Wiggles The Chinchilla, First Mayor Of Zoo, Dies–Ganim: We Are All Deeply Saddened

We don’t call it OIB for nothing. Who dons the coat?

From Mayor Joe Ganim:

Mayor Ganim provided the following statement upon hearing about the passing of Mayor Wiggles, one of the cherished and well-known ambassadors of CT’s Beardsley Zoo located in Bridgeport. “We are all deeply saddened by the news of Mayor Wiggles passing at Beardsley Zoo. Wiggles was truly a delight to all that met him, especially beloved by children who were also able to experience his educational and social calls to classrooms. While we know that Mayor Wiggles can never be replaced, we look forward to paying a visit to current and new members of the Beardsley Zoo family in the near future.”

From Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo:

Wiggles the Chinchilla’s brief tenure as the first Mayor of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo came to an end on Sunday, Jan. 3. The elderly chinchilla passed away from advanced age with his devoted campaign and animal care staff beside him. As a long-time animal ambassador and a veteran of ZooMobile visits to senior centers as well as starring roles at children’s birthday parties, 19-year-old Wiggles beat out six other candidates to claim his spot as the titular head of the Zoo in November 2020.

“Although Wiggles did not serve long as the Zoo’s mayor, he served as an educator for the Zoo for nearly two decades. His role was to engage children and adults alike in recognizing the need to understand animals of all species, to highlight the delicate balance between living things and their environment, and to foster curiosity,” said Education Curator Jim Knox. “Wiggles was the consummate animal ambassador and a beloved member of the Zoo family. We feel his loss deeply.”

As the second-place winner, Amur leopard Kallisto will step into the role vacated by Wiggles and fulfill his duties through the duration of his 12-month term.



  1. Wiggles would want us to briefly mourn his passing and quickly move on.
    As a politician, Wiggles presided over a term of peace and tranquility. Not once did Mayor Wiggles raise taxes or challenge the Governor. The zoo was free of crime and homicides. Scandals and controversy were not part of his regimen.
    The zookeeper’s only purpose was to bring him his food. He had value that exceeded his cost.
    Problems arose and problems were solved.
    Conclusion: Wiggles deserves a parade.

    1. Rumors from the windmill has it that Maria Pereira is introducing a resolution to name the road that crosses Beardsley Park to Wiggles Road. No word if she got permission to proceed from Wiggle’s family. Beardsley’s governor Dancho has 10 days to set a date for a special election and is set to appoint Howard the Chicken as acting mayor.

    2. I have to disagree with you LE. The zoo is facing a $1,000,000 deficit caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. While you may be right as far as no murders at the zoo, I’m not convinced that there was no foul play involved. Rumors has it that mayor Wiggles planned to tap into the Zoo’s savings and stocks–wich totals in the millions–to cover the deficit. Wiggles had been facing pushback from Zoo officials whom have always refused to tap into savings and investments. The motive?

  2. I nominate Four-Fingers Joel Gonzalez as Mayor of Beardsley Zoo.
    Served several years on the City Council without getting in one fight.
    What more can you ask for.
    And he will create his own new cycle with The Trumpster gone.


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