When Artists Turn Dark Into Light, Saluting The Work Of Yovan Barraza And Others

Back in the day we ate there, now we fate there for a beckoning future, based on the handy work of Yovan Barraza Jr. whose recently completed mural on the side of the old Ocean Sea Grill building Downtown has transformed what? Into wow!

The artistic community in Downtown Bridgeport (yes, it’s a neighborhood, please respect Downtown an upper D) has taken on a life of its own.

Yovan isn’t new to this, he’s been at it for decades yet he persists, his artwork illuminating buildings and bodies and brains, because mostly creativity evolves from pain.

So as my friend Tom Kelly often salutes: here’s hoping all your pain is champagne.

Let’s raise a glass, this holiday season and beyond, to Bridgeport’s artistic community.

Check out more murals here





  1. Ganim2, as a City leader, has been successful in bringing “entertainment” to the City, some in the re-construction of City sites for ticketed events far more expensive than the average resident budget but encouraging visits to the City restaurants as part of economic development. And then, he has also shown some promise for the encouragement of outdoor artworks on I-95 abutments, and on buildings in the public space, honoring sports, movie heroes, science subjects, and the human eye in such a variety of ways. Color communicates!!
    Is there a listing of the examples in the downtown area with the date of the work and the artist? Who would know? Doubtless someone who reads OIB. Time will tell.


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