UPDATE: St. Patrick’s Day Parade Cancelled

March 12 UPDATE: Parade now cancelled

Original story:
The Greater Bridgeport St. Patrick’s Day Parade has endured rain, sleet, snow, wind and now Coronavirus fallout.

Parade organizers announced on Tuesday the March 17 parade, that runs through Downtown, is on, albeit without the traditional indoor activities that complement parade day.

While several Connecticut communities have canceled their respective parades, Bridgeport’s organizers received guidance from Tim Callahan, former health director for Bridgeport and Norwalk.

“The amount of contact outside (during a parade) I think is pretty minimal,” Callahan told the board. “I’d say it’s safe to go with the parade. The breakfast and lunch is another story.”

This year’s grand marshal is Mary Ann Doonan.



  1. I would bet it gets cancelled in the next few days,large gatherings are how it’s passed on,why take the chance?.the decision last night to go forward with it was made with their hearts,not their heads…If the Irish really need to have a parade,postpone it for a month or so..

  2. According to scientists airborne coronavirus is the reason to cancel this parade, not because of people touching each other.
    The new coronavirus can live in the air for several hours and on some surfaces for as long as two to three days, tests by U.S. government and other scientists have found. The tests were done by scientists from the National Institutes of Health, Princeton University and the University of California, Los Angeles, with funding from the U.S. government and the National Science Foundation.

    C’mon people this is a serious matter and you have people in both Bridgeport and Stratford that are diagnosed with coronavirus and you have NO IDEA else is who walking around infected that don’t know it as yet because tests aren’t readily available. I think the City should be talking to the current Health Director instead of the FORMER Director!

    1. with the country in an all out panic over this virus,how these people can put on green clothes,and walk down Main st waving and smiling is assinine…

  3. What about the CC members that just spent a week in DC, they were supposedly attending conferences with hundreds of others, they should be tested immediately.

  4. Again dammed if you do & dammed if you don’t! It up to those who put on the parade, (provided the city does not prohibit the parade) to have it. Even if no one shows up to watch it, the parade cycle & history spirit is not broken! ***HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY***


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