‘White House Bob’ Joins Mr. Barnum

From Mr. Barnum:

Kathy Maher, Executive Director has announced the appointment of Robert C. Cardillo to the Board of Directors of the historic Barnum Museum in Bridgeport.

Maher said of the appointment, “I am thrilled to have someone of Bob’s background as a key member of our Board. He brings years of experience in both Federal and State Government, in his home state of New York, and as a key decision maker for private and public sector programs and organizations. Bob is an exceptional addition to the Museum’s Board. His knowledge, skill and experience will greatly assist us in our Re-envisioning efforts, and he will certainly be a champion of the Barnum Museum’s vibrant future.”

Cardillo is the Founder and President of the Cardinal Center, an organization specializing in government relations, grant writing and economic development programs, while serving public, non-profit, education, construction and industrial communities throughout the United States.

His background includes a lengthy tenure at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, which included being on the advance team for President and Mrs. George W. Bush, where responsibilities included event planning, preparation and implementation for the President and/or the First Lady. Travel included many trips during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Mississippi Gulf Coast and other affected areas.

It was on a trip with the former First Lady that Cardillo became aware of the Museum and met Kathy Maher. Cardillo, in accepting the appointment, said, “P.T. Barnum is an exemplary model for entrepreneurship and leadership. Barnum was able to use his leadership qualities to advance public policy and education thus creating a quality environment for learning. His role in business, politics and government are well represented at the Barnum and can be a source of pride for all those who should follow in his footsteps.” He added, “I am thrilled and pleased to use my background to assist others on the board and the Executive Director in moving the Museum forward from its current restoration and rehabilitation of the landmark structure, and ready to re-emerge as a major cultural destination.” Cardillo lives in nearby Utica, New York.


Bridgeport’s Barnum Museum is one of P. T. Barnum’s many philanthropic gifts. Completed in 1893, the architecturally significant building boasts a unique combination of styles and terra cotta ornamentation, and is listed on the National Register. Today the museum proudly shares the history and legacy of the world-famous entrepreneur, showman, and museum proprietor, who was also a state legislator, mayor, real estate developer, and philanthropist. The museum is home to thousands of artifacts, many pertaining to Bridgeport native Tom Thumb and his wife, as well as the P. T. Barnum Family, and Nathaniel Wheeler Family. Their furniture, carriages, artwork and other items are currently displayed, along with a centaur and mermaid. Since 2010, the historic building has been undergoing repair and restoration due to a series of weather events that comprised the structure. The Museum is currently open for visitors in the People’s United Bank Gallery located behind the historic building, open for viewing and tours from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m on Thursdays and Fridays year-round. There is no admission charge but donations are welcome.

Alice Ferreira, VP of Corporate Communications for UnitedHealth Group, currently serves as chairman of the board of directors of The Barnum Museum.


Based in Washington D.C., Albany and Utica, NY, this LLC organization specializing in government relations, grant writing and economic development programs; employing an array of specialized staff serving public, non-profit, education, construction and industrial communities throughout the United States. It serves the fields of business, educations, engineering, economic development, information systems, municipal accounting and legal, social work, providing creative writing and fund development; represents clients through strategies that increase their visibility with government and government contractors to promote business development. Cardinal Center provides educational programs for displaced workers and provides advice to client companies aiding handicapped and disadvantaged workers; administrates public housing programs. More at thecardinalcenterllc.com


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