Two Dead In Fiery West Side Crash

A Nissan Pathfinder that struck a concrete barrier on Christmas Eve near Laurel and Capitol Avenue on the West Side has left two dead in a fiery crash, according to public safety officials. Steve Krauchick from Doing It Local provides video coverage. Victim update here.

The vehicle was apparently traveling at a high rate of speed and was quickly engulfed in flames upon impact. Two victims were in the vehicle. The driver was pulled from the Pathfinder by a witness prior to arrival of emergency personnel, but died from injuries at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. The other victim was pronounced dead on scene.



  1. Lennie, it’s almost the end of ’16. Do you have the numbers to see if more have died by shootings or car accidents in Bridgeport this year? Don’t drink and drive. If you do, slow down, I may be coming the other way.

  2. Will there be a lawsuit against the City? Why are those concrete barriers there? Why have they been there for four years? Anyone who does not know the area could have easily crashed there. Is that what happened and it cost lives? Get RID OF THEM.

    1. The barriers are there to prevent cars from driving into the Rooster River. I mean no disrespect to the deceased, but the car was being driven at an excessive rate of speed. A friend lives on Laurel Ave and he heard the car racing past his home moments before he heard the crash four blocks away.

  3. That night there was black ice all over the city. Add this to the excessive speed and this is what you get.

    Those barriers need to be marked but at some point folks the onus has to on the person behind the wheel. Let’s not beat a path to some lawyer’s door.

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