Wyman, Legislative Leaders Support Stafstrom For State House

The Democratic big dogs are coming to town on behalf of State House candidate Steven Staftsrom. Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, House Speaker Brendan Sharkey and Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz will attend a Tuesday night fundraiser at the home of Scott and Claire Burns in Black Rock for Stafstrom’s quest to qualify for public financing for the February 24 special election in the 129th State House District formerly occupied by Augen Grogins, who’s been nominated to the state bench.

The list of political dignitaries features an eclectic group of government officials and activists, some who get along, some who don’t, but for these purposes have a common ally. Mayor Bill Finch, 2011 Democratic challenger and Mary-Jane Foster are included among the invitation party.

Stafstrom won the Democratic nomination. He’ll be joined on the ballot by Republican City Councilman Enrique Torres as well as petitioning candidates former State House members Hector Diaz and Bob Keeley, City Councilman Bob Halstead and newcomer Toshirea Jackson, if their petition signatures are certified by elections officials. Official word on that will come later this week.



  1. Side bar: I’d like to acknowledge Mary-Jane FOSTER for chairing a committee raising nearly $400,000 to restore the Steeple on a Park Avenue historic church. What a gift to the members of the Church as well as the neighborhood and Bridgeport residents that acknowledges the gorgeous churches in the Park City. Kudos!

    1. I love seeing Mary-Jane Foster’s name always being connected to selfless causes showing her high ethical standards and integrity as well as her love for the Park City.

        1. Bob, I did not only vote for Mary-Jane Foster, I worked my ass off for her. I supported Bill Finch in the previous election. I felt Mary-Jane could have expedited Bridgeport’s Steelepointe quicker. When Finch won the primary I again supported Finch, much like I did with Marilyn Moore after she won the primary. I believe Mayor Finch has turned the corner and see no reason to change captains. You must be the only one on the blog who did not know I was a staunch Foster supporter.

  2. What I find interesting is the Republican Party here in Bridgeport has been aware of these problems in the Democratic Party but they have not made any changes the way they run the Republican Party here. Local issues should be what Republicans should be dealing with instead of national Republican issues. If Democrats won’t change from within then the Republicans could make changes if they recruit and bring in new members but this will never happen because of the likes of Rick Torres being the star of their party. If Democrats won’t change and Republicans won’t bring in blacks and Hispanics into their camp then these issues will rule Bridgeport.

  3. Dave Walker,
    I hope you are hard at work helping Rick raise the money to qualify for the state grant. That is what will worry the Dems.
    And you can be sure after this fundraiser Steve will be more than halfway there.

  4. It was like envelope night at the Sopranos, Danny Walnuts came with cash from the barflies. Talk was, Pullman Comley will underwrite the whole campaign if need be, and supply the phone bank and the broads, to GOTV.
    The house had a smell like a legal pad closet, the shrimp was a little limp, but good.
    Stevie had on a dark suit with his pink tie, the place looked like boys night out at Ed Mitchells of Westport, when they run the two-for-one sale on Brooks Brothers suits.
    The talk was all about Ganim, and Finch could be history for being a do-nothing Mayor who can only raise taxes.
    Bass Pro was a bad investment for the City with a return on investment 20 years out, most said Finch’s Boomtown interview on TV was a desperate attempt to save his ass.
    I had to leave early because it was kitty litter night at my house!

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