Wanted: Board Of Education Applicants To Fill Hernan Illingworth Vacancy

From Board of Education Chair John Weldon:

The Bridgeport Board of Education is seeking an individual to fill a vacancy on the Board. This is a civic role that has no monetary compensation. Selected individual will fill the vacancy until December 1, 2021, at which time the seat will become occupied by an individual elected at-large in the November 2, 2021 Municipal Election.

Requirements: Applicants are REQUIRED to be a resident of the City of Bridgeport, as well as a registered voter in the City of Bridgeport. As the party creating this vacancy was registered with the Democratic Party at the point they created this vacancy to the Board, only applicants affiliated with the Democratic Party will be considered. Such affiliation must be in effect for not less than 90 days as of the date of appointment to the Board, with the exception of first-time voter registrants.

Description of the Role: An individual Board Member assists the Board of Education in representing the residents of the City of Bridgeport in carrying out the mandates Chapter 170 of the General Statutes pertaining to education and assists in determining all questions of general policy to be employed in the conduct of the Bridgeport Public School System. In determining school policy, Board Members: (1) Hear and consider facts and recommendations; (2) Adopt plans, policies and courses of action to guide the school system; and (3) Other duties as provided under statute and/or city charter.

The individual selected for this seat will be expected to attend regular meetings of the Board, held twice per month, on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m., as well as Special Meetings which may be called in the interim for specific purposes. The individual selected for this seat will be assigned to serve as a member of two committees of the Board, as assigned by the Chairman.

How to Apply: Interested parties must submit a resume, along with a cover letter explaining their reasons for wanting to be selected to serve on the Board of Education, no later than 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 to:

Bridgeport Board of Education

Attn. Ms. Rita Valle-Shastri
45 Lyon Terrace, Suite 203
Bridgeport, CT 06604

If applying via e-mail, please submit cover letter and resume to: BoardSearch@bridgeportedu.net

Applicants should plan to make themselves available to attend an interview session, to be held in public with the Board, on Monday, November 23, 2020, with a time slot to be determined. Interviews will be conducted remotely via a Microsoft Teams Event. The Board will vote on the final selectee at its Regular Public meeting on Monday, November 23, 2020 at 6:30 p.m., also conducted remotely via a Microsoft Teams Event.

Selected candidate will be required to take an Oath of Office as provided for in Chapter 4 of the Connecticut General Statutes before commencing their official duties. Should the selected candidate wish to take the Oath of Office on November 23, 2020 to be able to participate in that evening’s meeting, a party legally authorized to administer the Oath of Office will be available to administer the Oath of Office, though the selected candidate may be accompanied by a ceremonial Oath Administrator (i.e., clergy, spouse, etc.).



  1. I nominate Lennie Grimaldi. He has a great love for the city of Bridgeport. I couldn’t find him registered in Bridgeport but he does have a website named only in Bridgeport and that is most certainly reregistered.
    If he does not have other proof then he has 90 days to straightened it out before he is appointed. He’d be more that happy to wait.

  2. Awesome. I said it before but I feel it’s so important I copy pasted again here.

    First of all I’d like to wish Mr. Illingsworth the best of luck. Although we always did not see eye to eye he does have a significant pair of shoes to fill. So I’d like to ask that anybody wanting to fill his seat to be aware that they will have to fill at least two committees, (Mr. Illingworth chaired two and served on four with above average attendance)

    This is not the time for using the BOE as a stepping stone to higher office our children’s backs cannot take the burden any longer. We are in the middle of a pandemic and a coming financial crisis and difficult decisions will need to be made. All applicants should know this going in. It is an often times thankless task and when making decisions you’re going to anger at least 40% of the city.
    Thin skinned folk need not apply.

    Any takers?

  3. I might be interested — after the state has taken over the administration of Bridgeport public services and governance, and assumed responsibility for a fully-funded Bridgeport, public school system… Until then, service on any of Bridgeport’s municipal boards — especially the BOE — will be the equivalent of shoveling Bridgeport (REGIONAL) sewage against the LIS tide…

    1. That’s the Bridgeport way, put your hand out and expect the residents of the other 168 municipalities to support you.
      The state residents already pay more than 70% of the cost of Bridgeport schools, now you have the nerve to ask that we fund it 100%.
      Ain’t going to happen.,.

  4. Trumbullite, Marshall Marcus says:
    “…That’s the Bridgeport way, put your hand out and expect the residents of the other 168 municipalities to support you.
    “The state residents already pay more than 70% of the cost of Bridgeport schools, now you have the nerve to ask that we fund it 100%.
    Ain’t going to happen.,….”

    Well, now! Guess who’s voting for Donald Trump in Trumbull!…

    What do you think about Trumbullite, Marshal Marcus, Bridgeport?! Guess who’s side that DEMOCRAT (TRUMP-VOTING!) “liberal” is on?! When he’s out in front supporting Marilyn Moore for BRIDGEPORT mayor next election, just remember how he so flippantly shouted-out a big, loud, FU! to Bridgeport in the midst of a Presidential election that is all about cities and people like us, and stop and think what it will mean for Bridgeport if anyone backed by Marshall wins in our city!

    Marshall: You typify suburban greed and ignorance. In any rationally-designed state system of government, Trumbull would actually be annexed by Bridgeport, per annexation prerogatives granted to urban centers. It is totally dependent on Bridgeport for the existence and maintenance of its tax base. Trumbull deserves nothing and owes Bridgeport everything. As this world changes — politically and economically — in the face of COVID, and so many other challenges, logic and reason will prevail, geographically and otherwise, and the urban centers will become ascendant and dominant, and the suburbs will once again become the attendant children of their parent urban centers…

    The State of Connecticut/Fairfield County, and especially, Trumbull, owe Bridgeport big-time — and they will pay… You and Trumbull will pay, Marshall… Your tax bill — ear-marked for Bridgeport — is going to increase by a factor of 10 in the new world that is now upon us… Get used to the idea, and QUIT WHINING(!), and start thinking and acting like the fair-minded liberal that you pretend to be (even as you go about purchasing and attempting to take ownership of easy-mark Bridgeport politicians to put at Trumbull’s service — they are going to become very scarce and much harder to purchase after this election cycle…).

    And as Ned comes to grips with the “state” of Connecticut and its cities, he will be forced to shore-up and marshall (no pun intended!) the energy and infrastructure of the cities to ensure (and insure) the political and economic survival of the state… That will mean massive urban bailouts (in partnership with the feds), geared toward the upgrading/reconstruction of urban infrastructure/tax-base and the resurrection/resurgence of the cities. And the suburbs will pay! (As they should…) (That is when we will see Marshall walking forlornly down White Plains Road, toward Bridgeport, carrying a Moore for Mayor sign (with a Trump for President bumper sticker stuck to the seat of his Dockers)…

    (Get out and put up some more Trump for President — and Moore for Senator/Mayor — signs, Marshall!

    1. Don’t worry, Bob. At this point, it’s pretty-much over for Trump and the Trumpites. The D’s and I’s and R’s-with-IQ-of-70+ have had their taste of the Deadly Apprentice and have already decided that He’s Fired (!) — so that he can’t kill that 2.5 million (and disable 25 million) of the US “herd” that his evil-idiot approach to handling the COVID pandemic requires… He’s already packing for a long Russian winter and having preparations made for his “official visit” to Russia later this month (from which he plans to not return)…

      Marshall can continue his surreptitious Trump for POTUS campaign without harm to the rest of us…

      And, hopefully, now that he’s exposed himself as an anti-Bridgeport/anti-urban, anti-progressive political hack, serious candidates for Bridgeport/Bridgeport-regional political office, in the post-Trump/post-Republican political reality, will dissociate themselves from him and avoid his political assistance like the Plague… And likewise, the candidates that he’s already tainted will have the sense to not waste their time seeking offices that require Bridgeport votes… Too bad that he didn’t expose himself earlier; we might have gotten right-minded, capable candidates for the 22nd District Senate seat that would have been focused on the essential ingredient to regional prosperity/livability — Bridgeport — rather than the suburb-elitist sycophants that are presently on the ballot…

      (Get out that check-book, Marshall! You’re going to have to write a BIG (tax-bill) check for Bridgeport pretty soon. But don’t let that trouble you too much, because if you stay in Trumbull, you’re going to be a Bridgeporter pretty soon anyway…)

      Happy Election Day!

      (Good night, Bob! Have a sip of Ovaltine and get some sleep for tomorrow’s happy (if you’re a Democrat!), long, Election Night, TV coverage…)


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