What If Ernie And Joe Crashed Bill’s Lunch? Plus: Malloy’s Ned Challenge

Can you believe it? This week marks Mayor Bill Finch’s 30-month point in office. One year from now we’ll be smack in the middle of a steaming hot mayoral primary. A lot can happen in a year. Right now State Rep. Chris Caruso, although not officially in the race, is poised for a rematch against Finch who won a 270-vote squeaker in 2007.

Caruso, if he has a challenger, should have no problem getting reelected to the statehouse seat he’s had for 20 years. City Councilman Carlos Silva is trying to petition his way on the ballot to challenge Caruso in a primary. Caruso defeated Silva handily in a primary two years ago. After November look for the Big Wave to raise the mayoral surf. The one candidate officially in is former Finch administration official John Gomes who had a falling-out with the mayor. Can Gomes raise money? What kind of political organization can he build? Carolanne Curry who worked for Gomes before she was let go by the administration is a seasoned campaign hand running Gomes’ race. Who else will get in or threaten to get in to exact a pound of flesh?

I gotta think former State Senator Ernie Newton’s gonna be a pain in the ass to someone. Yes, Ernie’s likely to have eyes on his former state senate seat in two years, occupied by Ed Gomes, but I don’t think Ernie’s gonna miss a beat trying to be a player, a broker, an influence in what transpires next year; after he officially completes his incarceration in a few months.

By the way the mayor launched his weekly brown-bag lunch today. That’s right, the mayor is looking for a few good men and women with some creative ideas to propel the city. What a riot if someday Ernie and Joe Ganim showed up at one of hizzoner’s lunches. That scream you just heard was Bill. “Lennie, don’t give them any ideas!”

Dan Wants A Piece Of Ned

From Dan Malloy:


Dan Malloy, the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate for Governor, today renewed his invitation to fellow Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont to partake in a series of public debates in communities across the state on the major issues facing Connecticut. After personally reaching out to Lamont on Wednesday to make the request and having what Malloy called an “encouraging” discussion, a follow-up call to Lamont’s campaign to begin organizing the debates had not been returned as of Tuesday morning.

Referencing Lamont’s call during his 2006 Senate campaign to “go around the state” and have “old-fashioned kitchen-table debates,” Malloy asked Lamont, “what’s changed?” Lamont’s 2006 request can be seen here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH6e4iyMEgs

“I guess Ned’s had a change of heart, and that’s unfortunate,” said Malloy. “The fact is, Connecticut voters deserve better. They deserve to hear why each of us thinks we have the right kind of experience to get the job done. They deserve a campaign based on ideas, one where the candidates test one another’s vision and solutions for the problems that lie ahead. Problems like anemic job growth, a massive budget deficit, the largest achievement gap in the country, and electricity rates that are drowning families and small businesses.”

Last Wednesday, Malloy asked that Lamont join him in debates that would be sponsored by local media outlets in every community across Connecticut that’s home to a daily newspaper; most of these communities also have local radio stations. Malloy also suggested that bloggers and other online outlets take part in the forums. His campaign is also in contact with the Connecticut Daily Newspaper Association, the Connecticut Broadcasters Association, and individual local media outlets as potential partners in the effort.

“It’s no secret Connecticut is in trouble,” continued Malloy. “To get out of it, we need leadership – the ability to articulate a vision and build consensus behind it. If you’re not willing to stand up in communities across the state to defend your ideas and your experience, then how can you ever hope to lead the State in the years ahead?”

From Park City Initiative

Finch kids

Mayor Bill Finch participates in Park City Initiative Corp.’s, Adopt-A-Block Kick-off.

On Sunday, May 30, 2010, Mayor Finch arrived, ready and willing to roll up his sleeves to help beautify street blocks in the Hollow section of Bridgeport. The neighbors were excited to see Mayor Finch demonstrate care and concern for the neighborhood. Mayor Finch praised the members of Redeeming Faith Christian Assembly church as well as volunteers of Park City Initiative Corp. for their wonderful enthusiasm. The mayor told the volunteers what they were doing was very important, not to give up because we’re going to make the city the greenest city in all of New England. www.parkcityinitiative.org



  1. It’s going to be very interesting to see what will happen next year. I’m sure Ernie has a lot of respect in his community and a lot people feel he was mistreated. Whatever he decides to do he’ll be very successful at. Stay tuned.

    1. Talking about “Gossip,” I heard Cecil Young has been seen going to the Bridgeport Detective Bureau. It smells like not only is the city expecting a suit, there may be an arrest made in the Cecil Young City Council fiasco. Bob Walsh will not be arrested or is being investigated. If there is an ongoing investigation, shouldn’t detectives be talking to witnesses? Bob Walsh was a witness; I’m wondering if the “Gag Order” prevents witnesses who are Council members from talking to the Police or it prohibits police from questioning them.

      There is more “gOssIB” a Bridgeport City Employee Supervisor was allegedly arrested and charged with attempted murder; home invasion; and assaulting Police Officers. Motive was allegedly a love triangle in which the city employee stabbed his girlfriend’s lover. A Triangle has three sides, If you ever catch your sweetie in bed with another man, first consider having a threesome.


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