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Shared by Board of Education Chair John Weldon:


The Bridgeport Board of Education is seeking an individual to fill a vacancy on the Board.  This is a civic role that has no monetary compensation. Selected individual will fill the vacancy until November 30, 2019, at which time the seat will become occupied by an individual elected at-large in the November 5, 2019 Municipal Election.

Requirements: Applicants are REQUIRED to be a resident of the City of Bridgeport, as well as a registered voter in the City of Bridgeport. Due to Connecticut minority party representation laws, applicants may be affiliated with any political party EXCEPT the Democratic Party. Applicants may also be registered as “Unaffiliated.” Such voter registration must be in effect for not less than 90 days, with the exception of first-time voter registrants.

Description of the Role: An individual Board Member assists the Board of Education in representing the residents of the City of Bridgeport in carrying out the mandates Chapter 170 of the General Statutes pertaining to education and assists in determining all questions of general policy to be employed in the conduct of the Bridgeport Public School System. In determining school policy, Board Members: (1) Hear and consider facts and recommendations; (2) Adopt plans, policies and courses of action to guide the school system; and (3) Other duties as provided under statute and/or city charter.

The individual selected for this seat will be expected to attend regular meetings of the Board, held twice per month, on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m., as well as Special Meetings which may be called in the interim for specific purposes. The individual selected for this seat will be assigned to serve as a member of two committees of the Board, as assigned by the Chairman.

How to Apply: Interested parties must submit a resume, along with a cover letter explaining their reasons for wanting to be selected to serve on the Board of Education, no later than 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 7, 2019 to:

Bridgeport Board of Education
Attn. Alice Ortiz
45 Lyon Terrace, Room 203
Bridgeport, CT 06604

If applying via e-mail, please submit cover letter and resume to: BoardSearch@bridgeportedu.net

Applicants should plan to make themselves available to attend an in-person interview session, to be held in public with the Board, on Monday, March 11, 2019, with a time slot assigned between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Interviews will be conducted at Bridgeport Aquaculture Science and Technology Education Center, located at 60 St. Stephens Rd. in Bridgeport. The Board will vote on the final selectee at its Regular Public meeting on Monday, March 11, 2019 at 6:30 p.m., also conducted at Bridgeport Aquaculture Science and Technology Education Center.

Selected candidate will be required to take an Oath of Office as provided for in Chapter 4 of the Connecticut General Statutes before commencing their official duties. Should the selected candidate wish to take the Oath of Office on March 11, 2019 to be able to participate in that evening’s meeting, a party legally authorized to administer the Oath of Office will be available, though the selected candidate may be accompanied by a ceremonial Oath Administrator (i.e., clergy, spouse, etc.).



  1. Both our meetings last night were civil and respectful. Neither Chris Taylor nor Jessica Martinez were present.

    Mark Anastasi was also professional and helpful at both the Teaching and Learning Committee and the Special Meeting addressing the vacancy and our $54,000,000 We Transport bus contract.

  2. “Applicants may also be registered as “Unaffiliated”.  Such voter registration must be in effect for not less than 90 days, with the exception of first time voter registrants.”

    Let’s get this straight. A registered Republican can apply as long as he or she registered 90 days or more ago. 90 days as of when or by when? 3/11/2019? If a person ( a first time voter) registered as a Republican less than 90 days ago that person can apply? Can or must a registered Democrat drop their party affiliation to “Unaffiliated” in order to apply?

    1. So if I ( or Paula as you’ve speculated) was to drop my or her Democratic Party affiliation to “unaffiliated” the change takes effect the next day but, we won’t qualify because of the 90 day rule? Is that what I reading? I believe you stated or speculated that this what Paula was going to do or could do. I had a conversation with a DTC member today and I told this person that I was interested in applying but, if the fix is in, I wasn’t wasting my time. This person told me not to believe the speculation (not quite the word used) from OIB posters. Thank you for the clarification. Trust, but confirm.

  3. If you have been a member of the Republican, Green, Libertarian, WFP party, etc. , or registered as an Unaffiliated voter for at least 90 days from the day of nomination, you qualify to fill the vacancy.

    If you have NOT been a registered voter at all, and register to vote as an unaffiliated voter, or as a member of any minority party tomorrow; you qualify immediately because you did not switch from one party to another party or switch from a party to unaffiliated within the last 90 days.

    Does this answer your questions?

        1. If my medication has been doing its’ function, I believe your recent research on this subject was flawed Maria Pereira. I don’t know what Mojo is taking but, Maria Pereira is leading 12 to 00.

  4. *** Unaffiliated person that likes to sit on an uncomfortable chair till about 11:pm on certain week-days arguing about anything & everything except real public school’s business. Must be willing to use the BOE as a stepping stone to bigger & better actual paying positions in the near future aswell. No need to know about school issues nor anything else for that matter just have a nack for arguing, wasting time & pointing the finger! ***

      1. I’m wondering what would one uncover if a closer examination of the Connecticut General Statute covering this subject matter is conducted. Was it amended recently or not too long ago? A good example of this is the Statute that allowed the library board to shake-down the tax payers–it was amended .

        1. You have to review Elections which is Title 9. The relevant statute on filling a vacancy on a “political” board or commission is 9-59.

          What this means it that when Kadisha Coates switched from an unaffiliated voter to the WFP to fill the vacancy creates by John Bagley’s resignation, she was appointed in violation of state law.

          Shipman and Goodwim wrote a legal opinion on the vacancy in consultation with the City Attorney, yet 9-59 was not referenced in the legal opinion.

          I believe this omission was intentional and purposeful.

  5. well “nice” guy joe said he switched party because he wanted to be able to help gather signatures and vote for friendly candidates for CC BOE and the Mayors office. The rest is just a happy bonus. Admittedly I am A DINO. I still remain a fiscally conservative Republican at heart.” Well I know he’s not voting for D on the BOE BAM 🙂

  6. based on joe’s politically game manship , switching from R to D those friendly candidates Are Trump supporters at heart, sorry I mean fiscally conservative Republican at heart BAM 🙂

  7. Well, everyone learned something here in my ESL class. In this political climate jungle we learned, not about climate CHANGE 🙂 but in this jungle everyone’s a lion. 🙂 . So stand up for something people , something decent, right, just, and not just for your side, team. be it a D or R. Because on a level that CHANGES also into a lion as well. Good luck people.

  8. One last thing, as the valedictorian of this ESL classes I depart with this kind and up-lifting words. There’s no donkeys or elephants in this jungle, just a bunch of lions. 🙂

    To my classmate (not friend) Maria, you are wasting your talent. Go to Hartford and annoy people like that ” warmongre” lady in the glasses. JK. To the loser. I hope this departing video is inspirational to you, LOSER. 🙂

    And to the rest, it was a pleasure. Go D’s or R’s 🙂 -ish 🙂 BAM!


  9. Maria, I think I will apply! We will finally have someone in place that will not back down to Maria, and would put the interest of our kids first! Yes!


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