1. What a contrast? Pence served Harris like she was signing for an arrest warrant when she was a prosecutor.

    I have seen a lot of shit in my life, but that bull that came out of Pences’ mouth showed the American people the art of politics. (Maria, burn the tapes. 🙂 )

    That fly is a great American hero, like Big Dick Daddy form Cincinnati. It just wants accountability. 🙂

    I’m out of here, like that fly on Pence’s head. 🙂


    1. To be fair, Pence served the left’s media-driven criticism more than he served Harris. He really didn’t attack her on her recorded that been playing out in the right news media or even Biden’s. He just did what the Moron (Trump) is incapable of doing himself.

  2. I liked it better when OIB was about policies and practices.
    In this post, Mike Pence was the victim of a wayward fly. You chose to exploit it.
    But to credit Ginsburg with the fly’s arrival is morbid and inappropriate!

      1. I don’t see Biden ever running the country, something will happen shortly after inauguration and we will have President Harris. That’s why I watched!
        Plus what else is there to do on a Wednesday night?

  3. Only in ( America ) can someone who ran for president and did not even receive a single delegate through the primary process, yet still become VP and one heartbeat away from Potus. No fly’s on Kamilla.


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