Watch: Ganim Introduces Chief Porter

News release from Mayor’s Office:

Today, Mayor Ganim announced new leadership in the Bridgeport Police Department. Following an extensive search and selection process that was led by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Mayor Ganim was pleased to announce that Roderick Porter will serve as the City of Bridgeport’s Chief of Police.

Mayor Ganim stated, “I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to everyone who took part in the process. Although it was lengthy and demanding, I found it beneficial to listen to and observe these three top candidates discuss their backgrounds, character attributes, and goals for the City of Bridgeport. This was not an easy decision, but I appreciate Acting Chief Garcia and Captain Blackwell and give them my utmost respect and gratitude; because of them our department is in a far better place than it was just two years ago. Acting Chief Rebeca Garcia stepped up during a challenging period for the department. She has put in numerous hours over the past two years and has always supported the Police Department. Thank you to Captain Lonnie Blackwell for completing the difficult search and selection process. For the past 22 years, Captain Blackwell has been former division commander for community service and has a great relationship with the community. Looking forward to the next five years, I tried to find the most suitable and the ideal person to lead the department, I have no doubts that Chief Porter is the best candidate to lead the Bridgeport Police Department. Chief Porter has assured me that as part of his job he will create the opportunity to focus inside the department as well as outside in our neighborhoods. He will ensure that Bridgeport has the finest police force and that it becomes the safest City in Connecticut, led by the most qualified Chief of Police.”

Chief Roderick Porter has thirty-six years of Law Enforcement experience, thirty of which he served in Bridgeport Police Department. He rose through the ranks and became a Captain in 2007, a position he held until his retirement in June 2022. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Studies at Post University, a teacher and social worker with Horizons Sacred Heart, and a substitute teacher in the Bridgeport Public Schools.

Porter has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Springfield College. He earned degrees from the Harvard University Police Executive Research Forum, the Sacred Heart University Command Institute, the Tunxis Community College Police Leadership Institute, and the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He has also completed numerous professional development and training programs including two FBI LEEDA Sessions. Porter has finished researching and writing his master’s thesis on the causes and effects of urban youth crime and violence. All of his accomplishments have prepared him for his acceptance into the Doctor of Human Service and Leadership degree at Capella University.

Chief Roderick Porter stated “I would like to first thank my family and close friends who have supported me through my professional endeavors. Without them, I could have never come this far, particularly my wife Nicole, my son Rod, and my late mother Dorothy Porter. Also, thank you to Mayor Ganim and his team for selecting me and entrusting me in this most important position. I would also like to acknowledge the other candidates, particularly Rebeca Garcia and Lonnie Blackwell. This was an extremely professional and tough selection process and I applaud everyone who participated. This is an important and exciting time in law enforcement in the City of Bridgeport and we can shape the future of policing in the city that reflects the values and priorities of a twenty-first century policing model. We can only accomplish this if we come together collectively within the department and with our community partners in an inclusive, engaging manner.”

Mayor Ganim will swear in Captain Roderick Porter as Bridgeport’s Chief of Police at a public ceremony that will be hosted in the City Council Chambers on Thursday, December 1st at 5:00pm

News release from NAACP:

The Greater Bridgeport National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (GBNAACP) wholly supports Mayor Ganim’s decision to hire Retired Captain Roderick Porter as its new chief of police.

Reverend D Stanley Lord, president of the GBNAACP, cites that the Bridgeport police, the city’s leadership, and all its residents are best served by the selection of the best candidate in the field of eligible public servants for Roderick Porter, a 30-year veteran, and now the top law enforcement officer for the City of Bridgeport.

“We believe this has been an equitable process for the City of Bridgeport and the protection, service, and futures for all of its diverse taxpayers, families, and businesses,” Lord said. “He is fully committed and responsible for ensuring the quality and respect of human life are his top priority.”

The GBNAACP has expressed ongoing concerns over the hiring and retention actions of the city and its police department. Lord said that these issues have been at the forefront of decisions made most often without consideration for the true complexion of this community. “For the racial and gender makeup of the city, we have lacked seeing key law enforcement leadership that looks like and represents the city’s true demographics; what Bridgeport looks like.”

The GBNAACP has long cited that the Bridgeport Police Department–with its uniformed officers, undercover teams, investigators, and administrative team–is charged with keeping the peace, serving our needs, and supporting safety and laws fairly and without bias. Reverend Lord added that too often, people here have not felt that was true. “We will hold Captain Porter to that commitment as his service moves forward,” he said. “We look forward to supporting him to accomplish a mission that supports those goals for more diversity, inclusion, and equity for the community and the teams of law enforcement professionals that he now leads. We wish him all the best in doing so.”

The GBNAACP is looking onward and upward now that this selection process is complete, we look forward to a progressive stance and a wide scope of engagement with Captain Porter at the helm.



  1. Mayor Ganim above referenced when the process began. And there will be many arguments about the exact time period but perhaps the G2 provided us with the evidence. He talked about the benefit of the community forums and seeing people and listening to their thoughts. Think about that, failure for a City leader to stop, look, and listen about decisions puts them and the citizens at odds at times.
    Has G2 used a community forum process for any process in recent years? If he has not in your opinion, then perhaps he was unaware of how the appointment of AJ as Acting chief was seen as his personal reality, rather than how taxpayers and residents might look at things. When the AJ Chief role blew up over testing behavior that was inappropriate and two top department employees faced Federal charges and time behind bars, there were folks whose only way to raise notice about their interest in appointment as Chief. Suing the City for such opportunity. Multiple cases filed, some of which the City has had to settle with taxpayer money.
    Congratulations to Rod Porter in the road he has chosen to pursue for fellow Bridgeport citizens.
    It would seem a good time for the Bridgeport Police Commission to speak up for recruiting and a positive opportunity for the City to change its public safety image, among all the people.
    What will the City landscape look like in five years? Provide support to the people charged with the work, participate in active ongoing community discussions, and look at the changes you see necessary and report them in today’s context and how they fit in future purpose. Time will tell.

    1. John, John, stop, look and listen. That’s what politicians do. It’s their thing 🙂

      Was G2 not stopping, looking, and listening to the police union and their rank-in-file members when they wanted Gaudett out who replaced him with AJ? By all accounts was a nice guy.

      With regards to Porter’s appointment, can it be said G2 didn’t stop, look, and listen to people who supported Garcia or Blackwell? It’s not like G2 didn’t win the people’s vote in this democracy. It’s like sometimes democracy and its voice is narrowly defined.

      BTW, G2 was still living in the political world that he left in 2003 when he returned to Port politics, with 170 million dollar capital bonds/hush money to keep the political players flushed, like in the olden days. Which was why he was able to get the support needed to take out Finch and reclaim the mayoral seat. Even though he was convicted of political corruption. G1 never really had any challengers to contend with once he was in office to keep his seat. Well, besides the FBI.

      G2’s newly political reality that awaited him was a different story, and probably an eye-opener. He was the fly guy walking back into Port Politics after “being away” for some time. 🙂

      To be fair to G2, John. Did you stop, look, and listen to Port’s political landscape of the last 7 years since G2’s comeback, and prior to? I mean, how much stopping, looking, and listing have you really done? Do you give G2 any congratulatory in your comment about his decision to make Porter chief of police?

      People will always have a position in politics, regardless. You have yours, nothing wrong with that. For the most part, it can get dicey and is generally measured from those within. That The NAACP’s position in the matter, anybody but Garcia. Because they have relationships with both black candidates. Is anyone going to say Porter wasn’t the most qualified or best candidate out of them, and Blackwell, Garcia for that matter too?

      “LOGICALLY” speaking it was never about the best/brightest candidate. AJ showed us that. It was cringe-worthy to witness him at the press/news conference at times, and the NAACP reinforced it by not picking the best/brightest and most qualified black person for the position.

      I am sure G2 would have liked to have a choice to pick someone from outside of the department, be it black or brown to avoid the LOGICALNESS of internal politics.

      G2 whiteness is a handle cap in every election forward. Moore proved that which gave him the “meat sweat” Porter-house, landscape be damned.

      I mean Moore’s, greatest attribute was her blackness against Joe’s whiteness. There wasn’t much stopping, looking, or listening to the political landscape G2 created on the minority front in that regard. People stop, look, and listen to what they want to stop, look, and listen too.

      Moore had only 5 years of elected office and represents all of Trumbull, part of Monroe, and part of the Port. Which is considered the more “affluent” part of Bridgeport. When she ran against G2

      She had no real connection to the black community in the Port, outside of the Trumbull garden that she represents. I didn’t see or hear much of her take on the Library and community garden debate. I believe I saw Gen Now on the news saying they should build it on the “derelict” property where the only convenient store and barber shop resides. It show how out-of-touch politics can at times. Personally, I would say more of a recenter center than a library. Considering with each passing generation, physical books are going to fall-by-the-wayside like the horse and buggy, obsolete. Maybe more of a learning studying/recreation education center. JS

      Moore, in my opinion, was a Manchurian candidate who was going to take Finch out, but G2, in one of the most electrifying elections in recent times, beat her to it. When it was time for Moore to run, my guess, G2 was the one to beat, not Finch, and Port’s political landscape was not what even Moore would have thought. Yet she still gave G2 the “meat sweats”

      Though politics is constant in democracy.] I did enjoy reading black organizations make the claim that white officers are being mistreated along with black officers by brown officers. It shows how much the city’s political landscape must have changed. I mean, when you read Black and Brown mistreatment by the police officers tunes into Black and White mistreatment. We might have turned a corner on racism. Not sure if that is good or bad though. 🙂

      That being said, while Porter may be a LOGICAL choice in many ways for G2, even with this LOGICAL choice G2 is by no means a lock for reelection. Porter-house, perhaps may helps with a Moore run and blacks, but a Chris run is another story?

      G2 still white, and the reality of the current urban politics that has never seen a minority mayor marred with political and voter corruption. A city with an ever-increasing minority population and a huger for a minority mayor, black might skip Joseph’s Staek House and settle for some rice and bean at Chipotle. G2 will be the last white mayor before a minority one. Just like it was beyond ILLOGICAL to appoint a white person as police chief. The question remains, who and when will a minority take G2 out? Logically speaking, Rosario’s position to do so this time around Moore than Moore four years ago.

      As I said, Port politics can get a little dicey. Looking at the two strongest minority potential candidates. Moore and Rosario. Who both started their political careers around the same time. I don’t think any of them were on the council, which makes them both pretty green in that regard. Though, Chris would have a few more years under him if “HE” chooses to run,
      than Moore did when she ran in 2019.

      For starters, let’s say they both run against G2. G2 has an edge by them dividing support/votes with no real favorite for either.

      Let’s say Moore runs again, and Rosario doesn’t and she wins this time. Chris’s path to city hall is to go up against Moore at some point in time. Which would be Black verse Brown.

      Well, we know how that might plays out, after stopping, looking, and listening to the chief’s appointment debate/decision. If she loses, well, Chris waits another four years. Though that could be risky considering Joe’s whiteness, and their nothing LOGICAL about that.

      If they both don’t run, G2 takes it, and his whiteness live to fight for another day to see what potential candidates that might emerge.

      If Chris runs and Moore doesn’t, Chris has a strong chance of taking out G2.

      Lennie, Porter may be a LOGICAL move, but the question remains. Is there going to be a more CALCULATED move? If Chris runs, we’ll see where/whom the support lands. But you would have to think, Moore, Gen Now would support Chris over G2 Regardless of Porter- house’s appointment, many average blacks looking at Joe as KFC, eating some white meat. 🙂

      Not to mention close to half of teh Port’s population is Latino.

      Though let’s face it, it will depend on how Port’s political pieces are moved, on a level, Considering Bradley was taken out, who would’ve been without a doubt in my mind running against G2, seizing on his whiteness. Depending on how his trial goes I won’t put it past him not running in this freak show called Port politics.

      At any rate, play nice, people, and good luck at a close second. I am out of here.

  2. Well, you know what they say. What can make you, can break you?

    Police issues, be it racially, inside or outside of the BPD, and with the support of its union was the linchpin that got G2 elected against Finch/Gaudett. An election marred by his history/conviction for corruption.

    Without specifics, it seemed even after the G2’s comeback victory the police union issues never seemed to pan out with AJ, and I am not talking about the cheating either. Ever since AJ took command of the Police department as Chief of the police its union/members, rank, and file never really seemed to be happy. They have been leaving the department in droves, for one reason or another. At least that’s who it seemed to me.

    Gorger Floyd exacerbated police tensions/sentiment within minority communities, but it never seemed to settle much after G2 forced out Gaudett for AJ in the Port, prior. They wanted Gaudett/Finch out. Their support for G2 delivered on getting rid of Finch and Gaudett but it didn’t stop union/rank-and-file unhappiness on how things were going

    They, the Police union voted for a no-confidence on Garcia and wanted her out. To my knowledge, I don’t even think the BP union even endorse one of the other candidates, Porter or Blackwell. It’s like NAACP takes, anyone but Garcia, just comes off as less racist coming from the white police union president.

    Did the Union endorse anyone, though, be it, Porter or Blackwell? I know they endorsed Bob. 🙂

    My take on a question to Porter regarding the BPD Union endorsement of Bob and the accountability it acts at this press conference. I don’t think they endorsed Porter. 🙂

    Anyway, we have to define logic? Logically, it would have been best for G2 to have picked someone from outside of the Port and its politics. To bypass Garcia based on the logical choice, politically, comes off and appears as a slight to Garcia/Latinos.

    If the strongest Latino, Chris, specifically runs against G2 it might be a lot more than giving teh “meat sweats” as Moore run did.

    Moore would be a factor if she runs again creating a larger field. Then you will have a White, Black, and Brown, with the strongest Black, and Brown, not some propped-up black and brown Manchurian candidate for G2.

    Being Moore had her shot if Chris ran and Moore doesn’t. It would be Rosario’s for the taken. The black vote/support won’t save white G2. I can’t see Moore or Gen Now supporting White G2 or anyone else over Chris, outside of the rigged-ness 🙂
    So Chris would get Moore’s endorsement as well as Gen Now and their black support, as well as Blackrock’s white support. You would have to assume the Latino will rally behind Chris.

    It will also make many picks sides. Which leaves some interesting LOGICAL decisions. Brown, stands out being recently elected as state rep, Chris being his Hartford colleague representing the Port, and Brown’s partner is a G2 employee.

    It would be another electrified Port election like the G2 comeback in 2015. You might even see another close/crazy DLC endorsement.

    Honestly speaking, the next election is Chris’ for the taken. JS
    G2’s whiteness will be at play. I would say to G2 to offer
    Chris a job, but I think he burnt that bridge.

    If Moore or Chris don’t run, G2 wins. If both run it’s hard to say, but I’ll give it to G2, the vote can’t be divided. If only one run, Moore has a slight chance, probably less than your last run.

    Chris, on the other hand, has a far better chance, He would, I assume have a much larger Latino vote them Moore and G2. G2 still being white, and the average blacks vote hunger to always look to kick a white person out of office. 🙂 If Moore and Gen Now support Chris. Logically G2 has something to worry about. JS

    At any rate, play nice, people. I am out of here. 🙂

    I depart with the prophet, Eminem.


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