Absentee Ballot Time Closes In For Winter Mayoral Primary

Four weeks from the January 23 Democratic primary do over, absentee ballot applications become available on Friday with the mail-in vote commencing three weeks out.

The line out the door of the Town Clerk’s Office for applications could be longer than the back up to return holiday gifts.

Superior Court Judge William Clark, in conjunction with state election officials, limited the scope of absentee application access by political operatives, something the campaign of Democratic mayoral candidate John Gomes sought after he brought a successful lawsuit challenging the results of the primary.

This contest is straight up Mayor Joe Ganim challenged by Gomes. No one else on the ballot. In the September 12 primary Gomes won the walk-in vote eclipsed by Ganim’s absentee operation. Both sides worked the absentee vote vigorously that generated more than 20 percent of the overall turnout.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission has authorized several investigations into the absentee work of both camps.

Ganim and Gomes are campaigning earnestly in all pockets of the city in this historic primary redo in the dead of winter where weather could be a sizeable factor. The combined campaigns have spent more than $1 million in this extended election cycle challenged to raise money during the holiday season for a booty to churn out a winter vote.

While the work of the two political campaigns produce most of the absentee voting, electors can opt to walk into the Town Clerk’s Office and vote on the spot within the three-week window before January 23 precinct votes.






  1. Lennie,
    On this day after Christmas, held as a holy day for many but a gathering holiday for almost all, I look to the coming weekend as 2023 disappears and opens up to the ‘coming events’ of 2024. Your shop is open for each absurd story foisted on us. I received an private email sharing a column discussing ” Revolution vs. Civil War”. After reading it I cannot find the factual events the writer used as evidence. Funny, absurd, to think we are at that point, in my opinion.
    But when people are angry enough about the way their life has turned out, fully mindful that time is moving on, hoping that someone else can be blamed, I turn to that sage from Bridgeport, who lived daily on newsprint on the comics page, Walt Kelly. Remember his statement: “We have met the enemy and he is us!”
    It is not news, merely a gentle reminder of our fallibility. Do something a citizen will do to preserve democracy in the coming year in our community. Vote!! As often as possible! Vote informed!! Talk about and to leaders who can change the community!! Talk up voting with others. Your voice is not heard if your vote is not counted. Time will tell.

    1. John, how do you know there wasn’t factual evidence to be cited by the writer in that email regarding the Revolution vs Civil War? Surely you were not present at the Revolution or the Civil War. So whatever factual events you may use/find regarding those events would have to come in the written form of a writer, No? Where do you draw the line on what you read by writers as being useable factual evidence?

      To be fair, emails do tend the need to be more subsidized. At least that’s what my Nigerian Prince cousin told me. 🤣

      BTW, No absurd story is foisted on in a democratic state. the store is open because that’s the democratic way. The Philosophical Way. As the Father of Philosophy stated, ~Socrates “All I know is I know nothing”.

      However, if you find Walt Kelly’s statement as factual evidence it can be perceived that people’s anger about the way their lives have turned/turned out, their enemy, regardless of who it may be can be factual evidence to be warranted of blame. Though it may not be warranted, sometime the worst enemy tends to be within, perhaps behind you. 🙂

      #Gucci toilets. 🙂



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