Walker Supports City Gaming Destination

GOP debate
Nine Republican gubernatorial candidates took to the stage at New Britain High School Wednesday night for a debate. (John Woike / Hartford Courant)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bridgeport resident David Walker says he supports a casino destination for Bridgeport. The former U.S. comptroller general joined eight other GOP candidates for governor at a forum in New Britain Wednesday night.

From Daniela Altimari, Hartford Courant:

The candidates also appeared to have a consensus on casino gambling. Several contenders backed a plan to build a casino in Bridgeport, including Walker who lives in the city.

“I’m not a gambler,” Walker said. “I don’t think we can solve our state’s [fiscal] problems by going after recreational marijuana, by going after toll roads, by going after casinos,” he said. Yet a casino in Bridgeport could revitalize the city and draw people who might not visit other casinos in the state, he added.

Srinivasan said the whole idea of casinos as gambling meccas is outdated. “These are entertainment complexes, these are vacation destinations,” he said. “The model has changed.”

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  1. Why wouldn’t Dave Walker support a Bridgeport casino because the tax dollars it would generate would lower his $55,000 a year property tax he now pay. I ain’t mad at ya Dave.

  2. Oh wow, he’s back, I thought Walker had moved out of Connecticut. It seems that the former U.S. Comptroller General and 60 Minute interview back some years ago can’t even breakout of the pack with the Republicans. The one thing that all of these Republican candidates for governor have in common is they all support 45 and the new tax cut that hurts all Connecticut taxpayers like David Walker and his $55,000 a year property tax because property tax and state income tax can not be written off on their federal taxes.

    1. Ron,
      Whenever Walker’s name comes up, you just have to take a shot at him…your option but since you provided the opening….who are you looking at for next governor of CT who is qualified to deal with fiscal issues?
      Joseph Ganim- as in Democrats for Ganim?
      David Walker – as in Democrats for Walker (as Local Eyes suggests)
      Somebody else (whether R or D) who thinks 45 is more important than fiscal expertise for CT citizens? Time will tell.

      1. JML, where is David Walter’s voice on Republican tax cuts they hurt Connecticut residents? Where are Walter’s community meetings in Bridgeport especially with the black community seeing that he does reside in Bridgeport? Walker has shown NO courage and backbone as a Republican to speak out against 45? Dave Walker couldn’t beat Ganim right here in Bridgeport and I’m not supporting Ganim. I have no problem voting for a Republican but not any of these Republicans who are running for governor nor Joe Ganim.

    2. I appreciate your cynicism, Ron. A wee bit cynical meself. At this point in the election cycle all contenders are facing off on the debate stages trying to be all things to all people, choosing their words carefully so as not to say something that will come back and bite them on the ass later.

      The real contest comes after the conventions, when the last men standing face off in the court of public opinion.

  3. As a group, Democrats for Dave Walker continue to grow in number. They are not motivated by a casino but rather a return to the kind of fiscal footing that only a proven problem-solver can deliver.

          1. You may want to reconsider your position, Paul. Lennie refers to me as a guitar slinger because I AM.

    1. “As a group, Democrats for Dave Walker continue to grow in number…” They are a large enough group to take up one table at Harborview Market.

        1. It’s too early to throw around the “I’m right and you’re wrong!” stone. The game doesn’t get serious until after the primaries and the last men standing are facing each other.

          1. The primary outcome still doesn’t determine who is ethically wrong or right. Ganim is the best example of that.

          2. Charlie,

            Ganim didn’t “win” re-election, he bought it, twenty bucks a vote.

          3. Tonight Little Joe held a fund raiser at the Cuban Club in Black Rock. That’s a modest banquet facility. The Holiday Inn downtown must have been beyond his campaign’s operating budget. Probably served coldcut platters from the Stop & Shop down the street.

            Must be very humbling to have reporters getting in his face about those pesky criminal convictions…


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