1. John Torres the MC for the event was terrible with his so call “adibs.” Then you had the Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz and Councilwoman Maria Pereira making a campaign speech.

    1. Campaigning for the next Gov and Lt Gov positions?!! Wouldn’t that be a shit! I bet the police/fire bag pipers were in O.T.
      The reverend called the elected ones “the leaders of the community.” Many have been leading Bridgeport towards ruin for years. True statement!!
      The singer was good. That’s as far as I watched the youtube.
      Good luck Bridgeport……….
      you’re gonna need it ! 😝
      Cheers! !!!

  2. Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz doesn’t know what she wants to do, she previously served as the secretary of State of Connecticut from 1999 to 2011. She was briefly a candidate for governor of Connecticut in 2010, before dropping out to run for Connecticut Attorney General. She was disqualified from running for the office by the Connecticut Supreme Court and announced in 2011 that she was running for the United States Senate in the 2012 election to replace the retiring Joe Lieberman. She lost the Democratic primary to U.S. Representative Chris Murphy, who went on to win the general election.


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