Wanted: Interim Superintendent Of Schools

From Board of Education Chair John Weldon:



General: Bridgeport Public Schools (BPS) in Bridgeport, CT is seeking an Interim Superintendent to lead the District from mid-June 2019 to the time a permanent Superintendent is retained and takes office (anticipated to be occur or about July 1, 2020). The selected individual would oversee the operation of Bridgeport Public Schools while the Bridgeport Board of Education retains a search firm to hire a permanent Superintendent of Schools.

Qualifications: Applicants must, at minimum, hold a Master’s Degree from an accredited institution and have at least 5 years of experience working in an administrative capacity within an urban public school system. A Connecticut Superintendent of Schools Administrative Endorsement (a/k/a 093 Certification) is preferred. Candidates not holding an 093 Certification will be considered, but are advised to review Sec. 10-157 of the Connecticut General Statutes to be aware of legal requirements if a party not holding an 093 Certification is appointed.

Expectations: It is anticipated this assignment will run from June 15, 2019 to June 30, 2020, although a brief extension may be sought to allow the Interim Superintendent to properly assist in onboarding the permanent Superintendent when contracted. The individual selected as Interim Superintendent will be precluded from applying for the position on a permanent basis. As such, the Board will entertain a contractual provision returning any current BPS employee to their prior position at the end of this assignment, if they are selected as the Interim Superintendent.

A copy of the Job Description for the position may be found by clicking the following link:


Candidate Communication Outside of the Search Process: Candidates are cautioned that contact with Board Members, or staff performing administrative functions related to this search, which are outside of the established application process, or that are ex parte in nature, may disqualify such candidates from further consideration.

How to Apply: Interested parties should submit a resume with cover letter, as well as a copy of their current certification(s), via e-mail to:


Deadline: The deadline for submission is 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 30, 2019. The Search Committee will meet in closed session on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 to determine finalist candidates who will be invited for an interview. Individual candidacy for this assignment will be kept confidential until an interview is offered, at which time finalists will be publicly announced. Finalist candidates will be interviewed on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 commencing 6:00 p.m. Such interviews will not be held in public, though candidates may require their interview to be held in public pursuant to Section 1-200(6) of the Connecticut General Statutes.



  1. We also need to just get rid of this dysfunctional board. That is the major issue. We need to recall all of them and start with a clean slate. I hope that the people of Bridgeport would rise up and take back our school district.

    1. the voters need to vote out of office not only the Board of Ed, but also the Mayor, the other elected officials at city Hall AND the City Council. Things will not change in Bridgeport UNLESS there is lots of housekeeping

        1. Hey Jim Fox..you are great but I was going to comment on this but I was assuming the person who you called “Frankenstein’s Daughter.” My definition of Frankenstein’s Daughter may be different from yours. Would you care to identify your person/Frankenstein’s Daughter and I will identify mine(and,of course,with additional comments).


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