Vinnie’s Brand New Challenge At Comedy Club

Stress Factory
“Eat, drink, laugh,” at Stress Factory comedy club.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Vinnie Brand is in the funny business, and the downtown comedy club owner takes that business very seriously.

More than seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Brand said he is intensely focused on not just keeping his downtown Stress Factory establishment successful, but on ensuring the rest of the neighborhood re-emerges from the worldwide health crisis and resultant economic collapse.

“We survived,” Brand said. “Now we have to thrive.”

When the coronavirus struck Connecticut in mid-March, the public was urged to stay home for several weeks to stop the illness’ spread and many so-called non-essential businesses like the Stress Factory were shuttered for months, with restaurants restricted to selling take-out and delivery only.

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  1. A lot of money, time, sweat ,energy that’s been put into making downtown BPT. a destination. All the businesses and new residence deserves the cities full attention…..

      1. It’s hard to think of Bob Walsh as a former city councilman.
        It’d be easier to think of him a lost heckler whose antics left him immobilized in a hospital bed.

  2. Vinnie Brand is smart.
    Like the NBA, NFL and MLB, he’s making the best of a grim situation and focusing on the revenue angles that still exist. In the process he’s filling a genuine need.
    We’ve never faced anything like this before and Bridgeport is fortunate to have Stress Factory anchoring the McLevy Square revival.

  3. I feel bad for Vinnie,he is giving his club & Bridgeport everything he has.One of a very few people willing to invest in our city.He runs a teriffic comedy club downtown,and what does he get for it from the mayor’s office? He gets Roach saying,”he;s aware of Brand’s concerns”….I’m glad the mayor’s office is aware the stabbings,drinking,drugs,people sleeping there etc on the Green.They are aware,but yet Vinnie has to not only run his buisness,he has to deal with trying to get the downtown area cleaned up on top of it.The Mayor’s office should be bending over backward making sure that area is safe…..Vinnie thanks for investing in Bpt,hopefully things will get better once Joe Ganim gets indicted and we can start over..

  4. Vinnie, I like how you moved The Stress Factory comedy club to the City Council Chambers , absolutely Hilarious, pure Genius!
    The chairperson makes me piss my panes every meeting and the (Fig Newtons) what a great routine how they all move in unison, just like those bobble head dolls and Joe G. hands down the best stand-up comedian in B-port!
    In this Covid – 45 times boy do we need a good Laugh!

  5. First of all, like it or not, when Keeley was in charge of the Downtown Taxing District there was a lot more going on than there is today.
    Sure, there wasn’t COVID-19 but that was only part of it.
    There was more money from the state. Keeley being a State Rep had something to do with that but you don’t mess with success.
    Bring back Keeley or get someone better than you’ve got.

  6. And let’s admit it. Downtown ain’t happening yet. Bridgeport is stuck in the mud digging new ruts bigger and bigger than what they have already.
    We need new apartments but we need plans that work and just don’t look great. Put out an RFQ for a preferred developer but get someone who Has a real track record not someone who will come up with plans that work and not plans that look good.
    Let’s have some of people from the state selecting the developer and not Bridgeport inside straight.

  7. It’s true. Stevie A lost his job with the city. But not to worry.
    Joe and I got together and came up with a replacement that will please everyone on OIB.
    The new meter maid will be none other than ………… Local Eyes!!!
    I understand new meter maid outfit is already in the works.

  8. Oh and did anyone see the latest? Bridgeport Police are reporting another possible homicide.
    Any update on what a fantastic job the new Chief is doing on closing these cases?
    We were getting a good report but no numbers on these.

  9. My wife and I have been to the Comedy Club on four occasions and always found parking, never accosted or ever felt unsafe. Had this Covid-19 epidemic not come into play we would still go, but until America gets this under control a lot of people aren’t going there, to restaurants or any other place indoors around lot of people.

    On a side note, who didn’t think little Stevie Blunder would be fired because Mayor Ganim isn’t running for anything else so he needs to save his political patronage job for a later day.

  10. Maybe he just figured out how ineffectual Little Stevie really is.
    Remember he only won by AB’s so what does Little Stevie get you there.
    And he lost to a Black Woman. Little Stevie is of no help with that demographic.

  11. Maybe as the Feds close in on Joe, he is trying to clean his house a bit,by eliminating some of the patronage jobs he handed out.Doing this may help a little with the jury down the road a bit I guess..
    Then again,when someone who you did a favor and found a job for calls you a “ congenital liar”, that would probably get you fired every time..


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