Your Choice For Mayor In 2019: Ganim, Moore, Lopez, Someone Else?

This is unscientific, but what the heck it’s a mayoral election year.

OIB Poll: Who is your choice for mayor of Bridgeport in 2019?

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  1. I’ll tell you who I definitely won’t support, Joe Ganim. Ganim turned has back on the voters of Bridgeport when he decided that it was best for Joe Ganim to run for governor instead of honoring commitment to the voters of Bridgeport who Ganim asked to support him and to vote for him to put him back into office to be their mayor but no, Joe Ganim decided not to be the best mayor that he could be. Thanks for nothing Mayor Ganim.

  2. I agree with Ron….I won’t support Joe Ganim.

    whoever decides to primary Joe Ganim faces a formidable opponent in Ganim and the Testa machine. Ganim and the Testa machine can be defeated.

  3. I’ve already outlined my humble qualifications to be Mayor of Bridgeport. Here’s more: I’m fantastic at taking orders. I know what it means to serve others and I’ve made executive decisions involving Bridgeport real estate as I represent out of town banks that own property here. It’s not easy finding those two traits in one person. And then there’s the untold story of artificial encryption as it relates to The Grand List. This didn’t start yesterday.
    SUBTRACT one vote for Someone Else because (wink) I voted for myself.

  4. Frank…if Marilyn Moore is not on the ballot, you can always write her name in on the ballot. don’t let the fact that her name is NOT printed on the ballot stop you from voting for her.

    1. @lisawhite
      Voting rules for write-in candidates have changed in CT.
      In order for a name written in on a ballot, the write-in candidate MUST be registered with the Secretary of The State for the specific elections,
      This keeps local election officials from having to count the nonsense write in votes for Mickey Mouse or such.
      I served as an Asst. Registrar of Voters in Trumbull for the 2018 elections, Any write in votes not on the list from the Secretary of the State’s office were not tallied.
      Please see the linked article from the Hartford Courant from last year’s election that explains this system

    2. A few days ago someone noted that Senator Moore may bypass the primary by running on the WFP ticket. That would negate a lot of the usual Testa bullshit.

  5. Tonight was the first regular school board meeting of the year.

    There were quite a few important agenda items requiring board action.

    Five of the nine members did not attend. Mr. Weldon shared that Sybll Allen called him and stated she had the flu. Jessica Martinez and Hernan Illingworth had notified Mr. Weldon they were unable to attend. Neither Dennis Bradley nor Chris Taylor notified Mr. Weldon they would not be attending. Joseph Sojokovic was able to reach Chris Taylor who said he was not able to attend. No one heard from Dennis Bradley.

    We only hold twenty regular meetings per year and the first for 2019 went down in flames.

    Last week Chris Taylor announced he would not attend a single committee meeting this entire year because he would be too busy going to school to pursue a degree.

    A poor parent with a special needs son started crying because we could not vote on a critical matter related to her son.

    Being on the school board is a serious responsibility that impacts 20,400 students and their families.

    Please select intelligent, articulate school board members that are passionate about this critical work on behalf of our students.

    1. I’m sure that State Senator Dennis Bradley has a good reason why he didn’t inform anyone that he wouldn’t be able to attend tonight’s BBOE? He probably couldn’t find his mirror.

    2. Sad not even half the board showed up. These are the clowns that were voted into the board? Can they at least try to give a damn???? Get rid of them now and please replace with people who are truly looking to help the kids .

      1. How?? Joe Ganim needs certain puppies in certain positions and remember, Dennis Bradley is the star in waiting but what the hell has he done besides being the leader of the BBOE boycott to force Maria to resign. How did that work out?

  6. Although this poll is for those on Only In Bridgeport and it’s early at this point in time but Mayor Joe Ganim has only 31% of the votes and he is in a tie with Senator Marilyn Moore who also has 31% with Judge Carmen Lopez with 22%. Mayor Ganim is the incumbent with name recognition and he is only with 31% of the OIB voters is a terrible start with a real message behind it.

  7. Good Morning all it is exactly 10:23 and I am on my break for those that are so concerned about my time. Ron Mackey- looks like Ganim pulled ahead and let me tell you what that means- it seems that most Ganim supporters stopped reading the anti Ganim blog about 2 years ago. What will be said of My Senator Marilyn Moore imagining she would run the day after she was sworn in. I am sure there would be loathing and disgust from voters that supporterd her . Maybe not!! I say run Moore Run. Maybe her political career would end up as successful as Mary Jane Foster’s. If her supporters on this blog can raise a “shitload of money” , THEN I SAY GOOD FOR HER AND LET HER RUN ! Outside of this blog I say there isn’t anybody talking about Lopez, Moore, Stallworth . Enjoy the day guys! The Moore the merrier.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong OIB, but didn’t that guy support Bill Finch, then Mary Jane Foster, Anthony Musto and said this about Mayor Ganim, ” I am dead set against another Ganim Administration riddled with corruption, greed and Mario Testa. I figured it took two administrations to wipe away the black eye given to us by Ganim.

    Well that was until Ganim gave him a city job and now, I LOVE JOE GANIM & MARIO TESTA. Goes to show you that you can still rent mofo.

    1. Don, that’s why Steve is a super star on OIB because he brings so much humor with the way he twists his self like a pretzel kissing different candidates ass. The voters of Bridgeport just demonstrated in Democratic primary for governor that they couldn’t even support Ganim for governor because he hasn’t shown that he can be a good mayor. Steve is still kissing Joe and Mario ass by taking his lunch break to say that Ganim has pulled a few points ahead in the OIB poll with 33% of the vote, that sounds like President 45 strategy of the 33% base of supporters instead of normal 50% plus one strategy. Don, Steve needs Ganim to stay in office so that he can keep his job with the city. That could be another reason to vote against Ganim because the city can get rid of two people at the same time, Steven Auerbach and Mayor Joe Ganim but Bill Finch will probably be able to get Steve a job.

  9. Here we are just before 8pm and Mayor Ganim is at 31% in a tie with Senator Moore, 69% don’t want Joe Ganim and in this poll there are two names listed to challenge him, he should be running away with this poll.

  10. Day two, Jan. 16th just before noon and Mayor Ganim is at 34% with one other candidate for mayor who said that they are thinking about running and another candidate who has not said anything publicly about running for mayor and Mayor Joe Ganim sees that 56% of those on OIB don’t want Joe Ganim.

    1. Ganim’s worker bees are voting for him. An unscientific vote that don’t mean shit. To quote one of the bartenders at Matty’s Corner, this is “fake news.”

  11. Good afternoon Mr. Mackey, Notice the respect that I do not receive from you , Donald Day or Derrick Brown. That’s ok though, The readers of this blog see it for what it is.

    I am enjoying my lunch and was hoping to see some moore activity on this post but it seems nobody is interested.As for todays breakdown on the Pole and Joe’s winning numbers. Most people I know have stopped reading this blog a while ago. Most Ganim Supporters do not read or respond on this blog. The fact that Joe has gotten 34 percent of the vote is most impressive considering. What should concern you is that Marshall Marcus lives in Trumbull and can not vote for Marilyn. Donald Day, Moore’s number 2 supporter lives in Stratford and he can not support Moore . Her number 3 supporter Bob Walsh lives in Branford he can not vote, Lennie Grimaldi may be able to fudge the numbers but in the real world he can not vote. I can go on and on and when it comes down to the nitty gritty, Ganim has 5o percent of the votes. Not bad for an anti Ganim Blog . Good day to all

    1. Steven Auerbach, base on your logic that “Most people I know have stopped reading this blog a while ago. ” Steve, that’s the problem, people you know. The poll in Sept. 2018 Democrat primary for governor told Joe Ganim by giving Ned Lamont 80% of the statewide voters didn’t want Joe Ganim and in fact Ganim couldn’t run away with Bridgeport voters. Steve, the voters gave Joe Ganim his second chance and he fail, now Steve he’s a winner for you because Joe and Mario rewarded you by giving you a city job for you being the kiss ass that you are.

    2. @Steve Auerbach
      I commented about the current Write In Voting regulations in CT. Not about the race. I have stated previously that I don’t want to lose our State Senator, but she is free to run if she chooses to do so.

      I don’t know why you think any reader of OIB should be concerned about my residency.. Mayor Ganim didn’t have me serving on the Bridgeport Civil Service Commission while living in Trumbull.

      As long as we own property in and pay taxes to Bridgeport I shall voice opinions. I’ll not involve myself in the inner workings of the BDTC, being active on the TDTC is enough for me.
      I won’t be making contributions to mayoral candidates, either. I’ll leave that to the voters of Bridgeport.

  12. Mr. Mackey, First, I am on my break but this is a very long 12 hour day for me. Your redundant responses are tiresome. This whole thing about a city job and kissing ass to get there. Unlike yourself doing the same thing for 50 years I have had many successful and interesting careers. I have met many interesting people and have been involved in many organizations that have allowed me to understand and empathize with many special interest groups.

    Who I support for a candidate is my business and my business alone. It is not for your approval or disapproval. This Anthonly Musto, Bill Finch , Joe Ganim, Mary Jane Foster , Hilary Clinton etc. is my choice based on my own decisions. I am a member of the Democratic Town Committee for only a few years. I have never asked for nor was it ever a pre-requisite for myself to obtain a job with the city. I am happy to be working for the city I love but have never ever demanded a position. I suppose in your past experience, everyone you know has gotten a city job based on politics.

    There are 90 members on the Democratic Town Committee. Most are elected by their peers. Anybody can run. Not all members are employed by the city. Most do not share the same negative opinion of all 90 members . Every one of us is involved in our community one way or another. Whether it is dealing with Sacred Heart University students on a daily basis or stopping Classical Academy from coming into a neighborhood against the will of the people. We support our councilman or look for new candidates. Some have tree lightings and egg hunts . The 134th does not. We all do what we think is right for our district.

    I can only say that this Testa / Ganim ass kissing commentary on a regular basis does in fact make you look like an ass. Derik Brown is an ass and most readers acknowledge that. As for Ganim and running for Governor. Bridgeporter’s supported him and many were angry because they wanted him to stay and finish his term.

    The night Joe Ganim won- I listened to Foster’s speech and left for Testo’s to wish Ganim luck. I live in this city and pay taxes in this city . I have traveled all over the world and have always been proud to call Bridgeport my home.

    I worked my ass off for Bill Finch. I did not work for the Bill Finch administration. I said terrible things on this blog but never in public about Joe Ganim. There is no secret there. If that’s an ass kisser than I guess Mario and Joe rewarded me for helping Bill Finch– Only in Bridgeport would that make sense. My right hand to G-d- Neither Joe Ganim or Mario Testa have ever asked me to do anything that I was not supportive of- ever. That is just a simple fact. You can continue to insult me for whom I support for a candidate. But, do not think my position or salary puts me in the top tier ass kissing society.

    Make no mistake, I am on team Ganim. For the past 30 years I have worked on numerous campaigns while enjoying a very successful career and traveling around the world. Outside of work I have a satisfying social life. Within the city I enjoy politics and arguments from both Republicans and Democrats. After all for a brief moment in time I was a Republican and a huge Mary Moran supporter. we are still very good friends . Life moves on people evolve, change loyalties move on while others are just stuck in quick sand.

    I respect everyone’s choice in a candidate. Do respect mine.

    There are a handful of people that I do know that read this blog daily. They call and inbox me and are continually amazed at the uncalled for character assassinations.

    I can not change the mentality of certain individuals. People can read the comments and make their own judgement calls.

    I do appreciate the few that make positive comments about our city. I am disappointed that Frank Gyure has become just another malcontent. It was a year or 2 ago that I thought he would run for the town committee. Sometimes people like to sit on their asses and do nothing and complain. Ron Mackey you have become one of those people. You used to write intellectual commentary. Now, not so much. We should just respect each others opinions and move on. The Trumpesque insults only work for Donald trump.

    1. “Derek Brown is an ass and most readers acknowledge that.”
      Oh really? You’re the only one that believes that. Most of the regulars here respect my opinions even if they do not agree with them. You certainly don’t, as a matter of course. You called me a scumbag for demanding the city take action to address the industrial contamination of the air, water and ground at and near abandoned industrial sites. You called me a scumbag because I expressed the opinion that City Hall ought to do more to rehabilitate the lower income neighborhoods in the city by improving the quality of education and attracting jobs that pay a living wage. If a casino creates jobs that’s all fine and good but you want a casino because it will obscure the view of the Stratford Avenue corridor, not because it will alleviate the grinding poverty and lawlessness on that side of the river.

      Everyone else here wants the best for the city but you can’t see that. You just cast apsersions at those who do not share your myopic view of life in the park city. Go back to you city job, Steven. Keep on sucking up and kissing ass.

  13. Steven Auerbach,
    I am not just another malcontent. I was born in Bridgeport. I have lived all my life in Bridgeport and I will probably die in Bridgeport. I own property in Bridgeport. I will admit that it is easier to become a malcontent on on-line blogs and I am guilty of that and I am trying to be better. I also made comments here when some people went over the line in any discussions with you. As of today,I respect your support of Joe Ganim etc etc etc. I hope you respect my opinion that change is needed not only in the occupant of the BPT. Mayor’s office but also change is needed in the Bridgeport Democratic Party.

  14. Looks like Joe Ganim got a surge of votes. Were these “absentee ballots” or were calls made to Ganim-ite OIB members to vote and to avoid any embarrassment of losing a vote on OIB. Joe Ganim was losing REALLY badly in the first 48 hours of this poll. The fact remains that 66% of respondents DO NOT want another 4 years of GanimTesta. This poll does not guarantee anything. This will be a tough fight to stop GanimTesta.

    1. Frank Gyure , the key number for anyone running is 50% plus 1 and Joe Ganim is only at 34%. Ganim should be able to get 50% at Matty’s Corner and from City Hall and of course from the number one cheerleader, Steven Auerbach.

  15. At 11am Jan. 17th the poll shows that 65% of the OIB voters don’t want Joe Ganim to be reelected as mayor much like the 80% of Democrats who didn’t want Joe Ganim as their governor.


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