1. May 21, 2024 at 11:32 am
    Will anyone announce the 4 part miniseries about the decades of obvious control by only a few players in Bridgeport? It’s a series of well made podcasts, each about 30 minutes of listening pleasure which describes how the public has been taken time and time again by Bridgeport’s political “machine”.
    Just google “in absentia Bridgeport “.
    I’m surprised that OIB has not announced this wonderful piece of material so its readers could enjoy and be better informed.

    From the Google intro:
    “This is four-part investigation tells the story of political dysfunction in Bridgeport, the systems that enable it, and what this all means for the residents who wonder if their vote even matters.”
    Enjoy! Cheers!!!!!!!!

  2. Even better Rich, 🙂

    They headline Gen Now. The most disingenuous group out of all y’all Port Pols.

    Back in June Gen Now knew they were throwing Moore under the bus for team Gomes. 20,000 Shades of Ballots gonna end Port corruption by being more corrupted and dishonest. To be fair, just as corrupted and dishonest 🤣


    Who’s coded side is NPR? Come to think about it Public and Private seems to be a coded word, thing going on. Kinda like Good and Great. Luckily God is both, Good and Great. 🙃


  3. say what you want about gen now but we are adults and can figure out how to parse out bs from fiction and everything in between. at the end of the day the i appreciate their counter narrative even if its not inconsistent. i would rather have that than one narrative trying to justify and rationalize their aweul aweful city management and corrupt practices.

    1. Wait…… the present administration and the party chair are corrupt?!!!!
      Say it ain’t so!! 😂 😂
      Anyone who knows anything about Bridgeport during the last many many decades knows how bad it is AND many of them can’t stop laughing 😂 at how ignorant, stupid, apathetic, and controlled it’s voters are!!!! 😝

      1. BptPort thanks for the voice though I am sure it’s meaningless.

        Rich it’s so bad they start to believe their own “Bullshit”? Right, BptPorter?🤣

        Perhaps BptPort some of you are adults and can figure out how to parse out BS from fiction and everything in between, but you didn’t acquire the BS detection skills without some BS of your own. 🙂

        I know it sounds like BS but if the shoe fits. 🙂

        S.P. Speaking of shoes. Random thought, if Cinderella’s shoe 👟 fit perfectly why did it fall off? 🤣

        I depart with the prophet.


        Case in point, Gen Now burst on the Port’s political scene claiming to unrig the rig in Port’s political corruption, particularly, Port’s AB game/corruption. What’s inconsistent is Gen Now going on about Port’s corrupt AB game that had determined many elections, posting an animated video beating Mario over the head with a bag of AB’s. Then secretly teaming up with Mario/Wanda to oust G2. Then bankroll an unprecedented 20,000 AB mail drive, that very thing that they say is the heart of Port’s corruption. ABs 🙂

        Not to mention an “exclusion” (Latina) video of the corruption Port is infamous for, at the very crime scene. When they got out RIGGED they tossed Wanda under the bus for a second bite. Just like they did to Moore for Gomes.

    2. Thank your for recognizing that ADULTS are responsible for seeking the TRUTH on matters of import. The governance of a municipality is not the responsibility solely of the elected, but rather the sense of responsibility, courage to make an observation, and participate in a conversation, civilly and respectfully with neighbors of all ages, and kinds.
      Awful city management or corrupt practices can cause more specificity, facts, and evidence that can be included in a grievance or complaint to the City Ethics Commission. Though they have one vacancy below their official authorization, and may have trouble getting to a quorum status for each meeting. there have been complaints to that group which may have been discussed, ruled on, or settled, but no coverage by the media. Perhaps it is time to get specific? Time will tell.


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