Verna Kearney’s Silver Army, The Race To Replace Caruso

Verna Kearney
Verna Kearney

Verna Kearney, a 19-year veteran of the city’s Police Department, has a way with words and people. She refers to senior citizens as “recycled teenagers” in her “silver army.”

Verna is one of those optimistic cops. “I believe in giving flowers when they can smell them.” When she’s not on duty Verna donates time at a senior citizens center on Park Avenue. She’s hoping her connection with seniors specifically and voters in general turn up a bouquet of votes on Feb. 22 when a flock of candidates compete to replace Chris Caruso in the state legislature. Kearney enjoys the support of Caruso and State Senator Ed Gomes, among other political activists, two of the highest profile pols in Connecticut’s 126th State Assembly District that includes portions of the North End and Upper East Side. They know where to find the votes. But a special election in this weird winter of record snow poses issues not experienced in traditional elections. For one thing the date, for another the cold, for another the snow.

Verna is among several petitioning candidates who will appear on the ballot. Rev. Charlie Stallworth, a member of the city’s Police Commission and the local interdenominational ministerial alliance that wields votes in the city, has been endorsed by the party led by Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa and Mayor Bill Finch. They don’t want to lose to the Caruso/Gomes coalition, a rival faction of the party.

Lurking is former State Rep. Bob Keeley who was kicked out of office by Auden Grogins in a 2008 Democratic primary. Keeley would love to take back his old state assembly seat that he won in 1982 and held until he was defeated by Caruso in 1990. Two years later, Keeley regained his legislative footing in another district until defeated by Grogins.

In a race that could produce a winner with 300 to 400 votes this really is a jump ball for electors. What campaign operation can best identify and drag voters to polling places Wilbur Cross, Hallen, Read, Hooker and Park City Magnet?

James Keyser has been endorsed by the Republicans. Petitioning candidates City Councilman Carlos Silva, Mark Trojanowski and Tom Lombard fill out the field.

Verna Kearney is taking personal time from the Police Department to campaign in the home stretch. She’s knocking on doors and banging phones, with support of political operatives of Caruso and Gomes, and even interns from Fairfield University.

Seniors love to vote. It’s like a day out on the town. Verna’s hoping enough of those recycled teenagers put her over the top.



  1. So that was a military plane I saw dropping Absentee Ballots over the North End? The silver I saw was General Bob Walsh’s hair as he led the charge up Chopsey Hill.

  2. *** Do they all live in that district, no! And what’s their claim to fame? If voters want to show real change then voting for the Republican would be it ’cause it’s a crapshoot either way! Any more meaningful debates, probably not, don’t know who won the last one! *** Don’t believe the hype. ***

  3. Mojo,I was at the debate and Mark Trojanowski & Tom Lombardi
    won.Verna Kearney came across sweetly but her playing to her
    “Silver Army” got “Old”.Her best suggestion was to utilize convicts
    for snow removal.Frankly,we don’t need any more criminals on the
    streets of Bridgeport.Well, it was a fun read & I look forward to more articles about the other candidates.

  4. Three Shills and a Debate.

    Three Shills and a Debate, the place was packed with Lake Forest people as well as the panel.
    Bob Keeley, past President and Dam Builder for Lake Forest along with Rev. Chuck (I’m not in bed with those Demons) Stallworth and Police Officer Verna Kearney. All Lake Forest members in waiting, all running for the same seat, 126th.
    The non-members of (Lake Forest) also running for Chris Caruso’s old seat, the 126th. Tom Lombard, Mark Trojanowski and Carlos Silva.
    I found the debate very interesting. The Rev. (I’m not in bed with those Demons) Stallworth kept looking at his watch the way Geo. Bush Sr. did when he debated Bill Clinton.
    Carlos Silva was constantly waking Bob Keeley up to speak. Bob is as old as dirt and served 26 years in Hartford, so he tells us.
    The only people with vision for Bridgeport, were Mark Trojanowski and Tom Lombard. They both spoke of jobs and the burden of high taxes on our seniors. They both had great ideas on cutting the state’s budget deficit.

  5. Just a thought on Gomes & Caruso. Their anti act is getting old. Gomes previously supported a young fresh face for the State Rep position. What happened is Ed did not do the work necessary to get this bright young person the nomination. Ed did not call anyone from the other districts seeking support for her. I know I would have considered backing her as might have Ann Barney. This would have given her 8 votes thus just needing one more vote. This is typical of the lack of work and foresight shown by Ed. Caruso stayed in the background and let his feelings be known after the smoke cleared.
    What I am trying to say is Bridgeport has had enough of the pot-stirring politicians who like to point fingers and have no alternatives to offer.
    We need new upbeat young energetic people of all colors and nationalities to come forward and lead this melting pot of a city.
    Bridgeport has been held hostage by the naysayer politicians, the do-nothing politicians who want to protect their city jobs and the dumb-ass politicians. It’s time for a change and we the people of Bridgeport must get off our asses and vote this change in.

    1. TC wants people to get off their asses and vote for change!!!
      And what did TC do at the endorsement meeting?
      Vote for change? No.
      When given the opportunity he didn’t even vote!
      So tell us TC, who are you working for?

    2. TC …
      Town Committee?
      No, Town Crier.
      “I know I would have considered backing her as might have Ann Barney.” You previously posted you were going into the meeting to vote for Carlos Silva then you were told differently. So if Ed Gomes would have called you, you would have dumped Carlos for someone you don’t know?
      TC … Tune Changer?
      TC … Tough Curmudgeon.

  6. From the mayor’s office:
    Break in Weather Gives Crews Time to Fill Potholes

    Why don’t they get rid of the snow first so they will know where all the potholes are!!!
    Mayor Moonbeam thinks potholes are the little holes you would get in your shirt when hot embers fall off the joint.

  7. Well well well, the Reaper has again graced us with his misinformation. Let’s address the following:
    Voting for Stallworth was not voting for change, he was the mayor’s pick. Just so you know, I spoke to Carlos before the meeting and he did not want his name placed in nomination as he knew he did not have the votes. So not voting for Stallworth was not dumping Carlos. When it comes to a call from Gomes I said I would have considered voting for this young lady and if I did vote for her I would have told Carlos before the meeting. Get you facts straight and don’t try to put your slant on things.
    Hey reaper, like you have been a voice of positive influence??? You really should understand politics and why certain things are done. BTW I still support Carlos and will be making calls for him just so you know.
    TC … Tough Curmudgeon not bad.

    1. Well yahooy if you consider being a friend of Mario’s a calamarian then I am guilty. Do I always go along with Mario’s choices? NO. Friendship and politics are two different things. BTW not voting for Stallworth and supporting Carlos, how does that qualify me as a calamarian?

      1. Sorry. I doubt your veracity. Several months ago you announced a cessation in posting out of frustration. Perhaps it’s time to go on sabbatical again. The rest will do you good. I hear sunny Madison Avenue is nice this time of year.

        1. I have decided to stay on the blog just because it gets to you. You are right about Madison Ave, it never snows there, it never rains there and I can wear my Speedo all day long. Stop by, I will buy you a cocktail.

          1. You don’t get to me. I’m just surprised, that’s all. It’s like this–when you smell the stink, it’s good to know where the pile of shit is.

    1. Hey Ron, you may want to check all the candidates and see who is up to date on their taxes and who has been in foreclosure. Just a thought. No, I do not support Rev. Stallworth.

  8. Ron–I also heard that rumor. I also heard the Rev. Stallworth is no stalwart with his performance on the police commission.

    Word around town is he went to the same pentecostal school as Vernon Thompson. He likes to speak in tongues and likes the laying on the hands!

  9. Bob Keeley is old news. As for “tiger” try paper or declawed!
    Bridgeport needs a reasonable, rational and credible envoy to represent its interests and advocate for its needs.
    Chris Caruso has his first job ever! Congrats!
    Ernie Newton and Joe Ganim seem poised to reenter the Bpt political arena together! Is it any wonder Bpt is perpetually behind the 8-ball?
    Wake-up! Get real!
    Every other g-d city in the country is recognizing that empty-nesters are returning to cities! Read the NYT–selling the McMansions and moving into lofts! But the late great Asylum by the Sea is trying to lure youngsters in.
    Snap—out—of—it!!! Go after the MONIED CROWD—get your HOUSE in ORDER—start having things for the Silverhaired Crowd—for the ones who don’t GIVE a SHIT about the crappy school system. Reposition Bpt for EDUCATED RETIREES who want to live near NYC without being in NYC … think Manhattan Lite!

  10. I’m wondering if the Grin Reaper is none other than the ghost of Phineas T. Barnum … approach seems to be the same? Lots of accusations based on nothing but fantasy, assumptions and misinformation! Same MO.


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