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News release from the Park City:

With the summer season around the corner, the City of Bridgeport public parks will officially open on Saturday, May 26th. Seaside Park, Beardsley Park and Pleasure Beach will be open for Memorial Day weekend for residents and visitors with the purchase of a park sticker or day pass.

Seaside Park and Beardsley Park
Annual Passes
· Annual Parking Sticker (Resident Permit) — Vehicle Registered in Bridgeport): $15

· Annual Parking Sticker (Non-Resident CT Permit)  — Vehicle Registered in CT: $130

· Annual Parking Sticker (Special Permit) — Vehicle Registered in CT with proof of current City of Bridgeport property tax bill): $20

· Annual Parking Sticker (Out of State Permit) — Vehicle Registered Out-of-State with proof of current City of Bridgeport property tax bill): $20

Day Passes
· Seaside Park, CT Registration: $30 Weekdays / $40 Weekends & Holidays

· Seaside Park, Out of State Registration: $50 Weekdays / $60 Weekends & Holidays

· Beardsley Park, CT Registration: $25

· Beardsley Park, Out of State Registration: $30

Park stickers will be available for purchase at the checkpoint booths at Seaside Park and Beardsley Park from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Checkpoint booths will be open 8am to 6pm on Weekends & Holidays and 8am to 4pm on Weekdays.

Stickers can only be purchased for the vehicle entering the park with proof of registration. The sticker will be affixed to the windshield by a checkpoint attendant. Park stickers will also be available for purchase at the Parks and Recreation Department, 7 Quarry Road, Trumbull, CT. Parks and Recreation Department office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm.

Out-of-State vehicles and “Dealer Plate” vehicles may purchase day passes ONLY.

If you have an Out-of-Town (CT) or Out-of-State vehicle but pay Bridgeport property taxes–please visit the Parks and Recreation Department during office hours with a current City of Bridgeport property tax bill to acquire a sticker. These stickers are NOT SOLD directly at the park checkpoints.

Senior Park Stickers
Bridgeport resident senior citizens (65 and older) are eligible for a free lifetime Senior Park Sticker with proof of Bridgeport car registration and proof of age. Senior Park Stickers can only be acquired at the Parks and Recreation Department during office hours or at the Seaside Park West Beach checkpoint gate during the season.

Pleasure Beach
Pleasure Beach Taxi Service will be open Weekends & Holidays ONLY until 4th of July Weekend and then begins 7-day-a-week service. The Taxi Service to Pleasure Beach begins at 10am and stops at 4pm and Pleasure Beach closes at 6pm.

For more information, visit the City of Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Department website at www.Bridgeportct.gov/ParksandRec.



  1. does anyone remember the days when Bridgeport residents got a park sticker for FREE in with their car taxes? those were the days when paying your car taxes paid for your park sticker!

  2. Yes Lisa I do you stuck them on the left side of the windshield.

    There should be so much more to do in Seaside Park.

    The fishing pier should have been fixed by now.

    There was once talk of a restaurant by the new bath house, what could be better than having a meal while watching a sunset.
    Since the police horse unit has been disbanded, the stable property could be used.

    You should be able to rent a jet ski or take a kite surfing lesson. A bait and tackle shop could give saltwater fishing lessons in fly fishing or surf casting.

    More outdoor concerts of different music genres. Even open Mike nights.

    The park could be so much better if there was more things to do the city needs to a better job at promoting this diamond in the rough.

  3. *** Sign of the times; Or is it pay to play in the park? *** I have no problem with charging for a park sticker to help with the cost of maint. up-keep throughout the park & beach areas. However, if you want out of city or state visitors who may happen to come on weekends or just summer holiday’s to come more often, then those sticker prices need to come down some in price. Sell a 2018 Memorial Day to Labor Day sticker for $90. Remember after Labor Day, no one checks for park stickers at Seaside or Bearsley Parks! So the Parks & Rec. is charging all this money basically for 90-days out of the year. And what is there in the park to do other than sunny, walk or running, bike riding, play base-ball if you have a permit, volley-ball on beach, grill on old rusty grills, picnic, soccer in some spots without a permit, fish with permits, etc.??? All the money collected every year, no B-Ball area, no wall for hand-ball, over priced limited concession stands, no Bocce-ball area for seniors, no porto-potty’s available after labor-day till memorial day week-end. The park benches need painting, more trash cans needed from memorial-day to labor-day, repair sidewalks along beach walks, use the park music band-stand area more during the 90-days of summer(Memorial/Labor-Days). Last but not least, a little spring/summer paint goes a long way in bringing fresh eye candy color to different areas of the park at a reasonable price. Community Service workers, park-sticker workers during the slow week periods, etc.. all at a much cheaper price to make the park look better in general & for people to see that some of that park-sticker money is in fact being used to maint. the park on a yearly basis & its looking & getting better! ***

    1. Do you go to Seaside Park? They check stickers all summer long. If you think they aren’t checking in July and August then you don’t go to the park in July and August.

  4. Mojo,

    You are so right but it is a reflection of no planning by the city administration when it comes to things like this. There.is more to do at Short Beach. It is not like there isn’t room for any of the things you mentioned. There isn’t any steady police presence except on the weekend. I have seen motorcycles and ATV’s there.

    Seaside Park should have so much more to offer. People looked forward to the VIBES it was not for everyone but it put the park on the map. People came from all over so why not make the park more attractive?

    It the same reason there isn’t a Plan-B when the casino fails.

    The lack of envisionaries in the city administration. No one seems to think ahead for the future too much living in the now and not years from now.

    For what people pay in taxes there should be something to show for it.


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