What About The Political Brain Biopsy?

We had quite a week on OIB with the dueling urinalyses that made national news. What if the next challenge throw-down involves a political brain biopsy? Who’d you want side by side? Scalpel, please. Frightening, yes.



  1. Congrats to Maria. Ct Post story now indicates that Taylor will probably be facing some charges. So when will others have the smarts and guts that Maria has to uncover all the shit that’s brings Bridgeport down? Who will go after those who place people like this fool into positions of authority? Maria is relentless and does the right thing which only benefits the masses. We can only hope that others get on the bandwagon and go after the scum that controls the city. Vote the bastards out and start anew. Look at it this way: It can’t get any worse if that happens.
    Hopefully the FBI probe has many tentacles.
    More to come……


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