Unofficial Results: Absentee Ballots Propel Ganim Over Gomes In Tight Vote

Mayor Joe Ganim has defeated closest rival John Gomes by 176 votes, according to unofficial returns. Gomes won the walk-in vote but absentee ballots, 1,166 to 429 for Ganim, put the incumbent over the top.

This battle is not over, per court order. Another Democratic primary between Ganim and Gomes likely will be schedule for late December.



  1. Jimfox fired rockets from Black Rock to the North End. The rockets hit near Jeff Kohut’s home. Fox blames Kohut for causing the vote to split in Ganim’s favor by supporting Daniels who got 14% of the vote.
    John Marshall Lee was able to immediately get both sides to agree on a truce. No one was hurt.

  2. Joel,
    Professionals who respect and practice the Ethics of their life’s work know that usually the first rule states, in one way or another, “To do no harm.”. I realize that your attempt to provide commentary on our Election Day past, in the wee hours of the morning, gave some view of the race. Other than Jim Fox, Jeff Kohut, and a very few others, where were the voices advocating for Mayor Ganim2 and for John Gomes? Where are the community places where civil conversations can discuss matters of broad concern and learn? Where have these two finalists in Bridgeport’s 2023 marathon appeared and answered questions without limits on time and subject matter? Time will tell.

  3. Facebook. All one needed to know about the challengers was provided by the respective campaigns via social media.

    JML, are you saying that Pete Spain didn’t invite you and other Black Rockers to meet with John Gomes at the Spain residence this past October 15? Besides, why would anyone ask questions to which they’ll get no answers to?


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