Weenies For Weiner

GOP Congressional operatives kick out statements nearly every day against Congressman Jim Himes. The latest pokes Himes over Weiner campaign cash. Are Dems weenies for donating Weiner money? From the GOP:

Now that two vulnerable House Democrats have rid their campaign coffers of tainted cash from Rep. Anthony Weiner, will Rep. Jim Himes finally follow suit?

“It’s clear that Rep. Himes is more interested in maintaining his party loyalty than with doing what’s right. The fact is that whether it’s about protecting a colleague or helping to pass a partisan, tax-and-spend agenda, Jim Himes will put Nancy Pelosi first and Connecticut voters last.”–Tory Mazzola, NRCC Spokesman.

CNN: Democrats Unload Weiner Donations: In a sign of widening political fallout from so-called “Weinergate,” two House Democrats who represent competitive districts announced Tuesday they were donating campaign contributions from Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-New York, to charity. Weiner confessed Monday that he had lied about sending inappropriate text messages and photos to several women. He said he is not resigning, but top House Democrats called for the House ethics committee to investigate the matter. Rep. Betty Sutton was the first to announce she was unloading campaign cash donated by Weiner. A spokesman for the Ohio Democrat confirmed to CNN that Sutton will make a $1,000 donation to local charities instead of keeping the campaign contribution from him. The announcement was first reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. … Minnesota Democrat Tim Walz also decided to give to charity the $3,000 he received from Weiner.



  1. Himes is on Air Force One with Kinky Weiner, Barney Franks a gay guy (not that there’s anything wrong with that), so is it fair to call Himes a cross dresser yet–maybe? Only kidding, Jim!

  2. Once again the geniuses who run our country have served up yet another jerk who couldn’t keep his clothing on. Clinton didn’t resign, nor did his wife divorce him for his pecadillos. Newt Gingrich, in his third marriage, still spouts “Moral Majority.” Rep Lee (R), from Upstate NY, resigned with his shirt off and the district went Democratic in his honor. Here in Bridgeport we’ve had Joe Ganim in total denial, Ernie Newton still spouting his stupid rhetoric, and Al Sharpton coming to Norwalk and admitting he “knows nothing of this case” and spouting his racial rhetoric, … AND now we have Anthony (The Weenie) Weiner with his shorts exposed and lying about his behavior on his Twitter account then trying to spin-doctor an excuse.
    At long last, is there no end to the violation of public trust? Is there no accountability for this kind of behavior?
    And FINALLY, when is the voting public going to wake up and rid the temple of the moneylenders who have been sapping the public coffers for their own gain?


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