A City Council General Election In The North End (Finally) Arrives, Herron And DeFilippo Win

Herron, DeFilippo
Jeanette Herron and Michael DeFilippo finally have a general election.

UPDATE: Herron and DeFilippo victorious.

Hi there, how are ya? There’s a general election for City Council on Tuesday (today) in the North End 133rd District. How’d that happen?

Last September, Jeanette Herron and Michael DeFilippo, running to replace a retiring Tom McCarthy, engaged in what became a four-seasons battle with former State Rep. Bob Keeley and Anne Pappas Phillips to represent the North End district. Primary results were challenged by Keeley and Phillips based on absentee ballot allegations upheld by Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis. The Connecticut Supreme Court was also involved. A couple more primaries took place until Herron and DeFilippo finally prevailed. Bellis allowed that Herron and McCarthy could maintain their seats until a successful vote resolution.

The long, strange primary trip finally ended in April when district Democrats voiced loud and clear their support for endorsed candidates DeFilippo and Herron who ran up a three to one win over their challengers. Keeley abandoned his running mate in the final weeks, checking out mentally and physically by not even bothering to vote in a primary battle that had been overturned twice by Bellis. In a surreal move, after urging the court to order new primaries, Keeley didn’t even bother voting for himself, trekking off to California.

DeFilippo and Herron face one lone Republican challenger, Neville De la Rosa.

After tens of thousands taxpayer dollars expended, will the turnout hit 10 percent?



    1. Harvey, you’re right! Without Testo’s interference, this primary could have run its natural course, Michael and Jeannette most likely would have prevailed because of the work that put into their campaign, and this election would be just another footnote in the political archives.

  1. Yeah Harvey thank you for your insights and Thank Bob Keely for having a nervous breakdown in the middle of the campaign. Owing Anne Pappas money and not even voting because he had to go to a college. Seriously? He cost the city the money Harvey and Bob – not Mario- He lost – He lost and he’d loose again.

    Jeanette Herron is a very hard working , honest, caring councilwoman. She has been lucky to have had Tom McCarthy as a partner extremely knowledgable and educated. Eloquent and thoughtful as well as a huge cheerleader for this city and a man that has given his time to countless organizations in this city. I bet if we interviewed Frank Recchia from News 12 he would sing the praises of Jeanette Herron and her community involvement.

    So again, I wish Jeanette and Mike the best of Luck tomorrow.

  2. So tonight the zoning board did not vote on Defilippos’ liquor law change attempt as there was no text available on their subcommittees meeting to “clarify” the language presented by OPEDs Lynn Haig on behalf of Defilippo and his attorney Charles Willinger. Almost 2 1/2 years at trying to change the law for one person. How nice!!!!! Once they ultimately get this through-if they do-the next battle will begin. There will be many area residents opposed to his Brooklawn location and a petition to that end will be compiled. These objections will be filed with the Department of Consumer Protection Liquor Division and that Department will be made aware of the fact that the application for his locations permit is being brought first the superior court where years earlier that court ruled against his location and it was ordered closed. Also- under the “new” City of Bridgeport regulations on liquor establishments- if there will be such new rules-the Zoning Board will be presented with all the opposition to the location as well. What wil happen then? Some think it’s almost over. Sorry to say but a new beginning may be on the horizon unless the Zoning Board denies it. More to come.

  3. Yes the thuggery of the dems with a small “d” have again proven a lack of democracy in Bridgeport. Anyone who cannot see this is a complete “phony”

  4. Why not have Mario just appoint the candidates. It would be quicker a less controversial since he gets his way eventually anyhow.
    Then is someone doesn’t like it, they can get 50% + 1 signatures of all possible voters to qualify for an election. That should discourage these silly elections.

    1. Bob,isn’t Mario deciding who wins going on now?.If you want to run as a democrat and win in this city,Mario has to give you his blessings.When election time draws near,and Mario sees there may be someone else who will give his chosen one a run for their money,he simply manufacters absentee ballots,hundreds of them,if no one catches on,he wins,if someone questions them,the election is null&void,and we do it again till his person wins.

  5. My read on this episode is simple. Bridgeport democrats do not want credible people like Anne Phillips in office and they employ voter fraud to avoid it.

  6. The 132nd District has always had independent minded individuals who did not cow-tow to Mario.
    One year I turned down the nomination, ran on Caruso’s line, he lost the district and I won. If you are independent and the votes know it then you do not have to rely on Mario.

  7. Bob. you had a reputation for appealing to more thoughtful people. Sadly, that segment of the voters has passed away or, like you, moved out of Bridgeport.


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