You Going? Finch Campaign To Set Sail At Captain’s Cove

Finch Cove event

Mayor Bill Finch will launch his reelection announcement Thursday at Captain’s Cove Seaport in a shout-out to the Black Rock neighborhood, by percentage the highest turnout area of the city that figures to be a major battleground with chief opponents Joe Ganim and Mary-Jane Foster.

Black Rock is Foster’s home precinct, Black Rock District Leader Danny Roach is supporting Ganim who lived in the neighborhood while he was mayor. Finch spent his early childhood living there as well.

Finch will tout a number of development projects in the neighborhood including a renovated Black Rock School, new Longfellow School under construction, plans for a pedestrian bridge across Ash Creek to the Fairfield Metro train stop and streetscape improvements for the Fairfield Avenue business district.



  1. I will be there! Today I am in a school that will be nameless, that has the Finch boys. It is so hard to believe when Mayor Finch first came to office Atticus was just a little boy and Aidan was in his mom’s arms. Today they are what? 10- and 8-ish? Growing up in the Bridgeport school system. Yes folks, that is a big deal! I will happily be attending this announcement and I am very excited to listen to the facts and vision for the next four years by the man who is sitting in the Mayor’s office. I do not want to hear the vision of a one-term Mayor who will be spending the next four years blaming Finch for everything and giving him the keys to the highest office in the city while he just enjoys the next four years feeling exonerated. I want Mary-Jane Foster to be a close second. I hope Finch can get his message out and the neighbors are already beginning to be disturbed that Ganim is running, let alone eclipsing Foster. Finch needs healthy competition and he has so many good things to talk about. 🙂 Why talk about all the parks and the ball field? He doesn’t have to. The neighborhoods are better for it. Quality-of-life issues are very important and those who fight them are those who would least benefit from them and those are the handful of bloggers who think Steelpointe is not the biggest deal and have a candidate who agrees with them and that is why they do not stand a snowball’s chance in hell!

    1. The safest way to get to Captain’s Cove in Black Rock

      Dear Mayor Bill Finch, to avoid any complication in driving though Black Rock, I’d like to help you out so you don’t have a flat tire or a broken axle like so many of us have had in these past eight years driving under extreme road condition here in the Rock.

      First, most streets in Black Rock are still in terrible condition. Some streets haven’t been paved for over 25 years, and other streets like Grover’s Ave have been half paved, and some of our streets are so filthy dirty in Black Rock maybe it’s time we borrow a street sweeper from Fairfield for a few weeks, after all we do have shared services with other towns. Maybe you can mention how Black Rock is going to get a Four Million Dollar walking bridge for the Fairfield Train Station and the Bob Keeley streetscape money so long overdue at your kick-off day at Captain’s Cove and also how you shortchanged the BBOE out of Millions! Just a few talking points for you, Bill!

      Your best bet when coming into Black Rock is to look for those green signs that say “Bridgeport @ Work,” those are the streets that have been recently paved, it’s the signs that have your name on thewm! But in most cases we can’t use them to get to Captain’s Cove.

      I first wanted to take you down Fairfield Ave, then left onto Ocean Terrace but with all the new construction going on at Longfellow School and those nasty airborne particles like asbestos and PCBs in the air I’m sure you should have encapsulated the ground before digging, but you know best, being the green Mayor of this fine city.

      The best route is to get off I-95, take exit 24, at the end of the ramp take a left turn onto Cambridge St. You are now in Fairfield, go to the next stop sign, continue straight to the stop light, take a right, continue to your next light and take a left onto Black Rock turnpike, continue over Bullard’s overpass until you get to Canfield Ave. Take a left onto Canfield Ave, it was best we take this route to avoid the eyesore of the Black Rock Bank and Trust Building, another one of your eight-year promises/follies yet to add to the tax rolls. Continue to the second stop sign and take a right onto Princeton St., again we avoided Circular Ave which has not been paved since the 1960s not to mention the three very large trees that are hanging at a 45 degree angle ready to fall into the street and onto the two homes directly across the street.

      Next at the end of Melrose Street take a right onto Ellsworth St and look for the green signs with your name on them, at the corner of Prescott St take a left on to Prescott, cross over Harbor Rd onto Yacht St. and follow signs to Captain’s Cove.

      Hey Bill! It would be nice if you avoid using your own car and bring the street sweeper!

  2. Lennie, no article about the ex CT high sheriff who ripped off taxpayers of Bridgeport who had the job under Finch to hunt down delinquent taxpayers??? That story makes my blood boil. Seeing how any boots the city has put on people’s cars for these crazy taxes we pay for our cars, I made up my mind I will not be voting for Finch. It’s either between Ganim and Foster for me. Finch really sucks!!!

    1. Hey donj, I believe Charlie was a Ganim supporter. He was always a sleazy snake and he always represented to me what the local Republican Party was all about. It really makes my blood boil also. I wouldn’t hold Valentino’s reprehensible behavior against Finch as I wouldn’t hold his behavior against Buchanan, Walker and White. He is just a sleazeball and stands alone.

      1. His behavior is just that, his behavior. It cannot be attributed to Finch or any of his mayoral predecessors. Valentino is a self-made scumbag. The only reason he resigned wa he made an improper serve in the Vallas case, which of course he denied. His arrest was long overdue.

    2. donj–Mr. Valentino was around long before Finch, Fabrizi and Ganim. He was elected to city sheriff, not appointed. I responded to you in more depth in an earlier post. Finch did not create this monster, his career began with the endorsement of the Bridgeport RTC probably 30 years ago. When he first became a sheriff, he probably wasn’t corrupt, it became an acquired trait.

  3. Hey Finch, why don’t you shut down some bars and get some more patrols out on Fairfield Ave with all the drunk out-of-towners racing down side streets!!! That is a big quality-of-life issue. I wanted to give Finch a second chance but just can’t. Never thought I would vote for a convicted criminal but Ganim is looking better more and more these days.

  4. Don’t have to. I can stay home with a bottle of ipecac syrup and it will have the same effect. The bonus is I won’t have to look for anyone to hold my hair.


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