1. LOL…I think he was trying to say he’ll let us know about masks in a few days..IMO,letting local leaders make these calls is only going to add to the confusion that the Biden admin has put this country in.How the hell are people going to know which towns require masks and which don’t??..If I go into stores in Bpt,I need a mask,but if I go to Fairfield it’s optional??,what about New Cannan?,or Darien??..LOL..
    These decisions have to be made at the state level to be effective,either every town requires them or leave it up to the individual person throughout the state.

    1. It’s a catch 22, Vaccines are most effective on particular nonmutating viruses that usually eradicate them. like measle, polio. This is more of a flu-like virus that mutates constantly like the flu, which generates a new shot every flu season. However, this Coronavirus seems to mutate more frequently.

      The issue with this Coronavirus is the mortality rate that is substantially higher than the flu, which is the crux of this.

      As of now, the survival rate is somewhere around 98.3% if caught, not among certain demographics. The elderly survival rate is much, much lower, I don’t even think they would actually state it. This is why the Gov. probably ordered employees who work with/around the elderly to be vaccinated. This is where testing would be most effective.

      Never did understand the magnitude, logic, or energy/resource spent around open testing when you can catch it after you got tested. What good are/were all those millions of tests today with the delta variance? What good is a negative test today two weeks for now? It just seems futile.

      The only way proactive testing can be effective is to test everyone every week, and that is impractical. Testing the most vulnerable demographic, and those who work with or around them on a weekly basis would seem more practical, but that too is impractical if endless.

      The other catch 22 is while the media seems to blame the unvaccinated for the spread, with the cross-over, vaccinated catching the virus, and the media downplays it by saying they, vaccinated, are more likely to recover, and those who have to succumb to the virus are unvaccinated.

      However, with a virus that seems to be constantly and frequently mutating in an unpredictable pattern, unlike the flu season coronaviruses, The vaccinated who have caught the virus will eventually create a mutation variant and pass it along that is going to impact vaccinated and the effectiveness of it. As well as the unvaccinated, Hence the talk of “booster shots”. As well as the natural immunity to respond (I would think)

      This has always been an elderly/underlining condition virus if this mutates into younger and younger/heather people, it’s going to need a culprit, and that mutation seems to have come from a mutation from the vaccinated. Or,

      At any event, were a mask, wash your hands till this war settles out. JS People


  2. Mayor Ganim, where is the Health Director, oh that’s right you haven’t hired one during this pandemic, oh that’s right you can’t hire one because you have no Personnel Director oh that’s right you have no Labor Relation Director, Mayor Ganim do your job or let somebody else do the job.

  3. Ron
    You can’t blame the mayor just because they got caught. If they hadn’t been caught everything would be fine right now.
    You blame everything on Joe!
    Wait a minute. So do I. Never mind.

  4. Those anti-maskers are a bunch of “special” people. It’s not that big of a deal. I don’t know why, well, other than political fodder for the masses. Shouldn’t even be an issue really. But political lines are drawn and common sense goes out the window where the rhetoric continues to foster division D/R in the impressional minds of the youth. Until their common sense goes out the window in their rhetoric comes into play, to pay it forward.

    However, there are some/was more problematic issues regarding Covid 19, like allowing some stores/businesses to remain open while others ordered close in what was deemed essential, by the local/states/federal elected officials, liquor stores deemed essential while going to church/mass wasn’t.

    What I find ironic, Harry Bell is collecting Chromebooks for Port students. How is it even possible that BBOE is not providing its students with tech/Chromebooks? Please don’t say funding, political people, a one-time 1 million payout of its 250 million (annually budget) could supply every Port student with laptops. Maybe if Critical Race Theory came standard with the technical revolution/Chromebooks/software, BOE’s will embrace the future technology instead of the relics of the pass/paper books.

    That being said, the issue at hand is not masks more than the effectiveness of the vaccine, Which 70% of the CT population vaccinated the curve should be flattened, and the hospitals shouldn’t be overrun. Those who choose not to get vaccinated run the risk.

    However, with talks about a “booster” shot, it changes the dynamics of how to control the spread essentially starting from scratch, in a sense. What can’t be repeated is the closure/complete shutdown, not with a vaccine out.

    If they can create a vaccine to train the immune systems to create proteins /antibodies to fight off covid 19 before the fact. They need /should be able to create protein/antibodies to treat the virus after the fact. I am sure there’s a lot more science to this,

    At any rate, masks, washing your hands regularly should not be a topic of debate. I wish the government would mandate Fadoras/hats. There was a time, people, might go out and get one to bring it back. #trendingfedoras 🙂

    Along with other common-sense preventions measures, like vitamins and minerals. I heard a large portion of deaths related to covid 19 were vitamin D deficient.

    As I said though, common sense seems to take a back seat in the political areas that goes out the window like Hemmingway, He owes the world an apology. 🙂

    P.S Jezz Feast Aug 28 McLeavy Green, BPT. Don’t forget to wear a Fedora. 🙂


    1. Where you been? Every single student has access to a chromebook or other device. There is a funding plan to replenish them as well. But more funding will be needed in the future as the devices become obsolete l.

      1. Please, where have I been?

        It took a pandemic, and the shut down of in-person classrooms classes in the year 2020/2021 for the BBOE to provide its first students with Laptops. If it wasn’t for Covide 19 the Port students would not have them, while their counterparts (Suburbans) expand their achievement gap because they do

        As for your call for more “funding” because devices becoming obsolete. The devices/laptops are not even a year old, and I hight double every student in the Port had them for the full year during 2020/2021 school. In fact from what I read just the high school students were equipped with them. But I could be mistaken.

        Harry Bell is collecting donation Chromebooks for the youths for this coming school year. If the donations are for the youth personally possession, that’s anything thing than collection them because the BBOE has not equipped the students with them.

        As I said, how is it possible that the BBOE does not provide its students with tech/laptops? If that’s not the case, it’s not the case not because of where have I been, I been right here reading the posting, and watching video clips on how Port’s schools were ill-equipped to service the student’s educational needs on the on-set of this pandemic, and the shut down of its schools. Unlike their suburban counterparts.

        I watched video clips of officials telling parents how/where to come to pick up their child’s school packet education lessons, while suburban students were doing their remote learning.

        I watched State and local offices scramble to address the inequality this pandemic had on Port students compare to suburban school districts because Port students were left behind in modern technology as their parents pick up their packet education lessons for their kids.

        I was right here on OIB posting, reading, and watched for years prior to the pandemic, and yes some of those years while you were a BBOE member, how Port’s BOE, though its policies had been undercutting Port students achievement in the implementation of laptops/tech while the counterparts student were equipped with them

        I was right here posting about how this Pandemic has shown how the BBOE for years, through its policies had undercut Port student’s education compared to their counterparts, and if this pandemic didn’t force the BBOE to provide invaluable technology in aiding in Port students learning/achievements, you and many like you on the BBOE prior to this pandemic still would have not provided students with laptops, because it was more of a priority to you and others who were too busy calling for the name change of a school then providing invaluable equipment to aid in Port’s student’s advancement to close the education gap between their suburban counterparts.

        P.S while you were busy changing parties (for a brief period) to force Sen. Bradley’s seat to Republican. You didn’t say/advocate for providing laptops to Port students to close the achievement gap. In fact, because of the inaction of BBOE throughout the years, the gap increased during this technical revolution.

        BTY how brief were you a Democrat? From my recollection, after you “changed” parties you were a Democrat, or at least that is how you portrayed yourself thought out the years, up until very recently,(reelection) This entire time I thought you were a Democrat, with all that “white privilege”, diversity/inequality. (not tech though), you have been going on with.

        In fact, I was shocked to learn you weren’t running on the Democrat ticket. Ironic isn’t it, It seems your “white privilege” is the main reason you didn’t/can’t run, and win on the Democrat ticket. Things that make you go HMMM! 🙂

        P.S you can have a fully funded school, whatever that really means, and it will not automatically lead to a high outcome. Everyone knows the quality/desire in the teacher to teach/reach is at the heart of learning, and there is no greater aid in learning than tech, In fact, I wouldn’t be here/growing without it. Can’t read a word, tech can read/teach it to you. Can’t say that about a packet for some teachers either. SJ



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