Watch: Batteries For Electronic Cigarette Explode In Man’s Pants Pocket Causing Serious Injuries, Lawsuit Filed Against Manufacturer

You’ve heard of an exploding cigar. But exploding batteries for an e-cigarette … in your pants pocket? Nuts, in more ways than one.

It happened to Bridgeport resident Alex Perry who wants a Milford retailer who sells vapor-related products and the manufacturer LG Electronics to pay big time. The electronic cigarette exploded in his pants pocket causing serious injuries and burns to thighs, mid-section and buttocks forcing his transfer from St. Vincent’s Medical Center to the Burn Unit of Bridgeport Hospital for specialized surgical treatment, according to the recently filed lawsuit in Bridgeport Superior Court.

On July 14, 2018 Perry purchased two LG HG2 batteries from The Mod House in Milford for use with his electronic cigarette. The batteries were manufactured by LG.

Following purchase of the batteries, Perry placed them in his front left pant pocket. While visiting a friend in Stratford, immediately after the purchase, the batteries exploded in his pocket leading to serious injuries. See video above taken by a surveillance camera. Perry exits his truck to chat with a friend. At about the 23-second mark Perry reacts violently to the explosion in his pocket, his shirt shoots up, collapsing onto the pavement as his shocked friend attempts to come to his aid.

“My client has suffered unspeakable pain and suffering from this negligence,” says Perry’s attorney Tom Ganim. “His qualify of life is ruined from extensive scarring, critical medical attention and ongoing treatment with enormous medical expenses and diminished income opportunity.”

While in the hospital, Ganim added, Perry contracted MERS, a serious viral respiratory infection that requires additional treatment.

The lawsuit asserts defendants sold a defective, faulty and dangerous product susceptible to exploding without adequate warnings in violation of Connecticut’s product liability statute and Unfair Trade Practice Act.

The lawsuit seeks monetary and punitive damages as well as attorney’s fees and costs.



  1. I understand what this post has to do with placating Tom Ganim-paid advertiser to OIB-but I have no idea what this post has to do with politics in Bridgeport.


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