Watch: Skullduggery Widens, Video Captures Gomes Supporters Absentee Ballot Dumping For Primary

Weeks after mayoral candidate John Gomes accused a supporter of Mayor Joe Ganim stuffing absentee ballots into a drop box captured by video, a stream of surveillance tape grabs several Gomes supporters doing the same, adding a new twist to this surreal campaign cycle.

Video reels, showcasing two drop boxes in the days leading up to the September 12 Democratic primary, show candidates and operatives supporting Gomes making multiple dubious deposits into the boxes.

The opening reel shows what appear to be losing City Council candidates from the East Side, Josue Jorge and Maria Hernandez, dropping ballots multiple times.

The video segues to City Councilwoman Maria Pereira also making a drop that is likely her own ballot, a legit deposit, because her ballot date coincides with the date of the video. It does, however, raise the question of why she didn’t vote at her Hooker School polling place. The next frame is less clear of two people interacting with what appear to be ballots.

Gomes supporter at ballot box.

The final videos highlight numerous dumps made what appears to be another Gomes supporter Maria Agueda.

Add all this up and it shows a messy situation infecting both campaign camps.

Gomes is challenging Ganim’s 251 primary win in court arguing absentee ballot machinations cost him the primary. But now the skullduggery has a twist of hypocrisy that team Gomes must answer.

There are several other operatives from both the Ganim and Gomes camps also captured on film dumping ballots.

The handling of absentee ballots, per state law, is limited to close family members, caretakers and police officers.

Strategically, this new video raises both legal and public relations questions.

Superior Court Judge William Clark has set Oct. 12 as the start of mayoral candidate John Gomes’s  challenge of the Democratic primary won by Mayor Joe Ganim by 251 votes.

Both sides doing this could play into the Gomes narrative that it’s impossible to know who won. Then there’s the public relations nightmare for Gomes who must now address the hypocrisy angle that no doubt will be raised by statewide media covering the race.



  1. Lennie, there’s a video of me dropping a ballot on to the hands of a Town Clerk staff member around the morning of September 10, 2023. I heard about this immediately, so I got my passport and purchased a ticket to El Salvador. If any of the parties involved need a place to hide, I have a spot near a Volcano in San Salvador, I have armed secuirity there. Drop me a line and SHHH, don’t tell anyone.

    1. Jimfox, there wasn’t any candidates running for federal office. I’m still waiting forcthecfeds to get back to me on my fraud/corruption complaint. Since mayor Ganim is not involved, I don’t expect to hear from them.

      Why is everyone ignoring the Gorilla in the room for over 14 years now? This ugly Gorilla has a name– Michael J. Brandi.

      State Elections Enforcement Commission, Executive Director Michael J. Brandi, Must Step Down.
      Keep the investigator and get rid of this incompetent Commission.

      Trust this former zoo security guard on this one.

    2. Lennie, Im not convince that the media–OIB being an exception– wants to cover the facts. Facts starts with a clear back-ground and history. The Examiner recently interviewed Moore and Gomes of all people. They are both now teamed-up in an illegal committee coordination.

      After reading the Examiner article, I dropped the reporter a message challenging her to an interview. Why Moore and Gomes don’t the same interview with Lennie Grimaldi. Oh yea, we are biased!

  2. People saying what’s wrong is wrong is the same as saying what’s fair is fair. So can’t it be said the Port holds fair elections🤣. Y’all know this is how the Port election game is played. Both sides are playing it so the righteous anger is laughable. 🤣

    P.S. Port, did we just prove Trump Right? 🤣

    What say you 20,000 AB drive Gen Now?

    1. Fair elections? You can say that, but it is not true, is it? Or are the videos and the people on screen recognized going about ballot activities would not produce the upset, indignation, and response by governance hierarchy outside of the City itself, would it?

      Civil right to participate in a fair voting system is not “an election game” in any ethical sense or pleading by you.

      Why do you continue to provide Trump as reliable and sustaining advocate for anything today with no explanation of your context and how you got there? Isn’t Gen Now another topic?

      How do you provide so many comments on OIB, most of which show 0 agreement. What do you think is the reason for why you jumped to 14+ support today? Care to comment? Time will tell.


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