Watch: State Senate Oath Of Office Ceremony

The General Assembly convened today (Wednesday) with the swearing-in ceremony of state legislators. Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill issued the oath to 36 state senators including two who represent Bridgeport, Marilyn Moore and Dennis Bradley. Footage above.



  1. Unbelievable. The video begins with Dennis Bradley walking into the Senate chamber to take his seat after the ceremony had already begun.

    Late on the first day. He was late for his very first BOE meeting as well. The very meeting where he was elected Chairman.

  2. I think we need to set up a real time attendance monitor for Dennis Bradley. Attendance to any of his public service responsibilities has been “spotty” and I am being generous. I really mean it. A group of us need to get together and find out out to monitor State Senate attendance;all voting,majoe committee and sub-committee attendance.

  3. Someone sent me a screenshot of a very poorly written letter Tina Manus submitted to Senator Looney and Senator Duff requesting Dennis be made the Senate Chair of the Education Committe. She highlighted his service on the Bridgeport Board of Education and that he supports the AFT. I bet any amount of money he has no idea what the acronym “AFT” stands for.

    She signed the letter with about 14 titles which frequently highlights someone’s insecurities or need to feel important.

    Tina Manus is a teacher and former council representative from Stratford. She was initially one of Dennis Bradley’s campaign managers but not for long.

    What is wrong with people? He has an abysmal attendance record, not a single policy or initiative to his credit, and comes to meeting after meeting without so much as an agenda in his hand.

  4. Why do people keep sending me screenshots and links about Dennis Bradley? LOL!

    I just watched a Facebook video of him making his first speech on the Senate floor. It was over the top. He made a point of thanking the following people in this order:

    Ernest Newton- Former State Senator of the 23rd District who plead guilty to felony offenses involving betraying the people’s trust and was sentenced to severali years in prison.

    Mayor Ganim – Former and current Mayor who was found guilty of committing 16 felony offenses involving betraying the people’s trust and was sentenced to 9 years in federal prison.

    Dr. Ralph Ford- Former state employee who was terminated and agreed to pay a $20,000 fine regarding running his private practice utilizing a state office, state employees and state equipment.

    Lidia Martinez – Former state rep., former City Councilwoman and current City Clerk who has been repeatedly investigated for violating the laws regarding absentee ballots and found guilty of committing AB violations on two separate occasions which caused repeated monetary penalties to be assessed by the SEEC.

    These are the four people Dennis Bradley chose to thank and praise during his very first speech on the Senate floor.

    I don’t know that anything else needs to be said.

    1. Maria
      I will say this You of all people should be throwing stones at others. Just remember when you point the finger at someone else you have four pointing back at YOU! You all all people should take a look in the mirror HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU BROKEN THE LAW!

  5. Ernie,

    I have broken the law many times which includes speeding, speaking on my cell-phone while driving, failing to signal, I tried marijuana once in my twenties in Pennsylvania, I plead guilty to three misdemeanors regarding incidents from 2005, and more.

    What I have NEVER done is break any laws involving self-dealing, bribery, fraud, elections, selling my office to the highest bidder, honest/ethical behavior, or betraying the public’s trust. In addition, as a city-wide elected official I have never demanded that my sidewalks be re-done or my street be re-paved on the taxpayer’s dime when my job is to represent the needs of my constituents.

    What about you, Ernie? Does any of the illegal activity I referenced above apply to you?

    1. Maria
      First of all i am a tax payer and i have every right to have my side walk done . yes the city pays half and i pay half for it to be done. you forgot setting fire to your boyfriend car. i’m not the only person on my street. People pay taxes on our street so the street shouldn’t be Paved because i live on it. Maria you really need help. Our Board of education is the laughing stock in the state of Connecticut. I was speaking to some educators yesterday first thing out of their mouth Who is that Crazy lady on your board of education. My response was just pray for her. She’s a Legend in her on mind! Maria yes some of them do apply to me.but guess what i paid my debt back to society and The voters put me back in office. Let’s see if you’ll be able to say that this year!

  6. Maria that why the judge through out your case against Mr. Barr and you left the court house Crying and MAD and talking about the Judge. Maria you seek attention because it makes you feel good about yourself. I wish the Board of education would adopt a policy to show the 22,000 student. A Board of Education Meeting maybe a (civic class or history class) to all 22,000 students. I would love to see what our students could learn from you. You have differently taken a page from President 45 keep saying it until people believe you! GOD Help Us All.

  7. Ernie,

    May I suggest you consider asking those same educators to provide you with remedial instruction related to utilization of proper grammar, proper formulation of comprehensive sentences, punctuation, capitalization, and more. I am sorry, would you mind me referencing capitalization again? It is just so bad.

    We only have 21,000 students currently. I loved Civics and believe our students can learn great lessons from me. The first is be your own person and don’t allow others to make you conform to their expectations. The second is stand up for right vs. wrong. The third is don’t just complain, get off the sofa and make a difference. Fourth would be if you don’t have integrity every other attribute you possess is meaningless. Finally, they could learn it doesn’t take courage to stand with the many. It takes courage to stand with the few or even alone.

    You sound angry, Ernie. Judge Bellis dismissed both Tony Barr’s and my request for Civil Protective Orders, however she warned Tony Barr to stop posting videos about me, especially with a knife, because he could end up back in court with a different outcome. She gave me no such warning. Feel free to order the court transcript to check for yourself.

    I am definitely “crazy.” Crazy like a fox. 🙂


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