Why Plug Was Pulled For Live PD

Live PD
Live PD reality show. Christian Abraham / Hearst Connecticut Media.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Television viewers learned over the weekend that Bridgeport had pulled out of the A&E series “Live PD,” which since October has broadcast police officers on patrol Friday evenings in six cities nationwide.

Co-executive producer Don Sikorski, of Norwalk, knew earlier this month that Bridgeport’s Finest might not be a part of the cast when new episodes air in early January.

“I was told two weeks ago they (City Hall) wanted to pull out,” Sikorski said Monday.

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    1. When I was in high school in the late ’70s my contemporary issues teacher spoke on this subject. People then saw the writing on the wall and did not like what it said.

      1. Frank,
        I shall have to return to the article to see what the researchers used as a guidelines for their report. Sorry, I do not have it at hand immediately. Time will tell.

  1. What is the difference with an article in the paper about a crime in Bridgeport and this show? Not very much, the newspaper seems to always include Ganim’s corruption conviction whenever Ganim is mentioned. The show just showed what cops deal with on a daily basis. People already have their own ideas about Bridgeport, the show was not going to change that. In order to improve its image, Bridgeport has to get serious. The city has to do a better job attracting companies willing to do business here. The talk about dredging the harbor has to stop and a decision has to made if it is going to be done. Until the dredging is done nothing is going to happen with the harbor. No deep water, no harbor development.

    The city has to collect tax money from everyone who owes it no matter who they are. No more hiding behind LLC’s, non-profits should pay half of what their property is worth. Same for any property the hospitals own. No more free rides for anyone. Th school system needs to get itself together. If a city has a poor school system, this hurts as much as high taxes, perhaps more.

    The city has to make itself attractive and clean up its act, nothing is going to change the reputation of the past. How about focusing on the future if there is one? From what I see there wasn’t any forethought as the factories were leaving what were they going to be replaced with? How was the city going to make up for the tax losses as the factories left? Did anyone in city hall then even care?

    The city has key components to development people saw many years ago. They are still here but the times have changed and Bridgeport has to change with them. Enough with talking, kicking the can down the street or whistling past the graveyard, it’s time for some real action.


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