Wading Through The Budget, Plus: Eze And Sly, And Watch Where You Park!

This is going to be a fun week for water sports on the Bridgeport City Council. Bob Curwen, co-chair of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, is expected to submit a resolution dissolving the boards of the Bridgeport Port Authority and Water Pollution Control Authority and reassigning staff under the authority of the chief administrative officer.

Curwen is making the move in an effort to redirect and maximize revenues into the general fund, and restore the job cuts called for in Mayor Bill Finch’s budget. Curwen told OIB this morning that he understands he’ll have a fight on his hands from the executive branch. City Attorney Mark Anastasi will be weighing in on the legality of dissolving the boards that were created by council action.

Council member Bob Walsh suggested last week that legal obstacles make dissolving those boards easier said than done. My sense is Curwen is pushing Team Finch to become more creative and analytical of a submitted budget that calls for roughly 100 job eliminations to areas such as library staff and school-based health clinics, in addition to an approximate 10 percent tax hike.

Curwen pushes, Finch pushes back, and maybe the city ends up with a better budget in a tough year. The Bridgeport Port Authority generates more than $1 million in docking fees each year. Curwen wants those fees redirected in some fashion to help the city’s direct bottom line.

The council will submit its budget recommendations to Finch next week. He can accept it, play around with it, or veto it before returning it to the council for the setting of a final mil rate.

Get your life jackets ready!

State Rep Skinny

I’m hearing that City Councilman Ezequiel Santiago is Mitch “The Switch” Robles’ choice to fill the seat that Felipe Reinoso is giving up. But you never know with Mitch. Maybe the district leader will turn around and endorse Yahooy! Looks like Sly Salcedo’s still determined to push forward with a challenge. Sly will definitely make it fun. He’s bright, with a strong military and legal background, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. We need a few more like Sly running for office.

City Councilwoman Michelle Lyons (she did return my call and I missed it) looks like she’ll not challenge State Rep. Jack Hennessy in a primary, so I’m hearing. This isn’t a great year for council members to take on incumbents.

City Hall news release

Alternate Side of the Street Parking to Commence May 1st

Bridgeport residents asked to comply with posted signs

The City of Bridgeport’s Public Facilities Department has announced that it will, with the help of the Bridgeport Police Department, begin enforcing alternate-side-of-the-street parking in an effort to fully clean and maintain Bridgeport City streets. Residents are urged to heed posted signs on the streets.

“In order for the City to continue to positively grow and for our streets to be clean, our Public Facilities vehicles need access to the streets to sweep them,” explained Mayor Bill Finch (D-Bridgeport). “They cannot do their job if cars are in the way. We are asking for the public’s cooperation in making this possible so that we can all enjoy a greener, cleaner Bridgeport.”

The street sweeping schedule divides the city into three sections:

Red Section: The red section includes the area of the City north of North Avenue (Route 1), including North Avenue to the Trumbull Town Line between the Fairfield Town Line East to Route 8/25 and Seltsam Road. This area will be swept from the 1st to the 10th day of every month. (North End & North Side of City)

Blue Section: The blue section includes the area of the City south of North Avenue (Route 1), but not including North Avenue to Ash Creek and Waldemere Ave between Fairfield Town Line east to  (but not including) Knowlton St, Water St and including south end of Main St. This area will be swept from the 11th to the 20th of every month. (West End, South Side & Black Rock)

Green Section: The green section includes the area of the City south of the Trumbull Town to Pleasure Beach between Beardsley Park, Glenwood Ave and Knowlton St (including Knowlton St) east to the Stratford Town Line. This area will be swept from the 21st to the last day of every month. (East End & East Side)

Violators will risk being ticketed and/or towed.



  1. The WPCA & port authority weree created by city ordinance thru the Common Council.I read the ordinances and if the Council did create these two entities. so why cant they be disolved the same way.
    the WPCA was created to replace the federal sewer funds that Mandanici used for the general Budget. That has long been paid back but the problem is that the WPCA went out and bonded for another $64,000,000 sometime ago.
    the port Authority was created because we thought that the casinos would b coming to Bridgeport (screwed again). The fees that they collect are mostly for the PJ Ferry. We dont need an agency that costs us money to collect this money.
    Curwen has a good idea and I hope that the ccouncil agrees. I hope the council will not be a rubber stamp.

  2. So now the battle for a better budget is between Bill Finch and … Bob Curwen? I understand he’s the co-chair of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, but aren’t there some other people who should be saying something and leading the charge? Like Wondering said a few days ago, the silence is becoming deafening.

  3. Mitch the bitch Robles is in fact pushing for his step son to get the nomination over long time activist Chico Rivera. How much does Robles want for his step-son. It seems that the rest of the Robles district can go to hell when things are handed out. lets look at his step son.
    1. Gets hired as a greeter at city hall
    2. Father cant get Stafstrom reelected and still Santiago gets rewarded with a new position and a $20,000 raise as a Special Projects Coordinator/
    3, Now he is a candidate for the State Legislature.
    Here is the scenerio as i see it Santiago wins the State legislative seat and resigns from the Council and guess what?
    Robles names Santiago’s father Americo Santiago to his Council seat. Last time around Americo’s arrogance got him i wonder about this time.
    All this is being done with Finch’s blessing. it must be great you even get rewarded when you cant produce.

  4. Everyone talks about saving money but no one posts about creating wealth. OPICs or one person internet companies are changing that. Here’s how:
    Bangalore, India is becoming a favorite spot for Bridgeporters looking to find prospects for the things they make on their computers. We’re doing there what the Japanese did in the USA starting in the 60’s: selling us stuff they’re too busy to make themselves. It’s not glamorous but it’s MADE IN BRIDGEPORT and it’s the story of how computers have become factories-without-smokestacks and how recent events have made it all possible.

  5. Hello – I am new to commenting but not to reading this blog. I actually think it is a positive idea to consolidate responsibility and accountability under the Mayor. I wouldn’t stop with these two commissions, I would move the Board of Education under the responsibility of the Mayor as many other big city mayors are doing: NYC, DC, etc. This would eliminate the need for a forensic audit because the details would be laid bare.

  6. The details may be laid bare but NYC and DC both have mayors who can see the details and understand what’s going on. We don’t. Having Finch mayor is a lot like having Bush as president. All we can do is wait until the ordeal is over; pick up the pieces; and hopefully restore order.

  7. Here we go again with the alternate side of the street parking the street sweeping. I ask that they do not sweep my street as they deposit more dirt than they pick up. I sweep in front of my house and then they come along for their monthly dirt moving operation and I have to do it again.The police are going to enforce the alternate side parking thats a laugh. Well another filure waiting to take place.Every mayor has started this and it lasts for awhile and goes away. I would rather see those small Mad vacs around picking up paper and debris at least they accomplish something.

  8. Did you read in today’s Post on the front page how Milford is also sick of their BOE milking them dry and killing their budget? When is all of this going to stop? Obviously its not just in B-port. Enough of these bloodsuckers that give no return for our hard earned tax dollars. Its out of control and has to be stopped.

  9. I think Curwen has a good idea with getting rid of those boards and making the Port Authority and the WPCA, lets put some of that money to better use. As usual, Walsh finds a way to find the negatives. What’s with this guy? All he does is complain about other peoples ideas but never has any positive input.

  10. Kitty; we are the problem when it comes to education. We believe it when politician say they are going to improve education. We should be fighting to get the board of education under the mayors office. By that i mean the schools will be run by professionals not the mayor or his staff. The BOE and their budget would be answerable to the mayor and thus the public.
    As it stands now noone knows exactly how and where they spend the millions they are given the only thing that is for sure is that the next year they will be asking for more. Witha 68% drop out rate have you read 1 thing as to why this is happening? No you haven’t. they have formed a committee with the same stooges to look into this the only problem is that they can not agree on a chairperson.
    in case you did not know these administrators all have deals and access to other systems so tha they can get consultant jobs when they retire.
    Now they are going to hold us up for more money because the state underfunded the monies for all day kindergarten and 300 kids will be forced to go 1/2 day. maybe thats not a bad idea.I dont want to pay $3,000,000 more to the BOE.

  11. Ezequiel Santiago is a nice kid but he is just that – a kid. This is his first year (or should I say 5 months) on the City Council. He has a lot to learn. Why would the Dems put up an inexperienced kid? This position is too important for the city. We need the best and the brightest in Hartford. Ezequiel isn’t quire there yet.

  12. Hey does anyone know what’s going on with MACH? I thought that Fabrizi signed a contract to move them into the Annex. Now I hear that they are moving into the Eisenhower Center. I personally think that Eisenhower is a much better idea. That should be an arts building. You already have Cabaret there. The city pays big bucks to keep that building open and there’s very little going on there.

  13. In The Know; Its not the party that is putting this kid up for the State legislature. its his step father Mitch Robles. Robles is one of the greediest politicians i have ever known. he has a plan as I explained earlier. He shot down
    Chico Rivera because he backed Testa.
    The people on his town committee and the other alderwomen Colon are puppets for Robles and nothing more.That whole district should be ashamed of themselves for allowing tis to go on.

  14. Thanks for the clarification. So who does Mario support for state rep?

    I have no repect for Leticia Colon. She co-chairs the budget committee with Curwen and has been blatently trying to de-fund the school based health centers so that the Bpt community health center, where she happens to work, can take them over. No conflict of interest here. What is it about Bpt that there is no decency, no morales, no ethics.

  15. It is my understanding that if the town committe vote for that state rep seat comes down to a tie with Jose “Chico” Rivera that Mario will break the tie in favor of Chico. Now if it’s a thee way race with Chico, Sly and Santiago then I don’t know if Mario will have a vote to break the tie. I know that there are some games being played with a town committee member from the 130th who lives in the district for that seat. A flip flop to take away a non vote for Auden and supplant it with someone from Black Rock in support of Grogins. Stay tuned on that issue.

  16. Here’s a slow pitch softball for some Grogins suppoter to hit out of the ballpark:

    Please tell me why our district and Bridgeport as a whole will be better off with Auden Grogins as one of our state reps. I don’t pretend to be unbaised on this issue but for the life of me, I can’t think of any good reason to choose her over Keeley.

    So there it is Grogins people. Give it your best shot.

  17. John from Black rock, I don’t see what Auden has to offer to the city either. She was no asset to the BOE and it would take a long time for her to reach Keeley’s status in Hartford – if ever. I know not everybody agrees with me, and I really don’t care either, but that case she took on with those 2 guys from Cheshire that butchered, raped, robbed and set fire to those people’s home just made me lose all respect for her as a woman. No way do I want to see her in public office ever again. sorry yahooy, I know you don’t agree, but as a woman, I’m speaking from my heart. I will never change my feelings on that.

  18. Wondering – we pay big bucks to Ramos and his aides, and for what? No progress is being made but you can bet they’ll keep pestering for more money because they get away with it. I want to see an audit. The board should be holding them accountable but they don’t, so no wonder they are out of control. Plus they have too many staff members who all do the same thing – which amounts to nothing but bleed the budget. I’ve had enough of them. Somebody referred to them as Ali Baba and the 40 theives, truer words were never spoken, only there are more than 40 thieves in that department.

  19. ngk0325, he has taken serious abuse about that. i just don’t think he realized what a financial mess the city was in when he said that. He inherited a disaster, but I sure hope our taxes don’t go up that much. Everything is going up and I don’t know when the end is in sight.

  20. Yahooy: Thbbbbbt! is not an accepted acronym anywhere on this planet. I encourage you to develop a GAME PLAN that enables you to understand the world you live in. You post to this blog so often you must need gloves to protect your fingers.

    OPED = office of planning and economic development
    OPIC = one-person internet company.

    It’s bedtime in Bangalore whch means it’s time to count your money in Bridgeport (wink).

    City Kitty: you’re right – there’s “no end in sight” — inflation is everybody’s biggest risk. Prices will rise because the dollar’s so low and our gov’t can print as many $$ as it wants. Any gov’t that sends stimulus checks to citizens is chasing inflation.

  21. Tom even in a 3 way race if there is a tie Testa would break the tie. Santiago is following in his step fathers foot steps by offering certain TC members monies for pet projects. The problem is he cant deliever as he has no access to these funds. more Robles BS.
    What I dont understand from that district after what Robles did to that young lady the night of the DTC vote there were no angry district members and it business as usual.

  22. wondering-Your right. Mario has already pledged his support for Chico for any tiebreaker. This is a loyalty thing for Chico’s vote for Mario. I hear Mitch flipped his switch when he found out that Mario would break the tie in favor of Chico.

  23. Tom that true Mitch had a Bitch Fit, he is not used to being told NO or I will not go along.Thats the response he got from Chico & Mario. For some reason this administration still thinks he has a lot of sway in the Puerto Rican community and that just is not the case.His
    power base is the 8 other lap dogs on his town committee.

  24. Local Eyes

    Thbbbbt!!! is The Bronx Cheer. It is proffered in recognition of your view of Auden Grogins defending those despicable animals who slaughtered that family in Cheshire. Did you ever think that she may have been court appointed? Miranda rights allow that an attorney be appointed if the accused cannot afford one. Generally, new lawyers avail themselves of court appointments in criminal proceedings. I have no problem with her representing these animals. They have rights. Grogins will ensure that these rights are protected and that a fair and impartial trial will take place. Period. How she feels about these men is irrelevant. A truly proficient lawyer can fairly represent even the most hideous of criminals.

  25. Well, if I were the lawyer defending them I wouldn’t be able to sleep nights!! She could have declined even if she was court appointed if she didn’t have the stomach for it. Apparently it doesn’t bother her. I agree that everyone is entitled to a lawyer to defend them because they have “rights” – The only right I would give those 2 guys is the death sentence because thats what they deserve. And as I said before, I’m not looking for anyone to agree with me – this is my personal opinion.

  26. yahooy She Volunteered to defend those guys as she has done in the past. I believe that she will handle the death penalty faze of this trial if it gets that far. She is not part of the trial defense team

  27. City Kitty

    Before Finch closes down the library system, please drop in to one and ask the librarian to provide you with a copy of a document known as the Constitution of the United States of America. Please read it thoroughly. Then ask to see the first amendments to that constitution. They are known as the Bill of Rights.

    As far as I am concerned, these men should be drawn and quartered. But, they are entitled to due process. As are you and me and Anna.

  28. I understand that yahooy, but I’m just speaking from the heart, I’m entitled to my personal opinions. In all my life I never heard of such a horrible crime and I can’t imagine how the victims suffered, let alone the surviving father. The fact that a woman attorney would defend them just troubles me deeply and makes me wonder where her head is at. Where is your friend Anna on this? I’d like to hear another woman’s opinion.

  29. I agree with you regarding the heinous nature of the crime in Cheshire. I just don’t think Grogins is representing these for any reason other than she gets a fee from the state. She is no Greta Van Susteren. Cases for her are few and far between. I don’t think any lawyer should turn down a state appointment for personal reasons. I truly believe that even these pigs deserve their day in court.

    What makes you think Anna is a woman?

  30. Before he started screwing with his tax returns, famed defense lawyer Mickey Sherman represented every lowlife that could afford his fee. What’s the difference between the Cheshire murders and the murder of Martha Moxely?

  31. yahooy, I assume Anna is a woman because her name is Anna, and I don’t know any men with that name. I suppose I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time. I agree the Moxley murder was awful, but you have to multiply that x3 plus throw in rape, robbery, assault, arson, etc. Ok, give them their day in court and give them a lawyer, but please don’t ask me to even consider voting for that lawyer if they run for office. Thats the difference in my eyes, but again, its only my opinion.

  32. yahooy, I admit I don’t know who Greta Van Susteren is. I thought Auden had her own private practice, maybe I’m wrong, is she a public defender? Either way, i guess you and I have to agree to disagree on this one. does this mean I am Phillistine of the week again? 🙂

  33. City Kitty

    Auden does have a private law practice. Private lawyers are appointed by the court to represent the accused who cannot afford to hire their own lawyers. These assignments are typically handed out on a rotation basis.

    I’m not voting for Auden either. My decision is not based on the fact that she is representing the Cheshire murderers. I just don’t think she should hold public office.

  34. Well yahooy, I guess we agree on that, for different reasons, but at least we agree. Even if it wasn’t for my personal feelings about defending the murderers, I don’t think she should hold public office either. She was a big zero on that BOE.


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