Two Wounded In Marina Village Shooting

Two victims were treated for wounds at Bridgeport Hospital following a shooting early Sunday morning at Marina Village apartments in the South End, according to police. Police report the wounds are not life threatening.

Police say a woman witnessed the shootings in front of her home while she was getting out of her vehicle. A male fled in a silver Infiniti with tinted windows through an alley way toward Iranistan Avenue after shooting at a group of males “that fled in all directions.” The witness told police that she dropped her cell phone in the yard running for cover.

The detective bureau is investigating.



  1. Well two more shootings, two more wounded and what do we hear from our super crimefighter Joe Ganim? Nothing!! What do we hear from the adjunct chief we are paying $12,000 per month? Nothing! What do we here from Chief Gaudett? Nothing!! What do we here from the four wise men known as the deputy chiefs? Nothing!!
    Why is this so hard to figure out? We need more cops on the street. Let’s look at the sick, lame and lazy list of cops not on the street and get them on the street. Let’s clean out all the cops working inside and put them outside. It’s time for the freaking horses to go back to the farm and it’s time for the horse cops to put on their working uniforms and get back on the street. Okay Joe, we listened to your BS. Now do something.

  2. “he gain the most traction in his historic comeback was public safety taking Bill Finch to task”
    YEAH JOE, public safety. During your campaign, how important was this to you?! LMAO. You showed up at every shooting, at every homicide, you really gave the impression you cared.
    Once again you fooled us. Two homicides in two weeks, home invasions every other night, two people shot last night at Marina Village. People getting robbed walking on the streets.
    Why don’t you release those stats since you took office?
    You were requesting Finch to make them public almost on the daily basis. Why not now?! What is your great plan to reduce crime? Whatever you or your people are doing is not working. We already know you are going to raise our taxes thanks to Finch, right?
    But you can’t blame Finch for the constant spike in crime anymore. YOU ARE IN CHARGE NOW.
    You took off the streets all the extra cops Finch put in place due to your constant crying of not enough cops on the streets.
    This is how you plan to suppress crime? The excuse given to the cops is there’s no money for overtime. Joe, you are cutting from the wrong place. How about laying off the FOUR USELESS Deputy Chiefs and the more USELESS Assistant Chief? In a year you’ll save over ONE MILLION dollars. Money you can put to good use by keeping the real cops who keep us safe on the streets. We want to hear from you JOE, your silence on the public safety issue now is disturbing. And like someone in this blog always says, time will tell.


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