Two Weeks Left Until Special Elections–Who’s Your Horse?

In politics you keep score. Of your friends, of your enemies (sometimes they’re the same), of your campaign money, of your public support. With two weeks left to the February 24 special elections for State Senate and State House, a whole lot of counting is going on.

Counting by the State Elections Enforcement Commission to determine if candidates have met the public dough thresholds, counting by local elections officials who will decide the challengers to the party-endorsed securing enough verified signatures to compete financially.

And then once all of this is decided, this week we’ll start hearing more from candidates about issues. Issues? Hmmm. Taxes, jobs, public safety, transportation, health care, government reform. Remember those?

The candidates for State Senate: Democrat Richard DeJesus, Republican Quentin Dreher, Working Families Party Ed Gomes, and petitioning challengers Charles Hare and Ken Moales. Vacancy left by Andres Ayala, the commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The candidates for State House: Democrat Steve Stafstrom, Republican Enrique Torres, petitioning candidates Bob Keeley, Bob Halstead and Hector Diaz. Vacancy left by Auden Grogins, now a Superior Court judge.

Are you receiving phone calls from the respective candidates? They knocking on your door in this wicked winter weather? You opening the door because you feel sorry for them?



  1. I just heard from a little birdie that Gomes has qualified for two-thirds of the grant with approximately 1800 signatures. Apparently Moales is short approximately 250 signatures to qualify for even $1. They will have to scramble to gather another 200-250 signatures by tomorrow in order to qualify for even one-third of the grant.

    Sackler, Boas, Lowney, etc. are really going to have to come through for Moales now.

  2. 1,800 signatures, now that is the start of a solid campaign operation. Between dialing for dollars and getting signatures door to door you know the Gomes operation is in full swing and getting the message out. Now they need to build on this momentum, communication with follow-up calls from the candidate as his soldiers continue the door-to-door assault.


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