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 Tuesday October 16, 2018

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With Moore At His Side, Lamont Campaigns In Bridgeport

June 6th, 2018 · 34 Comments · Development and Zoning, News and Events, State Politics

Lamont Moore

State Senator Marilyn Moore campaigns with Ned Lamont. Photo: Christian Abraham / Hearst Connecticut Media

Backed by State Senator Marilyn Moore, Democratic-endorsed Ned Lamont on Tuesday campaigned for governor in Bridgeport in the African American-rich Trumbull Gardens area that went big for Joe Ganim in his 2015 comeback for mayor. Ganim’s trying to qualify for an August primary against Lamont.

CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart has more:

From the community garden, Lamont strolled down Yaremich Drive to the Stone Ridge Cooperatives. Some longtime residents grew up in the troubled Trumbull Gardens low-income housing development nearby, a favorite campaign stop of Ganim’s.

Lamont met with and fielded a few questions from a small gathering of co-op board members and local political leaders. His pledges were nothing new or detailed: He will be “the education governor,” “the jobs governor” and improve transportation.

“For me, that starts in cities,” Lamont said. “Look, Connecticut is not going to be great unless our cities are great.”

Asked where he stands on a controversial proposal by MGM Resorts International to build a casino in Bridgeport, Lamont, specifying it would be a resort with a hotel, said: “I would not stand in the way of that. I’d like to see more development come to Bridgeport.”

Full story here.


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  • Donald Day

    While I’m not crazy about Ned and would prefer another option, he’s a helluva better choice than Mayor Ganim and any of those Trump Republican disciples.

  • Bob Walsh

    You Go Marilyn!!!
    At least you do not automatically go for Ganim because he’s your mayor.
    He has done zilch since becoming mayor the second time. Finish the job you started before moving on to something more grandiose.

  • charlie

    Ms: Moore, I thought you were supposed to look out for the best interest of the citizens you represent? Is being with Lamont, who opposes the casino and wants tolls, the way you show support for your future constituents?

    • Marshall Marcus

      I am a Moore constituent (I liove and vote in D22).
      I SUPPORT tolls on our limited access highways. I believe in user fees. You use it, pay for it. Sunday, I had to go to Brooklyn for a funeral. I paid tolls both ways on the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge. BECAUSE my EZ-Pass is issued by NY State I got a discounted rate of $5.76 each way instead of the full $8.50 fee.
      We can do the same type of discount for CT residents for CT roads

      As for a Casino in Bridgeport. I’m not convinced it will be a money maker and long term job provider. It’s not like 20-30 years ago. The northeast has become saturated with legal gambling opportunities, all chasing the same pot of disposable dollars.
      That said, as long as the only tax subsidies come from Bridgeport, then go for it. BUT, if you ask taxpayers in the rest of the state to subsidize a Bridgeport Casino, I’ll need a lot more convincing

  • Donald Day

    Charlie, Lamont said he’s not opposed to a casino in Bridgeport and just because you’re opposed to tolls doesn’t mean all her constituents are in fact opposed.

  • Bob Walsh

    Charlie has a hard on for anyone who opposes MGM in Ct.
    He’s a one issue voter and if you are opposed to his point of view then he has no use for you.

  • Frank Gyure

    How many heads is Joey working on?

  • Owen Denzin

    Moore supports tolls on the highways and increases in gas and state income taxes.. That is of no concern for most of you on this site because you are probably on some form of government assistance and don’t pay taxes at all

  • Tom White

    Appears that Lamont is learning to pander for votes.

  • Tom White

    Trump tends to appeal to voters who are repulsed by the pandering of the Democrat Part.
    The Republican candidate for governor would be wise to use some points from his playbook.

  • Ron Mackey

    All blue states want 45 to campaign for Republican candidates in their states because 45 will bring out the Democrats to vote and they are begging for him to campaign their state, please, dummy.

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