Watch: The Critical Role Of Emergency Dispatch In Police Calls

In his latest Facebook live session, Chief Roderick Porter introduces emergency dispatcher Pedro Retamar, a local product, who has worked in the office for five years and trains new hires in the division. He shares real-time information about the interaction between dispatch and field officers.





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  1. Great introduction to emergency dispatcher Pedro Retamar and listen to his ready recitation about his duties after five years into this vocational field. There are times of rapid communications and the standard that he projects with exactness is the necessary professional attitude. It was good to know that he sees an opportunity to advance in training and skills in the future.
    Attending the Police Budget hearing last week, we learned that perhaps seven communications positions are open at this time. Chief Porter also shared with City Council persons present that an opportunity for communications personnel to apply for a more active role as a Police Officer is available.
    This is public service info at its most basic. Just sharing one person serving the public with skill and good attitude, the way the person works towards service to the public, and how this fits with modern technology and within an overall plan.
    Next session of Chief Porter’s corner, May 7. Got any questions? Time will tell.


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