1. Maybe he should move his campaign kickoff up to Trumbull Gardens. Then he could explain what he will do to combat crime! People there would like to hear about that. Go to the cove Bill, and look across at the old landfill and tell us all how green you are! LOL!

  2. Bill,
    A simple action, helpful to the electorate to serve as a marker of how much success you have encouraged in your years in office, please post the Net Taxable Grand List entries for the past ten years. That should be very easy to do for the Tax Assessor. Please provide footnotes to the chart to indicate how the numbers are calculated, what types of property are included, and finally place asterisks on property where the values are being contested in State court at this time. This should help voters and taxpayers see whether values are truly steady or whether that is wishful campaign rhetoric based on a mistaken sentence in the 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the City. Can we get at some simple truths? Time will tell.

  3. I may go just to watch McCarthy run around the place like a schoolgirl, he’ll be beside himself at this event, maybe even partake of a couple of Cosmos.

    1. Harvey, I understand your dislike for McCarthy. Your comments referring to McCarthy as a school girl and drinking cosmos is just code for what you want to say. Why not just call him a fag? Whether it is his disposition or not, it is a vain attempt to make him into a second class citizen and a joke. It is 2015 and you would not appreciate a few stereotypes thrown your way. Or would you? Personally, I appreciate humor and stereotypes. It makes me laugh. When it comes to humor I love it all! As long as every group gets its fair share. Not humor at the expense of one group’s integrity.

      1. Steve,
        Net Taxable Grand List for ten years? How about it? You talk about integrity for all of us. Finch makes taxpayers second-class citizens. How about integrity for all groups, Steve? Get us some answers, if you can. Time will tell.

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