Visconti Bails As Polls Show Tight Race For Governor

Barack crowd
Crowd at Central High School awaits Barack arrival. CT Post photo.

On a day petitioning candidate for governor Joseph Visconti bailed out of the race (his name will still appear on the ballot) to endorse Republican Tom Foley, the latest Rasmussen poll shows the gubernatorial race just about a dead heat with Malloy a one-point edge. The Rasmussen poll did not include Visconti in its sampling.

The latest Q Poll showed the race a dead heat giving Foley a one-point advantage with Visconti out of the race. So on a day President Obama campaigns for Malloy in Bridgeport, Foley could receive a boost as well.



  1. Am I the only one starting to have second thoughts about voting for Foley on Tue? The last few days I’ve been questioning myself, could I really go into the voting both and vote for the top of the line Republican candidate? I’m starting to feel like an undecided voter and I have never been undecided when I vote.

  2. WittyUserName, no, Foley cannot be worse than Malloy. Malloy has a completely complicit legislature and Foley will not.

    When politicians get elected based on positions they articulate and commitments they make to voters, then do an about-face when elected, they should not be re-elected. If you re-elect liars like Dan Malloy you are telling him it was okay to lie and it was acceptable to betray those who went to the polls to vote for him. If you think he is arrogant now, can you imagine how arrogant and invincible he will feel if he gets away with betraying those who elected him? He will become even more emboldened and arrogant.

    If you want to teach every Democrat in the legislature there is a price to pay when you tell lies and betray the core constituencies that were instrumental in electing you, vote for someone other than Malloy.

    The message you will send to Democrats is if a sitting governor can be taken out for betraying his core constituencies, so can you. Every Democrat who has been leaning to the right will move back to the left and Democrats just might start acting like Democrats.

    1. “Malloy has a completely complicit legislature and Foley will not.” It’s time to start getting rid of members of the legislature, Malloy is not the only one who must go. Malloy didn’t have to sign everything the Senate and the House put on his desk. For four years Malloy has been saying he inherited a deficit from Jodi Rell. Bullshit! Jodi Rell never signed the last budget of her final term.

    1. That’s not entirely accurate. Foley has promised executive action to reduce car taxes by 25% and that would go a long way in Bridgeport considering how ridiculous that tax is there compared to other towns/cities in the state.

      1. RON TRABER. ALSO saw John GOMES, I thought he was supporting Foley. It was a very exciting day. I feel bad for all the people who were not fortunate enough to be there. The motorcade down Lincoln Blvd was spectacular!

  3. So your reference to seeing “members of the teachers union fired up and ready” was in regards to seeing one of 1500 BEA members and that member is the BEA President who cast a vote on the CEA Board to endorse Malloy after his delegates voted unanimously to NOT endorse either Malloy or Foley. Your analysis is interesting but in no way reflects how the majority of BEA members feel about Malloy.

  4. Steve, many people attended the rally to see President Obama not because they necessarily support Malloy or because they will vote for Malloy. I do not know who John Gomes is supporting, however I know people who attended who will not be voting for Malloy.

    1. Maria, no offense. If you live in Bridgeport and vote Foley you are an idiot. I respect your pit bull thought process in your loathing of Finch and Malloy. Again, a fool living in Bridgeport would waste their vote on Foley. Who the hell are you really punishing. Your neighbors? The less fortunate? Foley has no vision for Bridgeport. I am certain his stand on education is not superior to Malloy’s. You sound like Charlie Coviello believing he can get residents to vote for Foley unless they are getting paid and even still, I do not think they are that stupid. They may be, though. Stupid people vote also and every vote counts. I hope at the last minute you will vote logically. Either way Maria, your vote will count and I respect your decision. Many people do not share who they will vote for. Those of us who share leave ourselves open to ridicule. We may agree on some campaigns and sit in different camps on others. For this election, for my city and myself, for my neighbors and for my President and my Mayor, I will support the individual most likely to care for our city.

      1. So let me get this straight. Anyone who votes for Foley is an idiot, is punishing their neighbor, is a fool, is stupid and is illogical. So much for not offending others and respecting everyone’s right to cast their vote for the candidate they choose to support.

      2. Steve, you are right. Stupid people vote and YOU are one of them. You don’t know the issues and really can’t tell me how Malloy and company have made Bridgeport better.
        People have a right to vote as they see fit without being called names by some sanctimonious brainwashed idiot like you.

        1. Andy, I was conversing with Maria, not yourself. Please find a new word other than sanctimonious. You are an asshole and need not respond to my posts. Sucking up to Maria P. is not going to change her opinion of you. You are an annoying racist. There, now you can justify your attack on me, you ass.

          1. Steve, just for the record I honestly don’t believe there is any chance Andy is sucking up to me.

          2. Steve, you are a freaking idiot. Now I am a racist, how does that compute, you name-calling little girl? You see Steve, when you can’t talk in facts you start name-calling. You are a little bitch who cannot answer questions about politics just like you brand everyone who watches Fox News as dumb. Steve, when you post anyone can comment and I will continue to challenge your idiotic statements, bitch.

          3. Steve, is that the best you’ve got, “borrow your wife’s balls?” Steve, I guess you are looking for balls anywhere, even made-up places. You do have a lovely chin for a set.
            Btw Steve, what do you mean I have no balls, why is that, because I called you a little girl and a bitch and you are proving me right?

          4. Steve, you stated my wife had balls. Well you know what, you are right. For the past 47 years she has fought multiple sclerosis and has been partially paralyzed several times. Never a complaint from her. My wife survived a brain tumor that was killed by gamma rays at Yale, the tumor is still there but the DNA is dead. My wife just lost her vision in one eye and she still goes on, the vision will return in time. My wife dealt with all this, all the while being a cub scout leader, co-president of Park City LL and being president of the ZBA and the Zoning Board for 10 years and never missing a meeting. My wife also was instrumental in putting together the city’s master plan. So Steve, you are right. My wife has balls and has dealt with her disabilities quietly and without asking for pity or sorrow.

          5. Andy, do you ever know when to stop? Did you say you wanted to see my balls on your chin? Did you Andy? Sorry, that ain’t gonna happen. I didn’t say your wife has more balls than you so you can share her Lifetime for Women story. That does not forgive you and your intolerant racist remarks. Btw Andy, I can understand your disturbing perception of reality being a Fox News regular. I watch for comedy relief. Yes Andy, I do find people who use Fox News as their main source of news to be idiots. Sorry, the truth hurts.

          6. Steve, you really are a little girl. You have no rebuttals and resort to an old liberal thing, you calling me a racist. You asshole, you made the charge now prove it. Steve, you are one of the dumbest assholes I have ever seen. Steve, how are the liberal news stations making out, you know, like MSNBC, they are about to go under, they can’t keep moving hosts from time slot to time slot. BTW pussy, here is your statement. “Andy, time to borrow your wife’s balls.” What’s the matter, forgot what you wrote, dumb ass? Maybe if I tell your story you can get the LIFETIME WOMEN’S AWARD.

  5. Ron, I know because they are my friends, colleagues or acquaintances and they have specifically told me they refuse to vote for Malloy. I know they were there because they posted photos and videos of the rally on Facebook. All the photos and videos were of Obama, not Malloy. Just because someone attended the rally to see Obama does not mean that translates into a vote for Malloy.

      1. Sorry, long BBOE committee meeting tonight. From what I could see on Facebook and the news coverage I can say 11 for sure, however there are hundreds of people who do not use Facebook or were not shown in photos or news coverage, therefore I can’t give you a firm number.

        My phone has been ringing the last couple of days from my neighbors and they have been asking me about the ballot question and they all asked me who they should vote for. I tried to convince everyone to vote for anyone but Malloy. I convinced a couple to vote for Pelto/Murphy and a few said they were voting for Foley. Only one person told me they were going to vote for Malloy. All I know is every vote I can peel away from Malloy helps another gubernatorial candidate.

  6. Visconti bails beyond the last moment when his name will appear on the ballot and his withdrawal may not even be noticed. How’s that for standing up for your principles right to the end? And no one in almost 30 posts has mentioned his name or gun policy.
    But donj after months of telling us how he is going to vote, is having some form of buyer’s remorse? Maybe? Only in Bridgeport. Time will tell.

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