Without Hot Water, Things Still Boiling Over At Success Village

For months residents at the East Side co-op Success Village have existed without heat and hot water due to the antiquated boiling system requiring constant attention. About 2,000 people combined between Bridgeport and Stratford reside there represented by an elected board to resolve issues and the old boiler has been a problem for years.

Board of Education member Willie Medina writes an update on Facebook:

We have not been notified of anything directly as owners/residence and last night we got this information which kept many restless all night, I got a call from (City Councilwoman) Jazmarie Melendez about things she was listening that alarmed her deeply as many elderly and children live in this community. We need a seat at the table that would communicate with the community at SVA

Good evening,

The state inspectors have now become involved. There was a last minute meeting held today between members of the Ganim administration, state inspectors, the Fire Marshall and the Health Director. I received an update from the City Council President prior to tonight’s regular council meeting. There is only one boiler operating which will be permanently shut off tomorrow as a pipe appears to be close to rupturing. There will be NO hot water for any unit on both the Bridgeport and Stratford side

A portable furnace is going to be installed on the exterior for $40,000 with a rental fee of $18,000 per month.

I was told they are bringing portable showers on site which Success will have to pay for. I do not see how it is possible to set-up portable that can service over 900 units with at least 1200 residents

I was not present for the meeting and am posting the second hand information I received from the City Council President.

State Senator Herron Gaston writes:

 “The boiler situation at Success Village is at the top of my mind, even as I advocate for Bridgeport and Stratford in the final hours of the legislative session. The loss of hot water affecting 2,000 of my constituents is frankly unacceptable.

“To that end, I have been in near constant contact with the state Housing Department and have been in touch with civic leaders and residents both of Bridgeport and Stratford, driving conversations to explore any and every avenue to ensure that hot water is restored as soon as humanly possible.

“This is a complex set of circumstances that will require a wide range of community partners to include the city of Bridgeport and the town of Stratford and their leadership.

“Residents of Success Village can be sure that I will do everything in my power to advocate for resources to repair or replace the affected infrastructure.”


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