What If A Civilian Discharged A Weapon?

Juan Santiago
Police Officer Juan Santiago. CT Post photo.

If a civilian had accidentally fired a gun in a crowded eatery instead of Police Officer Juan Santiago who suffered a bullet wound to the leg, would the situation be treated differently? Is this incident much ado about nothing or should action be taken? Frank Juliano and Mike Mayko from the CT Post examine.

The veteran police officer who discharged a gun in a crowded restaurant Tuesday, shooting himself in the leg and blowing a bowling ball-sized hole through a nearby window, has been released from St. Vincent’s Medical Center and placed on paid sick leave.

But Juan Santiago, the 55-year-old officer who heads the department’s Police Hispanic Society, faces no criminal charges.

Nor does he face any violation of department rules and regulations, which has caused community activists to claim police use double standards to protect their own.

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  1. Well, the handling of this situation is not going to put Chief Gaudett or Mayor Finch in a favorable light. Treating this episode as a casual occurrence and giving the officer paid leave without a full investigation … are you kidding? This is outrageous and may become an albatross around the Mayor’s neck in a ‘re-election bid. This is unbelievable. I particularly like the photo of Chief Gaudett and Pete M. from the online CT POST, Tuesday. THE PHOTO HAS GAUDETT BEAMING WITH AN EAR-TO-EAR SMILE AS THOUGH HE JUST WON POLICE CHIEF OF THE DECADE … THE PICTURE IS A CLASSIC AND WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT HIM, NO DOUBT. What could they be thinking? Anyone else in the situation would have been reprimanded, put on administrative unpaid leave and a full investigation. HOW LUCKY THE OFFICER WAS THE ONLY INDIVIDUAL HURT. This could have been an entirely different outcome. I cringe to think how this episode could have played out. Finch and Gaudett … You need damage control before the next news cycle. Sometimes it is the little things that ruin a career. THIS IS NOT A LITTLE THING!

  2. *** The average citizen, “Joe 6-pack” would have been arrested; weapons, registration and permit confiscated, and subject to suspension per request of the Bpt P/D and State Prosecutor’s Office; all before any type of legal investigations, no? ***


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