Watt’s Up At WICC?

A few changes brewing at WICC. Word is Ann McManus, the general manager that took some heat in the wake of morning man John LaBarca’s firing last year, will be departing the station within days to form her own advertising agency. There’s no skinny that she’s being forced out. Generally, in the radio industry, if you’re canned they don’t keep you around. They just say sayonara, and we mean now. Ann is leaving with notice.

Sounds like Ann wants to do her own thing, or has decided to do her own thing, before station owner Cumulus Media, a media monster based in Atlanta, decides to make changes. She’s developed a boatload of client contacts through the years so she has the ability to build a client base to start her own gig. Hey, Ann, throw us some business, 40,000 pageviews at OIB the past 30 days! The days after LaBarca’s firing were intense. Thousands of angry, sometimes hateful, calls flogged the station. LaBarca was battling a number of issues that ruffled management that had nothing to do with ratings. Life goes on.

LaBarca, by the way, has landed a job at WNLK, a news-talk station in Norwalk. I love LaBarca’s replacement Tony Reno because he’s an old friend, an OIB reader and he has me on his show a lot! Same for David Smith and Jim Buchanan.

 Joe Ad-libermean

Any of you digesting some of that dung Joe Lieberman’s shoveling about transcending politics, reaching across party lines, striking a civil tone? Joe, a John McCain guy, says if he’s asked to speak at the GOP convention he’ll talk glowingly about his friend and not trash Barack. Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Joe poises a poison dart at Barack’s every move.

When I was running campaigns, Joe was the guy I wanted more than anyone else in the state to help build credibility for a Dem candidate. And usually he was accommodating. When I managed Finch’s campaign for state senate in 2000, I wanted Lieberman at Finch’s side for Birdie’s official announcement. I especially wanted Joe there because the other Joe (Ganim) and I weren’t getting along, and I wasn’t sure he’d show up. I had stopped playing ball with him, and well, you know the rest of the story.

Lieberman was always mature, respected, endearing. Somehow, he’s morphed into this whiny, sniveling, sarcastic troll. It was a mighty crash going from Dem Veep nominee in 2000, presidential candidate 2004 to losing a primary in 2006 over his stubborn war position. But Joe did an amazing job appealing to GOP and independent voters to win the general election and save face as an independent candidate. Led by Jodi Rell, the entire GOP operation in Connecticut did an enormous tank job on the party nominee Alan Schlesinger who received just 10 percent of the vote. You’d think Joe would be gracious for the redemption, but it seems like his brain cells are fixed on the betrayal of voters that had supported him.

Joe still does his diner tours in Connecticut, but now he has all the stature of a waffle house.



  1. I voted for Lieberman. I liked his “aw shucks” demeanor. I liked his commitment to God. I liked his steadfast commitment to the common man. I think he is still all of those things and more. But, I think his career in politics has seen better days. He has ruined any chance he had to maintain credibility with the public. I don’t trust him anymore. Good luck to you, Senator. I’m voting for the other guy.

  2. During the 2006 campaign a photo of Lieberman’s car parked in a handicapped space was making the rounds in the Lamont campaign. However, when it was pointed out that Joe suffers from “SWS” it was decided to give him a pass.

    SWS – “Sanctimonious Weasel Syndrome”

  3. M. Judas Rell was a real nowhere girl for the Republican underticket in ’06. Besides losing the constitutional offices, the GOP also lost 2 Congressional seats in ’06.
    Shays will be next for the good-bye girl.

  4. Chris Shays is becoming a Lieberman clone, also whining about “partisanship” and proclaiming that only a “bi-partisan” solution can end the Iraqi war. What nonsense!

  5. “…proclaiming that only a “bi-partisan” solution can end the Iraqi war. What nonsense!”

    This was just posted by Jon Kantrowitz

    Jon…enjoy your reign as Philistine of the Week.

    How else can we end this dreadful war without involving the entire house and senate. Only with bi-partisan hard work can we reach an end.

    There is no room here for dyed-in-the-wool loyalist ignorance.

  6. In endorsing McCain, Joe Lieberman, (Rat-CT), has become a “single-issue guy”.

    Remember how Joe used to say how he was with the Democratic Party on every issue but Iraq?

    Well now he has thrown all those principles away, in favor of more war in Iraq.

    Hey Joe, if Iraq is so important that you must hang life-long supporters (like Finch and Amann) out to dry, WHY DON’T YOU SEND ONE OF YOUR OWN KIDS?

  7. Gossip of The Rialto!

    Watt’s Happenin’!!

    Political Kisses of Death!!!

    Finch endorses Grogins.
    Lieberman endorses Shays.
    Yahooy endorse Keeley.

  8. Ol’ Joe “I’ll Get The Volunteers To do It For Free” Celli would have you believe that Finch is the brains behind Auden Grogins’ primary campaign. Roach and Staphstrom are behind her, this is true. But Finch has nothing to do with the campaign. None of the Democratic candidates want anything to do with Finch.

  9. Finch has everything to do with this campaign. Grogins was sold a flawed Bill of goods by Finch. You are right they want nothing to do with Finch. They are trying to employ a cut and run strategy from Finch. They can run but they can’t hide.

    Grogins thought she had the endorsement sewn up and backed Finch’s candidate Stafstrom for Town Chair. She can’t have it both ways.

  10. Finch has NOTHING to do with this campaign. No matter how many times you say it, that will never be anything other than a lie you’re trying to pass off as fact.

  11. So. Enough questions have been raised regarding allegations pertaining to Keeley’s “consulting fees” he charges Non Profits to assist them with grant writing while he chairs the very state committee that disburses the grant money to his clients.

    Politics being politics, especially in Bridgeport, it appears that Mr. Keeley is about to be asked to formally address said allegations.

    What a coincidence…right around election time.

  12. Yahooy
    Thank you for your endorsement. Do I receive a Phillic Symbol for my award.

    The Bridgeport Kid is like the Apostle Peter who thrice denied Christ. The Kid’s denial of Finch as Architect of Grogins is now three-fold and the Cock has Crowed.


  13. The right solution to pulling out of Iraq can be arrived at by a president willing to admit that the entire thing has been a fiasco and the generals on the ground who can advise him of the safest way to do it. No bipartisanship needed, no input from the legislature either.

    The Philistine were a sophisticated, artistic people, much more so than their agrarian Jewish neighbors.

    I am happy to be philistine of the week in yahooy’s opinion.

  14. One would think that, with Danny Roach and John Staphstrom behind a campaign, Conrad Birdie wouldn’t be necessary. He’s content to have breakfast with Senator Joe and be home in time to get in nine holes of golf before sunset.

  15. “The Philistine were a sophisticated, artistic people, much more so than their agrarian Jewish neighbors.”

    Another Kantrowitz gem. Guess again, asshole.

  16. I have studied Biblical Archaeology extensively. I can back up what I say. Calling me names is really unnecessary. Lennie, please ban this person.

  17. Oy!

    Totally off subject. Greg Norman has taken over the leaderboard by storm today at The British Open. You may follow the action at Shark.com between the clicks ‘n’ cracks on OIB.

    Where’s the Golf Pro today?
    He or she must be watching the action at the Fore ‘N Shaft Tap Room.

  18. I posted this last month. It was true then and it’s just as true now:

    John from Black Rock // Jun 17, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    A few comments on Pat Fardy, the primaries and Bpt politics:

    People – it’s time to get real here. IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER & CONTROL i.e., POLITICS.

    . Not reappointing Pat Fardy to the Planning and Zoning Commission is about who Andy Fardy supported for Town Chair – Mario Testa.

    · Similarly, Lydia Martinez got the endorsement over Andreas Ayala because the Testa wing of the Party controls that part of town and Ayala supported Finch/Stafstrom.

    · The Finch/Stafstrom faction controls the South End; consequently Santiago got the endorsement over Chico, who supported Testa. (OK, Salcedo is not politically aligned with anyone, but Sylvester is a special case.)

    · Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about the East End, but it appears that Testa and/or Ganim are testing the waters for the future against Clemons who has been aligned with Finch.

    · Oh, and the Caruso/Silva primary is simply a way of creating a little aggravation for Caruso by some folks who really don’t like Chris and perhaps an effort to distract him enough so he won’t have time to help Keeley. Nobody thinks Silva has any chance of winning.

    · Then, of course, there’s the Keeley and Grogins race in the 129th. Here, Keeley has a primary because he supported Caruso last summer and he did not support Stafstrom/Finch in the Town Chair battle. (Personally, I think it was his support for Caruso that was the major factor, but not supporting Finch/Stafstrom didn’t help.)

    All these races and the Pat Fardy situation have several things in common. None of them have anything to do with issues, ideology or these people’s relative qualifications or lack thereof. They all do, however, have a lot to do with such things as family feuds, personal animosity, petty grudges and not so incidentally – control of the Democratic Party. It also goes without saying that these conflicts have virtually nothing to do with what’s best for the city of Bridgeport or its residents.

    This is all about power politics – pure and simple. This is about who will control the Bridgeport Democratic Party – period. Everything else is just a smokescreen and a distraction.

  19. Culinary landmark gets hit by shovel. The legendary Bridgeport Flyer Diner on Fairfield Avenue was demolished today. It will make way for a combo car wash, convenience store and Dunkin’ Donuts.

    It was predeceased by its culinary cousins, Junior’s Drive-In and the Green Vomit Diner in Fairfield.

  20. “Personal animosity and petty grudges,” eh? that would describe Up Yours Bridgeport’s motivation for supporting a weak suck like Bob “I Was Only Going Two Miles An Hour” Keeley.

  21. I quote Santayana in the 1892 publication of the Harvard Review in the article entitled “What is a Philistine”:

    “If this be the sad condition of the Philistine, we need hardly ask why he has another quality, which many people may think the most essential to him, namely, indifference to the beauties of art.”

  22. “Personal animosity and petty grudges” are the two factors motivating Chris Caruso’s shambolic primary campaign for mayor last year. “Personal animosity and petty grudges” are what motivates Up Yours Bridgeport to say the childish and irrelevant things he babbles on about here. Beware of that paleface–he speak with forked tongue.

  23. Dear The Bridgeport Kid,

    St. John from Black Rock, the voice of reason, is right. One of my favorite musical artist’s is Tom Petty. I hate to be a heart breaker but I would like to pass the olive branch for a truce. I’m a big fan of the Drudge Report, but this Grudge Report is wearing me down. I’m waving the white flag and hope to see you on the Ave. for our Art Walk this Friday.

    Paging Phyllis Stein?

  24. I hear that Bill Stewart has dropped out of the race against Don Clemons. I thought Bill would know by now that you can’t go from the Opening Act to the Headliner overnight. Show ya Right.

  25. Wow, you guys were sure pounding the keyboards and pounding the hell out of each other today. It was a lot of laughs guys! Lennie – good report on Lieberman, he’s worse than Shays, both of them turned out to be big “waffles” since they started kissing Bush’s behind. I can’t wait ’til he’s out of office, he’s screwed up this country and our economy so badly. And governer Jodi sure has stuck it to CT at the pumps! She’s the next one that should go. I pity the people that heat with oil this coming winter, how do they expect us to pay those prices along with the gas prices? Connecticut is really hurting big time with no help from our congressmen, senators or that waste of a governor.

  26. John from Black Rock, in comment 33, that is so well spelled out just how personal Bridgeport Politics gets. It’s hurt a lot of long-term public servants, but that does not seem to matter. Nor does the fact that government was originally devised to HELP the PEOPLE, not hurt them.

    Bridgeport has lost sight of that big time. We forgive big-time negligents, but boot and tow cars of the little people who need those cars to work, while our supposed big-time developers drive cars tax-free by way of dealer plates or out-of-town registries. Why, the chairman of the Board of Tax Review of Appeals also drives a car with dealer plates daily.

    Everyone should pay their share, not only the hardworking minimum-wage workers. Those are the people who are losing homes and cars. Not the privileged and the politically connected. Bridgeport has just become the most bizarre city. I really do not think this mentality would fly anywhere else. It’s extremely unique. It would almost seem as though those in power are playing upon and USING those less fortunate and/or intelligent, instead of taking care of them. Could that be? That our Bridgeport government has become so dehumanized and greedy, that they cannot help and consider the less fortunate?

  27. Public Servant…

    Can you provide the name of the individual whom you refer to as the Bridgeport Chairman of the Board of Tax Review. I would like to check out this allegation of abusive use of dealer plates. If this person is in violation of the statutes that regulate dealer plates, then I shall make a public record by filing a complaint.

    It is my understanding that the tax assessor in Bridgeport has been inundated with citizen complaints regarding the DiNardo illegal use of dealer plates. Thus far our assessor has ignored the complaints. The town of Fairfield has written to DiNardo requesting information as to why he has been parking dealer-plated cars at a residence on Fairfield Beach Road.

    Public Servant. You have done some good with your posting. I shall look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

  28. The Daily Bugle is reporting that upon his release from the joint Joe Gamin is going on a nostalgia tour with a couple of former mayors from Waterbury. The speaking tour will be called “When Crooks Ran The Show.”

  29. The politics in this town are more than a little maddening. There is a small-scale war going on for control of the DTC, but it is really more about egos than any issue of control. Y’know, Tio Mario just don’t like losing, even if he’s wrong.

    Sometimes I feel like smoking crack after reading what passes for political commentary.

  30. Listening & Leading Tour: Bridgeport (Meeting)
    On Wednesday, July 23, Jim Himes, the Democratic nominee for Congress, will be in Bridgeport, at the Burroughs Community Center, to talk to voters as part of his “Listening and Leading Tour,” during which Himes will host town-hall style meetings in each of the 17 towns of the 4th Congressional District. Himes invites residents to come and share their concerns about issues in the upcoming election from the economy, to the war in Iraq, to health care and education. The forum will begin at 7 PM. WHO: Jim Himes, Democratic Candidate for Congress. WHERE: Burroughs Community Center, 2470 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT. WHEN: Wednesday, July 23, from 7 to 9 PM. WHAT: Jim Himes’ Listening and Leading Tour.

  31. The Bridgeport Banner is reporting that Carlos Silva and Ed Lavernoich will star in an updated version of 1987’s Planes Trains and Automobiles.

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles


    “”State Rep. Robert Keeley, who also is the DSSD executive director, called the machine “very innovative” and said the agency is “thrilled to have it.”

    “We thought this would be a great way to help the city,” he said.””

    SO THERE!!! Proof positive Bob Keeley actually does actually “work” at DSSD.

    Keep up the good work, Bob. The entire future of our “gum free” city rests in your capable hands.

    Let’s see. The DSSD just bought a machine that will remove sticky gum dropped on the sidewalks by uncaring people.

    I wonder if the new machine could get the sticky stuff off the fingers of some politicians.

    Bob…give it a try.

  33. Who you gonna call? Gum Busters! Bob Keeley!!

    Hate to bust the Grogins campaign’s bubble. Their highly paid gum shoes are coming up empty on their scurillous attacks against Keeley.

    Next they are going to say that Keeley with “Bazooka Joe” and his comic friends Mort and Pesty are involved in a gumball conspiracy to place bubble gumball vending machines on every corner in Downtown.

    Grogins and friends are trying to create a sticky situation.

    This negative strategy is going to pop and they are going to be stuck with bubble gum on their hair and face.

    What a bunch of Ball Busters!

  34. Tommy…

    Keeley is a bum. He’s been a bum since his early days in politics. He’s going to be a bum until he takes his last breath AND then he will look for a P.C. from the undertaker.

  35. You know, the downtown merchants are all upset about Keeley’s new machine. They had planned a whole campaign slogan around the catch phrase “…come to downtown Bridgeport and stick around.”

    Keeley…you never seem to have the interest of your constituency or “clients” in mind.

  36. Bob Walsh is all upset about Keeley’s new machine too. After all he has earned a reputation for gumming up the works with anything involving downtown Bridgeport.

  37. Who noticed in today’s CT Post that the cost of milk has gone up and the 18,000 pints of milk that we give GRATUITOUSLY to the elementary kids in the school system is going to cost us a lot more. I’d like to know when milk became a “right”. When do parents come into this equation? Shouldn’t they be required to give the kids whatever it costs to buy a container of milk? Or could it be that their only obligation is to just keep producing kids?

  38. Con my friend –

    Here are some stats on poverty in Bridgeport that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has on their web site. www .newyorkfed.org/regional

    Poverty (in Bridgeport)

    Bridgeport has a higher concentration of individuals living below the poverty threshold and lower educational attainment levels than Fairfield County as a whole. The region also has one of the most expensive housing markets nationwide.

    A family must earn about $38,640 to afford the $966 fair market rent for a two-bedroom apartment in the Bridgeport area.1 This translates into wages of about $18.60 an hour—more than double Connecticut’s minimum wage of $7.40.2

    In 2005, 17.9 percent of Bridgeport residents had incomes below the poverty threshold—more than 10 percentage points higher than the county rate of 7.3 percent.3 Figure 1 shows the density of poverty in the Bridgeport area.
    Median household income for Fairfield County was $71,633—roughly double Bridgeport’s median household income of $36,976.4 Bridgeport’s level of unemployment in 2005 was 7.7 percent, compared with 4.4 percent for Fairfield County.5
    In the neighborhood of East Side, in central eastern section of Bridgeport, the median income was $15,625 in 2000. In this neighborhood, 42 percent of the population lived below the poverty line and more than 57 percent of the adults age 25 and older lacked a high school diploma or GED.6

    Source: Census 2000, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration; The Workplace, Bridgeport, Connecticut.

    I’d like to see my property taxes lowered too. But, let’s go after bureaucratic and administrative waste, patonage and political cronyism. Let’s not try to ease our tax burden on the backs of poor kids. That portion of my taxes that goes to providing nutritious meals to kids who, for whatever reason, may not be getting enough good food outside of school, I don’t have a problem paying.

  39. Some of our less fortunate families haven’t the resources to provide milk money for their children. Let’s face it…we are an entitlement society. Whole generations live for public assistance. As long as the resources are provided there is little incentive to earn a living.

    That’s why I am so impatient with the Bridgeport school system and specifically Ramos and Max Medina. Why is it that these two just don’t understand that poverty gets fixed AFTER education gets fixed.

    The entitlements in the communities which surround Bridgeport are significantly less. This is because the graduation rates are significantly higher as are the achievement test scores.

    So, whomever the hell you are, do not begrudge the elementary school child a glass of milk every day. If it were not for that program, that child might not know what milk is.

    If Ramos and Medina were out on their ears and we followed the NYC remediation of their school system under Joel Klein, the entitlement costs would plummet.

  40. the reason for this John in black rock is that are education system in Bridgeport sucks. And to tell the truth whites blacks and Spanish people in Bpt have things hard. And that’s why I could not support Chris Shays or McSame because they are out of touch with us. On the other hand Himes, Obama will be much better. Russo cares for this city and that’s why he is the only Republican that Bridgeport likes. I only wish Shays cared as much about Bpt as Russo does. A key to Success is education and if you don’t have that you won’t be anything. So Bpt has to invest in our kids.

  41. Donj; Can you tell me what Obama’s platform is and how it will help Bridgeport? From what I have read it will cost the people that are already overburdened with taxes more money. What benefit does the middle class get from electing Obama?

  42. A taxpayer who votes for Obama is a like a chicken who votes for Colonel Sanders.

    Obama has too many voting factions against him to win in November. If McCain comes up with Romney as a running mate, Obama’s chances sink even further.

    McCain may have a lot of experience in the Senate but he is not known for his intellect nor is he lauded for his managerial experience. He is a tyrant who demeans and berates subordinates in the same manner as did Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld’s people were afraid to bring him bad news. Ergo this stupid war went on just as Rumsfeld wanted it to…no advice…no counsel. McCain has those same characteristics. What a dreadful situation our country is in.

  43. Yahooy is really milking this site today. Between his jobs as an Accountant and a Forensic House Dick, he must have worked for the old Beechmont Dairy.

    Next he’ll be calling Keeley and Walsh, Gumby and Pokey.

    Actually in my opinion they are more like Davey and Goliath.

    Auden “Why Me” Grogins is whining so much about Bill Finch’s negatives that she is getting ready to check into a rehab facilily. I think it is called the “Amy Whine House”.

  44. Gossip of The Rialto!

    Variety is reporting that Bob Keeley will be starring in a new spaghetti western called: “The Gumslinger”.

    It’s a variation of an old theme about how this street isn’t big enough for the two of us. Keeley, The Protagonist, takes Grogins, The Antagonist, down from her high horse and it ends with Grogins seen packing her political bags. I hear it’s not quite out of the can yet but I figured it could give everybody something to chew on.

  45. I thought Keeley had sticky fingers with the taxpayers’ money all along. Keeley is a political animal. He only cares about one thing – keeping his backside in office. Without that, he would have absolutely nothing to do. Voters unite and throw this guy out of office. Do we really need somebody in office for more than 25 years? Even Presidents have term limits. Let’s impose one on Keeley and get rid of him.

  46. Hey guys I was driving around Central and it looks like Keeley will win there. I was also driving around Black Rock and Auden has a big edge there. So I came to the conclusion that Longfellow will be the place to watch who wins there. Remember Donna Curran won Black Rock by over 100 votes but she lost and the reason was she did horrible at Longfellow. And Longfellow has fewer voters than Black Rock. So if Roach can get out the vote like he did for Finch and Crowe at Longfellow I think Auden can win.

  47. donj – Just a point of interest. Danny Roach may have turned out the vote for Finch and Crowe at Longfellow in last year’s general election. However, in the primary it was Mario Testa who did the heavy lifting for Finch and company at Longfellow and that was a much harder job than the general election.
    I wonder what Mario will be doing in this year’s primary.

  48. donj

    Much of what you say regarding Donna Curran is true. Donna lost the election by only 23 or 24 votes running on the Republican ticket with a very weak mayoral candidate. Keeley is the endorsed candidate this time and will be the beneficiary of the party pull over in Longfellow. You bring up a very good point about Donna winning Black Rock School. She is and was a very good public servant for our city.

    Guess what?
    Donna has a Keeley sign at her house.

  49. BobBlackRock:

    One thing we know about Grogins is the way she can chow down there are no leftovers.

    I hear the Sue She Queen is great with dog bites.

  50. WICC’s “Talk of the Town” host, J. Buchanon seems to be a bit bored with his show lately. Maybe its time for something different for him & the show. He snaps @ his guess & callers at times or simply goes to a commercial to cut them off, then claims they’re running out of time? His been there, done or heard that type of attitude is a constant turn-off to a show that does pick good topics from time to time. The show format is good, however the host is getting a bit old and I don’t mean in age!

  51. WICC’s radio show, “talk of the town” is basically an informative format that covers good topics from time to time. Its present host however, either needs a vacation or a new gig! He’s corny in every sense of the word & seems to have a “been there, done that” type of mentality that comes across the airwaves from time to time. Maybe LaBarca can put in a good word for J. Buhcanon @ his new radio station! “Forget about it”!


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