Watch: Ganim Receives Booster Shot, Lamont: Hurry Up, Joe!

Governor Ned Lamont and City Council President Aidee Nieves were on hand as Mayor Joe Ganim received his booster shot administered by Department of Public Health Commissioner Manisha Juthani, an infectious diseases physician at Yale School of Medicine.

Hizzoner was taking a little too much time filling out the associated questionnaire so Lamont gave him a little push: “Hurry up, Joe!” he declares in background.

Nieves, who’s expected to receive another two years as council president when the legislative body meets on Dec. 6, is next in line to be chief executive if something happens to the mayor.

During Nieves’ September primary for another council term, Ganim shares in the video, they were campaigning in her East Side district when she gave him a playful shove toward an oncoming car. In politics, it’s good to hedge your bets.



  1. Well, looking at the news this is not going anywhere soon, not like I though ti was though.
    Considering the element of racism is it just me or even in this covid crisis-era, even racism is exported. As they name the origins of these variants with subtle racism, South Africa. How bad is it going to get? I guess it all depends on who’s in the White House, and what news channel you get your POV from? 🙂 SMH

    Side note, apparently the Native Indians (indigenous people) have their own day, AKA Black Friday. So why are we having the Italian heritage day celebration changed? Oh, that’s right more racism. You have to find common ground people. 🙂 JS

    P.S don’t forget to wash your hands, Covid 🙂

  2. Things that make you go hmmm.

    During the summer months wave and the increase in the covid case in the Republican states like Florida and Taxes, the left-wing media was all over them on how they were handling it, intentionally demonizing them. Don’t even want to venture into the Trump era of Covid. Fox News would have their counter view to the left-wing media and their wokeness. Yet now we are in the Fall/winter wave are hitting Democate state pretty hard as they did in the Republican states in the summer. But you hear very little in that regard, even Fox News doesn’t go after the Democrat states like the left goes after them. similar to the police shooting. Fox counters to cops shooting blacks on how the left is reporting on it, but they, Fox never reports on whites being unjustly shot and killed by cops just counter the left reporting. Just random thoughts.

    P.S the so-call South African covid variance is now official Omicron. However, travel restrictions are in place in the African Nation. SMH


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