Watch: Gen Now Disses Mario’s Ring

Kiss a ring, diss a ring. Nice to have choices.

Bridgeport Gen Now Votes, framing itself as the antithesis of Bridgeport’s political structure, has no taste for smooching Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa’s ring, even though it may swim the residual flavor of a delightful penne alla vodka.

Chef Mario has decades of practice preparing meals for political insiders large and small, even Joe Biden when he was vice president.

“Dear Mario, I thank you for the delicious pasta. Next time I am in Bridgeport, I will have to try some of your famous meatballs.”



  1. So democrats now want to use the “elections are rigged card”.

    Let’s be honest, Gen Now is no better than Mario they just have different agendas. They don’t want equality, they want to do what Mario did for their own purpose for as long as Mario has done it.

    It’s the pot calling the kettle black. They’re a joke and nobody with any sense takes them seriously.

  2. “Training Workshop To Recruit People Of Color For State Office”
    I expect all of those from “Gen Now” and the DTC members and the Bridgeport City Council members to be at this event.

  3. Gen Now, do some homework and understand the past history to understand the now and the future. There’s no way that you will take out Mario Testa, love him or hate him you need more than a cartoon.

    Read what Jimfox post and learn something, remember most voters don’t even know who Gen Now is or what you have.
    “Dem District Primaries On Tap For Tuesday–Could This Be Last Term For Testa As Party Leader?”

  4. I enjoy humor, especially when it is broad enough for most people to understand. For six-seven years I have been a member of Greater Bridgeport NAACP and have looked in on or participated with activities in common with Gen Now. In that regard I can generally get a laugh from a local person of color if I happen to say of myself, “I am just an old white guy who lives in Black Rock.”
    For that line to get a smile, chuckle or real laugh regularly there is a truth that is well understood. White supremacy is alive and well in our city and there are multiple ways to see it, respond to it, and engage to let others check out their perceptions and the truths they trust, daily.
    Many of you have read me for years as a subscriber with an offer to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee offline to get to know folks better. Very few take the step, but a few do. And then there are folks who meet me and seem proud to know me as JML or Time will Tell. And Lenny Grimaldi, pre Covid used to accept prepared comments made to the City Council but, alas, no longer. Why he does not even return my calls of late.
    Perhaps the bonds that he promoted back in the day when he was young and right in the middle of the gang that has set Bridgeport back is decreasing in size, moving away, becoming disabled, or passing their final breath, no longer able to fog a mirror.
    And there are folks lots younger, willing to work with diverse folks, for equal opportunity and a genuine chance to advance. Community life depends on integrity that is expected and practiced, not only on pasta and pizza. If you enjoy those foods, continue to delight in them, but also have an opinion on public housing crowding out downtown development and how that comes to happen, or education of the young folks, a brightness that events in school years may serve to dim, but does not completely erase, or public safety with so many issues and conflicts to be faced, discussed in difficult conversations, and resolved to the benefit of all? Where is the flavor of Ukrainian courage against the autocracy of the few in the face of our diverse community that requires the large group of registered voters to eliminate the covert, quiet, and vision impaired, too many of whom are appointed to City office and fail to serve with true oversight and service to neighbors. Time will tell.

  5. Nice video. You allow that but bar me from posting?!! For “fabricating”- your terminology- when I made this claim and more about events that later became facts? Like the entire Defilippo thing be it the liquor issue or the voter fraud? (Alleged) of course!!! Lol!!!

  6. If you’re “bared” from posting, how did this post get here? What are your connections in the FBI are saying about Bradley? Could he be cooperating? Don’t let Lennie get under your skin, that’s his way of being fair.


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