rooting for you Port. 🙂


    3. BULLSHIT, again! BILL FINCH was a byproduct of ABs and Town Committee Vote Buying. All that led to the eventual hiring of Lamond Daniels and other cronies currently operating behind the scenes to push some Colgate down voter’s throats.

    4. The reason he didn’t get any votes at the polls or ABs is because he fell short on his petition signature drive. This means over 300 people were Absentee when he went looking for them. Do you understand what you just read, you dumb pothead?

    5. If you are in favor of seeing real steps taken to address critical issues surrounding our electoral process, start by continuosly copying and pasting this:

      Why is everyone ignoring the Gorilla in the room for over 14 years now? This ugly Gorilla has a name– Michael J. Brandi.

      State Elections Enforcement Commission, Executive Director Michael J. Brandi, Must Step Down.
      Keep the investigator and get rid of this incompetent Commission.


  2. Speedy perhaps, it might be lonely without her, however, I would plead the 5th, Considering one, or ten ballots seem the same as multiple drops. Let’s not forget there has been an open investigation/requested charges on her and others, not to mention you have Gomes shirt wearing “People” caught on video as well, Also Rich’s Boy 🙂 facing ballot charges. Either they all go down hard or a slap on the wrist. # equality

    Perhaps SHADY Gen Now gave the Port guidance or at least an extra layer. Instead of the campaign paid operatives being able to handle and hand out AB with the potential of having a coach/fill out it and drop/’deliver AB. Have them go out and get/solicit a mail order form to have the resident fill out and sign that they have to deliver to the register office then mail it out to them. Sure they can go back but it is more work.
    Full disclosure I have no idea how the BA system works or how they can be handled. Js


    At any rate, a more pressing issue is what measures are going to be taken to correct the Ports Cottage AB industry/system, I mean a flawed unjust system. Where is the Port CC on the matter or the Port’s state representative? Oh, that’s right most of them got elected by that very system. 🤣

    Good luck Port, Jesus is rooting for you. 🙂

    PS Speedy nice to see the prophet in your wisdom/interview but if I were Wanda, Maria, and Gomes’s shirt-wearing supporters caught at the drop boxes. I’ll be more like Shaggy 🙂


  3. Deliberate election fraud, on a massive scale, was the false claim made by the Trump insurrectionists regarding the 2020 election. It was that suspicion of election fraud, by the easily led, emotionally labile Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol and killed Capital police officers, that nearly upended our elected government and nearly upended our very form of government… Political insurrection, instigated by political manipulators/agitators seeking to install an autocratic despot as US dictator, was accomplished by way of playing on the hopes and fears of impressionable, anti-democratic racists/bigots with respect to the illegitimacy of a democratic election, stolen by way of “ballot stuffing,” per the false claim that was refuted by many exhaustive audits of contested voting districts/precincts, nationwide.

    The political shenanigans seen — on thousands of hours of official BPD video recordings — by the whole nation, and beyond, depicting the stealing of an election by “ballot stuffing,” plays directly into the political narrative/rationale for violent insurrection/civil war of the racist, far-right factions of our society/electorate, putting the whole nation at political and even physical risk in the next presidential/congressional election cycle. The dangerous, racist, far-right, will say “Look what happened in Bridgeport!”

    And we can be sure that they will be citing the demographic statistics of our city when they deride us, the Democratic Party, and democracy in general as they shake their heads and spit verbal bile as they mourn the Trump loss and Democratic sweep in 2024… It won’t matter that the eyes of the nation and the world force a squeaky-clean election. All that will matter is that massive ballot fraud was perpetrated in one failing, DEMOCRAT city, that, in reality, is run/politically-controlled exploitatively by and for the benefit of those that don’t actually live in the city, in order to keep the regional, socioeconomic status quo, and political/economic benefits available for enjoyment by said “absentee landlords” (puns intended)….

    So, yes; Bridgeport’s “Ballot Gate” is an “exploding scandal”, per mayoral candidate Daniels observation. But it might also prove to be “explosive” — in a more literal sense — in the aftermath of the 2024 elections, if there aren’t thorough investigations, leading to appropriate legal consequences for any wrong-doing discerned thereof, completed in a timely way, by appropriate law enforcement agencies pursuant to a legitimate outcome in the current, Bridgeport mayoral election cycle…

    Hit the RESET BUTTON for Bridgeport’s future! Vote for Lamond Daniels for Mayor! (No absentee ballots in his trunk!…)


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