Watch: Police Chief, Parks Director Share Update On Parks Security

Following a shooting and unauthorized uses of Seaside Park, Police Chief Roderick Porter and Public Facilities Director Craig Nadrizny joined Mayor Joe Ganim during a Facebook live session addressing park security.

News release from Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Ganim announced today that the City of Bridgeport’s park checkpoints will reopen early weekends only starting Saturday, May 6th from 8am-4pm for residents to purchase park stickers (Credit Card only) in advance of Memorial Day weekend. Park Stickers can also be purchased Cash or Credit at our Parks & Recreation department located at 7 Quarry Rd, Trumbull, CT, Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm.

Considering these changes, Bridgeport Police Department will be providing additional patrol cars on warm days and weekends. Park Enforcement officers will be used to keep people from parking outside of the park, as vehicles may be subject to fines. There will be an officer at each checkpoint in Seaside Park. Traffic control plans are underway and will be implemented to alleviate bottlenecking at Seaside Park’s West Beach entrance.

The Department of Public Facilities will also be installing new LED Message Boards and VMS Boards at Seaside Park, advising visitors not to have large gatherings without a permit. Parking and Permit signs will be installed throughout Seaside Park, Atlantic Ave, and Waldemere Ave. Other regulations will be implemented, including no alcoholic beverages, no motorcycles or quads, and no loud music. Park-goers will be subject to fines and arrest if these regulations are not followed.

Mayor Ganim stated, “I encourage all citizens to take advantage of all the amenities the City has to offer. The fact that we have an expansive shoreline, and more than 1,800 acres of public parks are two things we are proud to have here in Bridgeport and I want to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy those things as safely as possible.”



Seaside Park and Beardsley Park
Annual Passes
— Annual Parking Sticker (Resident Permit) — Vehicle Registered in Bridgeport: $15 Required starting May 27th.
— Annual Parking Sticker (Non-Resident CT Permit) — Vehicle Registered in CT: $130 Required starting May 6th.
— Annual Parking Sticker (Special Permit) — Vehicle Registered in CT with proof of current City of Bridgeport property tax bill: $20 Required starting May 27th.
— Annual Parking Sticker (Out of State Permit) — Vehicle Registered Out-of-State with proof of current City of Bridgeport property tax bill: $20 Required starting May 27th.

Day Passes Available to CT Residents start Saturday May 6th.

— Seaside Park, CT Registration: $30 Weekdays / $40 Weekends & Holidays Required starting May 6th.
— Beardsley Park, CT Registration: $25 Required starting May 6th.

Day Passes Available to Out-of-State Residents starting Saturday May 6th.

Seaside Park Out of State Registration: $50 Weekdays / $60 Weekends & Holidays Required starting May 6th.

Beardsley Park Out of State Registration: $30 Required starting May 6th.

Park stickers will be available for purchase Saturday May 6th at the following locations:
— Checkpoint booths at Seaside Park Arches, West Beach (credit card only), and Beardsley Park (credit card only); Weekends 8am-4pm
— Parks and Recreation Department, 7 Quarry Road, Trumbull; Mon-Fri 8am-4pm (cash and credit)

Stickers can only be purchased for the vehicle entering the park with proof of registration. The sticker will be affixed to the windshield by a checkpoint attendant.

If you have an Out-of-Town or Out-of-State vehicle but pay Bridgeport property taxes–please visit the Parks and Recreation Department with a current City of Bridgeport property tax bill to acquire a sticker. These stickers are NOT SOLD directly at the park checkpoints.

Senior Park Stickers
Bridgeport resident senior citizens (65 and older) are eligible for a free lifetime Senior Park Sticker with proof of Bridgeport car registration and proof of age. Senior Park Stickers can only be acquired at the Parks and Recreation Department during office hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Lifeguards will be on duty at Seaside Beach and Pleasure Beach from June 24th until Labor Day.

>Pleasure Beach
Pleasure Beach Taxi Service will officially be open on July 1st, (Weekends Only, including Holidays). The Taxi Free Service to Pleasure Beach begins at 10am and stops at 4pm, Pleasure Beach closure is at 6pm.

Splash Pads
Opening Day May 27th
— Beardsley Park Splash Pad – 1875 Noble Avenue (Upper East Side) 
— Seaside Park Splash Pad – West Beach, 1 Barnum Dyke (South End)

Tentative Opening Day June 17th
— Newfield Park Splash Pad – 104 Eagle Street (East End)
— Puglio Park Splash Pad – 3531 Madison Avenue (North End)
— Went Field Splash Pad – 401 Hanover Street (West Side)
— Alice Street Splash Pad – 1 Alice Street (North End)
— Curiale School Splash Pad – 189 Wood Avenue (West Side)
— Columbus School Splash Pad – 275 George Street (The Hollow)
— Ellsworth Park – 58 Ellsworth Street (Black Rock)
— Johnson Oak Park – 55 Hewitt Street (East End
— Luis Munoz Marin School Splash Pad – 475 Helen Street (East Side)
— Nob Hill – 115 Virginia Avenue (Upper East Side)
— Park City Magnet School Splash Pad – 1526 Chopsey Hill (Reservoir/Whiskey Hill)
— Success Splash Pad – 303 Grandfield Avenue (Boston Avenue/Mill Hill)< -- Washington Park Splash Pad - 475 East Washington Avenue (East Side) Fishing
Day & Night fishing is both permitted along the city’s waterfronts and piers with a valid Fishing Permit. Follow all signs posted, and adhere to No Trespassing signs, specifically noted for the breaker at Seaside Park.

For more information, visit the City of Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Department website at




  1. From the Mayor’s comments: “no loud music”?? Subjective or objective? Who does oversight and with what tools? If oversight establishes that there effectively was loud music, what are the consequences for the music broadcasters?
    Surprised that there are 13 splash pads for the littlest among us. They were not present in this number two decades ago. So need was discovered, funding was uncovered, and the public with the youngest are served. But what about “water safety skills” and swimming lessons for those same youth as they graduate from splash pads, but cannot yet vote? Who is looking out for them in the face of former pools taken out of regular and dependable service to the public or destroyed on purpose without replacement? Time will tell.


      Did the mayor just cancel Sounds on Sound Music Festival | Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, 2023

      FLUCK ! …I just got free tickets from Moses from the EAST END!

    1. JML as tireless defender of Bridgeport’s youth!
      If splash pads aren’t enough, how about swimming lessons for the “deep end” too?. Lifeguard training will teach lifelong lessons on teamwork, bravery and safety before they can vote.
      JML as champion of “the littlest among us”.

  2. Thank you all. I guess when you only have 17 square miles to work with, you do what you must. Also Lennie, I just saw your book at the East End Library open yesterday. Didn’t have my library card with me, so I’ll have to go back. I’ll critique it for you after I read it. I’m sure it’s a great book, can’t wait to read it.


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