1. This evolving pandemic forces everyone to create their own second chance lifestyle. https://gettingbacktowork.org/ < — here's a playbook for cities looking to recover now and prosper soon after.
    My magic wand would produce a job anyone can get and only a handful would fail.
    All new hires would get a laptop, a cell phone with a bank account, salesforce dialer, paypal.me , an endless list of prospects, three guides there to help you succeed and a product only Bridgeport can deliver.
    When do we get started?

  2. Joe G definitely believes in 2nd chances….. I wonder if he will get re-elected again when he gets out? Knowing this city, probably………..

  3. Why limit it to a month?
    Why not second chance city!!!
    Why not the capital of second chance state!!!
    Why not another chance state!!!
    Why not third, fourth or fifth chance city!!!
    Hell, we had a second chance Chief of Police!

  4. This is all about Joe for his reelection, Joe needs a job seeing that he can’t be a lawyer has to be the mayor.

    “Mayor Ganim is trying to get his law license back, but state panel says he doesn’t meet requirements”
    Daniel Tepfer April 20, 2021
    Updated: April 20, 2021 6:26 p.m.

    Joe Ganim, who was disbarred following his 2003 conviction on federal corruption and bribery charges, filed an application in Superior Court here in February for reinstatement.

    In his application Ganim states he intends to practice general law “with a concentration on pro bono representation of indigent individuals and families.”


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