With Candidate Slates Officially Set, Absentee Ballots Available

Ballots are set in August 9 primaries for respective major parties with absentee ballots looming large.

Democrats statewide will vote in two constitutional office races. Stephanie Thomas, endorsed for secretary of the state, faces a primary from former Bridgeport Health Director Martza Bond. Party-endorsed Erick Russell has two opponents for state treasurer: Dita Bhargava and Karen DuBois-Walton.

Republicans statewide will vote for candidates for U.S. Senate and for secretary of the state. GOP-endorsed Themis Klarides is opposed by Leora Levy and Peter Lumaj. Party-endorsed Dominick Rapini faces a challenge from Terrie Wood. Brock Weber announced over the weekend his withdrawal from the race. As a result his named is blacked out on the ballot.

Bridgeport features two high-profile legislative races. Democratic-endorsed Herron Gaston is going head to head against incumbent State Senator Dennis Bradley in Connecticut’s 23rd District. Party-backed City Councilman Marcus Brown is trying to defeat long-term incumbent Jack Hennessy in the heavily North End 127th State House District. The Read School precinct is the one voting area common to those state races.

Various campaign camps are courting absentee ballot voters, especially those who want to avoid polling places on primary day for health reasons. Electors can simply cite illness as an excuse to vote absentee.

Sample ballots:

Democrats in Read precinct 127th State House District will see this ballot.
Democrats in Winthrop and Blackham precincts 127th State House District will see this ballot.
Democrats in 23rd State Senate District will see this ballot in areas with no State House primary.
Democrats with no State Senate or State House primaries will see this ballot.
Bridgeport Republican primary ballot. The blacked out name is for Brock Weber who withdrew from the race.

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